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Tiger Woods -- The Scene of the Accident

11/27/2009 8:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a photo of the aftermath of the Tiger Woods accident that occurred early this morning.

Tiger Woods

You can see a small barricade where the fire hydrant Tiger hit used to be. Remnants of debris can be seen scattered across the driveway -- possibly from when Tiger's wife smashed out the back window to help him.

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So the wife just happened to have a golf club with her when running down the drive to rescue Tiger?

The main stream media is already helping him out of this, but his own actions including avoiding talking to the police tells me he was on something, maybe another prescription drug abuse story in the making that the media will enable.

1756 days ago


Soooooo, he backs into a tree and fire hydrant and she has to beat out the back window with a club. Why? Were the door locked? Sounds like the tree and fire hydrant might have been a little drunk. Those damn fire hydrants get out of control after a couple beers. It was probably arguing with the tree again said "I've had it" and was moving to another part of the yard, when Tiger hit it.

1756 days ago

who dat    

In a totally unrelated issue (according to the police chief). All of the responding officers currently have whiplash from looking the other way.

1756 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

Something isn't right in Islesworth. The story doesn't fit. I think he and his wife got into a fight and he tried to leave and she smashed the window with a golf club and then he crashed.
Don't men know you never leave a woman when she is in an emotional rage about cheating. To leave was his mistake, cheating on his wife with that man beast Rachel was just stupid. I saw this Rachel U and she is suspect for being a man I swear, she looks like a man in drag. Maybe Tiger's wife has him suspect as being a switch hitter because that Rachel is a manly girl. Shout out to Islesworth, you are overrated with your mansions being so close and 0 property line. Stupid rich people living in million dollar homes that close, pure stupid. Shout out to Windermere cops, you will never ticket me again. I stay out of and away from the gates they will get you for speeding 1 mile over the limit. Shout out to the Windermere women, so amazed on how rich these women are and they are the ugliest group of women minus tigers wife. Islesworth women are frumpy no wonder the husbands cheat. LMFAO Oh and to the people in Metrowest that want to be Windermere wannabee's, give it up.

1756 days ago


I believe the part about it not being alcohol related, he wouldnt have been treated and released to go home, but that still leaves drugs if even prescription, he did have knee surgery no to long ago, wouldn't be uncommon to get hooked.
As for his running away from his wife in the heat of an argument, would think one would have peddle to the metal and not going under 33 miles per hour.
We may never know the scene that night but in time everything always comes together.

1756 days ago


Re: Posted at 12:18AM on Nov 28th 2009 by Daddy Fat Sacks

I'm about to lose my Thanksgiving meal just imagining the kind of chicks you could get Fat Slack Man.

1756 days ago

Daddy Fat Sacks    

The story so far doesn't add up. Judging by the broken glass, He was going forward out of the drive, not backing up. the glass is from the rear window and is a few feet before the driveway, if u were leaving from the house. He wouldn't have gotten cuts and scratches to his face from this accident. He must have gotten those from their fight, which was probably all one sided, her hitting and scratching him. It looks to me like Tiger was trying to get away and his wife came after him with the club and smashed the back window, he then hit the hydrant and with water gushing everywhere, wasn't able to see for a couple seconds and hit the tree. Now was there drinking involved? More than likely it was, it was 2:30 am. Was the fight over another woman? Again, probably so. The highway patrol came to talk to him later in the day about what happened but the wife said he was sleeping so they left, must be nice. Anyway the whole thing looks like a cover up to try to protect Tiger's squeaky clean image.

This just proves that white women bring us down EVERY time, plus he married her and has a baby with her. I'm not saying that it's ok for him to have another chick on the side, if that's what this is about. What I do know is that model chicks are the biggest gold diggers on the planet and she's going to get the house and half of everything he owns plus child and spousal support if they wind up getting a divorce. This is why I am never getting married. I'll continue to bang white chicks and get receive head from them but I would never marry one.

1756 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

FYI and useless info. Islesworth in which Tiger lives is a gaited community with million dollar homes, the houses vary in size. I've been to a party in Islesworth and this home I wasn't impressed at all. The houses are so close to each other that it defeats the purpose of having a mansion. If you are going to have a mansion you MUST have the land and these houses don't have land, right on top of each other. Rich people in Islesworth are idiots, they don't know what being rich is or living the high life. I know Ken Griffey lives in the same neighborhood but at least he bought two properties to have more land.
We all know what happend, Tiger and wife fought, tiger left, wife wasn't done fighting, wife chased Tiger outside, broke his back window, Tiger crashed due to shock of her violent but understandable rage, Windermere cops take Tiger's and wife's story for what they said end of story. Who cares anyways? Windermere wants to be cut off from Orlando/Orange County and be considered their own city....it's an on going thing. Windermere women are some fugly women I must say, very far from being MILFS that is for sure. A lot of Windermere men cheat. ;)

1756 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

ok so Comment Name Crash leaves links to sites with claims they have 911 tapes of Tigers 911 call and we all know that those links will cause a major crash to your computer.
How many people feel like Adam and just want to touch the forbidden fruit? I haven't but I am so tempted to click on one of those links because someone told me not to. I was never good at following directions but honestly how many people would love to click it and just see what happens??????????

1756 days ago


HELP? didn't you mean to put that in quotes -- "help"

1756 days ago


I knew she had a golf clb in her hand for another reason than to break the window to get him out of the car to help him!!!she was really beating him with it

1756 days ago


If it's true he was cheating on his wife, Un-f'n-believably stupid of him.

With a super hot wife and a great career, what was he thinking? A few minutes of shag is just not worth it. I'm sure the hussie he was seeing pursued him to the fullest. It's his job to keep himself in check.

1756 days ago


I'm just happy he was smart enough not to go O.J. on her......There was no need for her to put her hands (golf clubs)on him.Either take the big ring like Kobe's wife did or get the big "D" and take whatever money agreed to in the prenup...I hope he pack up and leave before she has another tantrum..SHE COULDN'T TELL ME NOTHING.

1756 days ago


If a man cheats off the golf course he's sure to cheat on the course.

1756 days ago


Lets see if Oprah have him on like she did with Rihanna

or will she continue to show her bias and say its Tigers fault.

1755 days ago
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