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Tiger's Mistress -- I Lied For Him

12/3/2009 8:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods  & Rachel UchitelTiger Woods' alleged mistress claims she was lying when she said she did not have an affair with Tiger Woods ... and sources tell TMZ the fight at Tiger's home the morning of the crash was triggered by a series of text messages between Tiger and the woman.

Rachel Uchitel has publicly denied she had sexual relations with Tiger Woods, but we've learned she has said she did indeed have an affair with the golfer. And, we're told it was her -- not Jaimee Grubbs -- who caused an argument between Tiger and his wife, Elin Nordegren, that immediately preceded Tiger's SUV crash.

Sources say less than an hour before Tiger's accident, Rachel and Tiger were texting each other. Elin confronted Tiger and asked whom he was texting. She grabbed the phone and we're told she called Rachel to confront her. According to sources, Tiger and Elin began arguing and the phone broke in the process.

We're also told there was damage as a result of the altercation in the vestibule area of Tiger Woods' home -- damage that cannot be easily repaired, and that is why Tiger would not let police come in.

Uchitel's lawyer, Gloria Allred, will hold a news conference today at 11:30 AM PT with Uchitel present.

: Gloria canceled the news conference!

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No Avatar

Only marry foreign women    

What I have learned is a man of talent ought to stay single.

Clearly temptations are too intense when you are famous and rich (even when a guy is neither).

After the divorce Tiger should do a Clooney.

1788 days ago


in regards to posting #42. This does affect Nike, they said "Just Do It" and Tiger did. by Whateva

brilliant thought...agree completely

we can never hear JUST DO IT again without thinking he did

what better sums up the disappointment that a lot of us are feeling in Woods..somehow expected better from him

"more fool me" as they say

and I can sort of understand the woman's initial denial of the affair-trying to spare the Woods family and herself from the media circus

not sure now if the PLAYBOY centerfolds come next for the women or what

time will tell if they are more immoral than they first appear

and yes-Tiger was immoral too-not letting him off the hook

feel bad for his wife and kids-they don't deserve this

and his charity golf tournament this year will be tainted and a sad media event for all the wrong reasons...sad collateral damage too

1788 days ago


Is Hostess a new word for prostitute? That's what I want to know. What is the difference between these women Tiger was involved with and the call girls in Washington DC.

1788 days ago

Old Greg    

to all the lame women that think cheating is illegal and somehow constitutes a big divorce settlement I suggest repeating the sixth grade, again. Guys take note that the first thing out of a woman's mouth when they hear cheating is MONEY - Divorce money. why did this loser get married if he wants to cheat? Black men, stay single and screw all the white women you want - they're a dime a dozen and very easy.

1788 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

These women are as guilty for sleeping with a married man, but each will get a book deal, a trip to Oprah or The View, then be hired as a spokeswoman for save-the-animals/breast cancer awareness/domestic violence campaign.

1788 days ago

Phil Mickelson    

"Where da white women at?"

1788 days ago


Now the girls are arguing over which one broke up Tiger's marriage. I feel so sorry for Elin for having to deal with this in public.

1788 days ago


WTH? she is holding a press conference to claim her title as Tiger's main mistress? I've heard of fame whores but this is ridiculous.

1788 days ago

Brian France    

I have told many of my high profile friends,including Tiger that if it flys,floats or f-cks lease it.But then again im on my 4th marrage. Brian France

1788 days ago


Do I have this right? Are both of these women fighting to say they were the "one" who caused the argument between Tiger and Elin that night?!? Are you kidding me? Sounds like Simone...."First"....lol. Just kidding with ya Simone.

My husband said, he heard on the radio that Tiger had his pre-nup revised and just set aside 7 figures in Elin's name, hush money to stay married to him. Did anyone else hear this? I told hubby, unless it's on TMZ, I can't believe it to be true. HAHHAHAHHAHHAHA

Also, this definitely sounds more and more like a domestic violence case that evening. Why in the world did the FHP drop it and not investigate?! Did Tiger tell them, "I'm in enough trouble with my wife, don't arrest her because more women will be coming out. She's in enough pain and hurt, don't arrest her too?!?" That would have added insult to injury. Obviously, no winners in this one.

Wow, poor family! This was a juicy news story. Now, just a damn shame.

1788 days ago


anyone else thinking that Tiger's Xmas card had better not say

a new/unintended meaning to the 3 ho's now isn't there?

wouldn't be surprised if Leno/Letterman or my favorite host Craig Ferguson get the same light bulb moment ((*_*))

1788 days ago


Here the Child Safety Locks for the rear doors of Tigers SUV engaged?
If the locks were engaged the rear doors of the SUV cannot be opened from the inside while this feature is on.

1788 days ago

cathy b    

come on people !! tiger has been doing this all along! he just got caught, every one that says they are SO SHOCKED but his actions should not be shocked. i have always thought he was an A%$!! i am sorry for his family but come on did she really think she could cage the tiger ! i think not

1788 days ago

Phil Mickelson    

Tiger ain't nuthin' but a heathern...If I wuz Elin, he'd be kicked out da house! What a dang mess he done got them all in to.

1788 days ago

older guy    

Earl raised his son as his meal ticket...and he succeeded. But this wasn't accomplished without a price. I think inside the guy is pretty messed up. These women (the ones we know so far) reflect a good deal about him, his sense of self worth.

He was reckless, and probably not using protection. This threatens the life and well being of his wife and 2 young children. Not many people are going to ignore THAT!

I think sponsors eventually will take a hard look at this, and many will conclude they need to disengage. His trustworthiness is hovering close to zero. You want your product tied to someone who texted a mistress on Thanksgiving Day? Then accused the wife of ruining Thanksgiving???

And golf is a funny game. It does try to hold high standards. You're not suppose to cheat in golf. Which brings me to the next big question. Has he cheated there as well?

The Tiger of recent years does not look natural. He does however look a lot like athletes who've admitted to steroids. Since the facade (a carefully constructed one) has broken down, will another shoe fall out of the sky? Steroids may be overlooked and swept under the rug in football and baseball. It won't fly in golf! The truth will come out.

I really do think all this ultimately goes back to his upbringing. I read stories how he was driven mercilessly by his dad. The material goals were attained. The spiritual self sadly was damaged.

1788 days ago
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