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Hulk Hogan Bleeds Wrestling

11/22/2009 9:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you thought Hulk Hogan was going to lose the main event at something called the Hulkamania Tour, then OJ Simpson wants you on his next jury.

Hulk Hogan

In a shocking turn of events, Hogan was victorious over Ric Flair in Melbourne, Australia last night. Hogan was bloodied, but prevailed -- much like he was when then the two "fought" during a press conference Wednesday to promote the event.

It's good to see Hulk back to fighting grown men in tights, rather than fighting grown women in court.

Celebrity Injuries

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It's time to put a shirt on and not take it off. shave your head. and eat less carbs. You don't look good. You now have that old man body. ugh. get a facial too.

1796 days ago

Jomica Man    

I'll never understand the type of people that actually pay and eat this fake stuff up. In 1970 as a 15 year old, I realized this form of wrestling was so obvious in the staged everything that went on. Around that time I learned of the word "gullible", and quickly associated it to those that frequent these events. So in essence, WWE or other names, are in my opinion, in the same category as today's reality shows, and the likes of Jerry Springer, or the so called Doctor Phil. As for Hulk Hogan and the others, they prosper due largely as P.T. Barnum was stated, "there's a sucker born everyday". Though considered entertainment by the followers, I see how the elders of the group pass down the side show spectacle as enjoyment to their children.

1796 days ago


It may be staged, but does that mean people shouldn't enjoy it? I mean everyone, no matter who you are, watches movies/tv shows and that, in essence, is staged as well. It is a form of entertainment.

1796 days ago


I'm gonna get flack for this, but wrestling is almost an art form. Yes, anyone with the brain the size of a peanut knows it's scripted. Yes, people know that a lot of the things they do don't hurt. BUT. Speaking from EXPERIENCE? Quite a few of them DO hurt. It takes a lot of skill to get people into something that they know isn't real. Just like some movies are unbelievable and take you out of the moment, a lot (read: MOST) of wrestlers are the same way. They put their hands up when they get hit with chairs. They don't sell an injury during a match. They jump around and do gestures and shake the ropes when they're supposed to be trying to win something. It makes it unbelievable and that's what a lot of naysayers see.

The problem is, wrestling; if you REALLY, truly GET it; is so much more than throwing yourself around and doing flips in the air and entrance music and pyro. I'm personally of the school that all that takes away from it. Who in real life comes to a fight with music blasting and fireworks?? Who actually does flips in the air in a real fight? No one. That stuff is what makes wrestling seem so cheap and the people who watch it seem so 'gullible' as someone earlier said, to those who DON'T watch it.

There is a psychology that is lost on a lot of people in the wrestling business today. You can get people into matches without even TOUCHING the other person, if you really know what you're doing. It's all about drawing people in and making them forget that there isn't a set winner. Making them think that it really could go either way and that this is a fight to see who really is better.

I can tell you, Hulk Hogan was the beginning of the end of that. He's the one who started the ridiculous unbelieveable nonsense (well, him combined with Vince McMahon Jr.) that has turned professional wrestling into a laughable entertainment spectacle. No one really believes that Hogan and his oft repeated body slam, clothesline, leg drop are a lethal combo.

Lord, I could rant about this forever and a day. I'm just going to end with the fact that I hate this man and he was a huge factor in destroying a business that I love dearly. I respect what he's contributed, but despise the fact that he's ruined wrestling and continues to do so.

1796 days ago


Oh gag, he needs to ALWAYS wear clothes over that creepy old saggy skin!!!

1796 days ago


2. It's time to put a shirt on and not take it off. shave your head. and eat less carbs. You don't look good. You now have that old man body. ugh. get a facial

Posted at 11:18AM on Nov 22nd 2009 by leigh

I agree with with you, but a facial won't do him any good. He will still be butt ugly.

1796 days ago


Is TMZ going to start covering Raw, Smackdown, ECW & TNA too?


1796 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Good to see he's getting into the Australian way of life. Everyone knows that all Aussies are drunken, cutureless, racist, brawling, egotistical morons with no sense of right or wrong.
Maybe he could emigrate with his skanky family.

1796 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Well done Jomica Man!!
It took you until 15 to "realize this form of wrestling was so obvious in the staged everything that went on. Around that time I learned of the word gullible"?????


1796 days ago


where's his belly button?

1796 days ago


14. where's his belly button?

Posted at 5:39PM on Nov 22nd 2009 by jennifer


beam me up, scotty.................weeeeeeeeeeeeee

1796 days ago


It is sad that he has to resort to wrestling again because of the biggest gold digger to ever live, Linda. A monster, bitch and alcoholic to boot. She should have paid him for the years of grief. She would be nothing without Hulk. All she had to do was raise the children and look what a mess she made of that. Two uneducated and selfish brats. The things Nick said about the kid he paralyzed were disgraceful. Nick is a piece of garbage and it is because of Linda. I hope she will be happy when Hulk is in a wheelchair because he is wrestling again. Hey Linda, if you read this, F*ck You and your 19 y.o. boy toy.

1796 days ago


Ugly old fart

1796 days ago

His Prince Michael    

Whoa, whoa, WHOA: First-off, if you're not at least SOMEWHAT
familiar with the BASIC concept of Sports Entertainment, step off,
and go rant about vapid-rich-party-girls-devoid-of-ANY-visible-
ability-or-talent. Be it, the WWE, TNA, or some of the more
credible Independent organizations, be not mistaken: Aside from
possessing world-class athleticism, excuting high-risk manuevers,
AND SERIOUS (at times) improvisational capabilities, above all,
most of these Men and Women are PERFORMERS, par exellance.
Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Randy Savage, Jimmy Snuka,Brett Hart, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels,
Jim "The Ultimate Warrior" Helwig, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Triple H, the late great Eddy Guererro, Kurt Angle, Booker T., Jeff Jarret, Samoa Joe, Devon and Brother Ray, and MANY others to
numerous to mention (props to ALL), most under the leadership of
Vincent Kennedy McMahon, together REVOLUTIONIZED Sports/Entertainment. Like it, or NOT.
So, before you cold-heartedly insult any of these MEN, for not being twenty-five anymore, I CHALLENGE any of you, to first go
visit some Children's Hospital, grant a Make-A-Wish, do shows for
our troops over-seas, or put a smile on a DYING person's face.
And THAT, is the bottom-line, cuz Prince Michael said SO.
Now, can you DIG it, SUCKAH?

1796 days ago

The Rev    

Jomica Man I'm a wrestler and My fake beating you up would probably cripple you!

1796 days ago
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