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Tiger Woods -- The Scene of the Accident

11/27/2009 8:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a photo of the aftermath of the Tiger Woods accident that occurred early this morning.

Tiger Woods

You can see a small barricade where the fire hydrant Tiger hit used to be. Remnants of debris can be seen scattered across the driveway -- possibly from when Tiger's wife smashed out the back window to help him.

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COPS!!! I guess it's against the LAW to be out at 2:25 am.Before long it will be a law you wil have to be home at night,or have to have an excuse from work saying you work night shift.CAN ANYONE SAY COMMUNISUM IS COMING TO A TOWN NEAR YOU SOON!!!!!!!

1757 days ago

Oliver Chettle    

He bought this house soon after he turned pro. A few years back he bought a $38 million dollar estate, but he hasn't moved there yet because he had the house demolished and a new one built. It's almost finished I believe.

1757 days ago


it,s been suggested to me that black men date white women because they will put up with their chit. score a hole in one for this white women as she proves that "hell hath no fury like a women scorned".

1756 days ago


Tiger's wife may not be a 'sista', but damn if she don't fight like one!

1756 days ago


it is hardly a 'midget' leg. get it straight.

1756 days ago

Bill Youngpeter    

He could do better than her, she's actually not much to look at.

1756 days ago


I don't subscribe to the "Single-golf-club theory" wielded by Elin There had to be a second "clubber" hiding behind the tree on the Grassy Lawn.
When the grainy Zap-Duder film is analyzed frame by frame, we'll see that as Tiger slowly hits the hydrant bringing the Escalade to a virtual stop his head is inexplicably and violently thrown Back and to the Left....Back and to the Left....Back and to the Left

1756 days ago


You guys have it all wrong. Here's what really happened.
After a full and satisfying Thanksgiving dinner, Tiger felt the need to burn a few calories around 2:30 and headed out to a 24 hour driving range in the Windermere area. It was then and only then that his wife realized he'd forgotten his favorite club and ran after him down the street. (See picture of street- Tiger's driveway is circular and set up so that you would never have to "back out".) Keep in mind that this is a man whose hand/eye coordination allows him to bounce a golf ball on the end of a club consecutively about a bazillion times, and we know he was distracted by Elin coming after him with the club in her hand. Yes, he reasoned, she must have read the tabloid story... not knowing her intentions were pure and innocent. Catching up with the Escalade, she lightly tapped the back window to remind him of his error... tap, tap, TAP, BANG- whoops! Sorry honey.

Seriously, if you look at the accident site as compared to the living area of the house- you will see that it is improbable that she would have been aware of anything happening that far away from inside the back part of the lot- UNLESS she were folowing him out of the house and they were having an um, "discussion".

1756 days ago


Wow! The divorce lawyers are breaking: Land,ground,sea travel records to get to her to file for divorce. The pay day for her? 120,000,000 to 150,000,000, one third for the attorney not a bad paycheck for sleeping with a guy for a few years. The White girl, Black Kryptonite!

1756 days ago

Lana Churner    

All the makings of another OJ deal.
White girl with a black husband. Lots of marital warfare. I wonder which one will kill the other one first.
Notice I wrote I wonder. I didn't say I cared.

1756 days ago


To all of the stupid asses out there that marry a celeb, they know what they are getting into before they marry, it is highly unlikely that they are not going to be seen with another woman or man. Whenever someone tries to trap some one they always end up getting trapped. All these immature people getting married for the sake of starom it just stupid. If you are going to marry celeb grow-up for God's sakes.

1756 days ago


Yes, she will be going to jail!!! if not the police are not doing there job.. sorry never to late.

1756 days ago


He left the house... and she does not have a black eye....

1756 days ago


Did they have a pre-nep or is she in the running for 500 mil?

1756 days ago


20 years ago w/o technology we never would've heard about this story. I'm guessing there's security tapes that haven't surfaced yet. I'm a Tiger fan and wish there was a legitimate explanation for this. However, my guts telling me that's not the case. I think this is going to seriously compromise his chances of becoming a billionaire in 2009.

On a less serious note, "is the club okay?". And who was watching the kids during the alleged skirmish?

1756 days ago
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