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Britney's Rig Flips Down Under

11/26/2009 10:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has lost it -- and by that, we mean all her touring equipment.

TMZ has learned a bus carrying all off Britney's tour equipment rolled off the road in Parkes, New South Wales in Australia.

According to police there, it happened around 4:30 PM during a bad storm. The winds became too strong and blew the truck off the road, rolling it over.

Police say the driver was taken to the hospital, but the equipment was undamaged.

So Britney has all the tools to lip sync tonight at the Rod Laver Arena tonight.


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TMZBoy big of a truck does one need to carry a sole microphone.

1791 days ago


Quoting tmz

"So Britney has all the tools to lip sync TONIGHT at the Rod Laver Arena TONIGHT"
does that make sense? TONIGHT was only needed once!
just pointing that out b i t c h e s!

1791 days ago


Hey I live in Australia and you don't go to see Britney and not know what to expect , so those who bag her I wish I could travell the world and pull in the kerching like she does she is one smart woman and no I didn't go

1791 days ago


Yeah, right, Lyn..Britney is soooo smart that she is still under a conservatorship and cannot even make a phone call without her father's permission. She is neither smart or happy. Can you imagine being told what to do in regard to everything by your father at the age of thirty? HOW SICK IS SHE? Must be very mentally ill.

1791 days ago


Aussies are pigs and cowards, when Iraq war started the first time they were shot at they crapped in their panties and went home instead of fighting with out guys and now are really big balls murdering wild camels

ALICE SPRINGS, Australia — Australian authorities plan to corral about 6,000 wild camels with helicopters and murder/gun them down after they overran a small Outback town in search of water, trampling fences, smashing tanks and contaminating supplies.

The Northern Territory government announced its plan Wednesday for Docker River, a town of 350 residents where thirsty camels have been arriving daily for weeks because of drought conditions in the region.

"The community of Docker River is under siege by 6,000 marauding, wild camels," local government minister Rob Knight said in Alice Springs, 310 miles northeast of Docker. "This is a very critical situation out there, it's very unusual and it needs urgent action."

The camels, which are not native to Australia but were introduced in the 1840s, have smashed water tanks, approached houses to try to take water from air conditioning units, and knocked down fencing at the small airport runway, Knight said.

The carcasses of camels killed in stampedes at water storage areas are contaminating the water supply, he added.

The government plans to use helicopters to herd the camels about nine miles outside of town next week, where they will be shot and their carcasses left to decay in the desert. The state government will give a $45,000 grant for the cull and to repair damaged infrastructure in the town.

"We don't have the luxury of time because the herd is getting bigger," Knight said.

It is common to see some camels in the remote community, but a continuing drought and an early heat wave have dried up other water sources and forced great numbers of them into town. Much of Australia is gripped by some of the worst drought conditions on record.

In August, the federal government set aside 19 million Australian dollars for a program to slash the wild camel population, including a possible mass slaughter.

Glenys Oogjes, executive director of national advocacy group Animals Australia, said the plan to kill camels by helicopter was barbaric, and that the community could instead focus on setting up barriers to keep out the camels.

"It's a terrible thing that people react to these events by shooting," she said. "The real concern is the terrible distress and wounding when shot by helicopter. ... There will be terrible suffering."

Camels were first brought to Australia to help explorers travel through the desert, and now an estimated 1 million roam wild across the country.

They compete with sheep and cattle for food, trample vegetation and invade remote settlements in search of water, scaring residents as they tear apart bathrooms and rip up water pipes.

Docker River residents were not especially concerned when about 30 camels came into the town looking for water a few weeks ago, said Graham Taylor, head of the local council. But their fears grew as more animals arrived day by day.

He said many people were too frightened to leave their homes because of the big, strong animals, which can grow up to 7 feet tall and weigh 2,000 pounds.

"We need to get the risk and that threat away from the people," Taylor said.

1791 days ago


Look TMZ, this has NOTHING to do with Michel Jackson.

1791 days ago


Hey The Truth #30, is this on topic because of the australian connection, or because a story on Britney Spears makes you think of camels?
sunshine + water = climate.

1791 days ago


I wouldn't pay two f---ing cents to see someone who lip sync's

1791 days ago

An Aussie    

BTW Rod Laver Arena is in Melbourne, its the Acer Arena in Sydney

1791 days ago


Rod Lavar Arena is in Melbourne, not in NSW, so is obviously not playing there anyways!

1791 days ago

marcus hynes    

Not all Australians can be considered drunken slobs - we just enjoy ourselves.and we have a high level of alcohol in our beers.

as for Britney Spears truck it was pushed over by very strong winds during a storm.and with the issue of lip singing live on stage -i think if you cant be bothered singing live into that microphone in your hand ,you would be better off not bothering.

i have gone and seen Bon Jovi live for example and there is not a hint that i have seen of lip can here them through the speakers around the stage.

1790 days ago


does anyone no wat truck it was???
as my cuzin was driving the cab over western star...
and i cant get ahold of him.. thanks

1790 days ago


Britney's fans go to see her perform and they accept that she lip syncs. So what? Not only do her fans keep her in the business but also the people who have nothing better to do than bitch and moan about her.

Grow up and enjoy the music.

1790 days ago

Total Package    

A truck? More like a minivan full of singing equipment..... Britney is a whore who can't sing.

1789 days ago


britney spears doesnt lip sing that is a lie. if u hear her songs on her cd and then hear her live they dont sound exactly alike. THATS BECAUSE SHE DOESNT LIP SING. she doesnt need to lip sing she has a great voice as it is. DOESNT LIP SING and tmz is just a gossip site and they try to make money by twisting words around!

1788 days ago
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