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Italian Group:

'Jersey Shore' Was Offensive

12/4/2009 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MTV told Italian American groups to hold judgment on the new reality show "Jersey Shore" until they saw an episode ... well, the wait is over -- and the outrage flood gates have blown wide open.


After last night's debut episode of the reality show, UNICO National -- the "Largest Italian American Service Organization in the USA" -- claims they "can't keep up with the volume of calls" from "outraged" Italian Americans.

TMZ spoke with a rep from the group who told us, "I suffered through all 120 mins of that show and it was worse than I imagined."

The rep added, "Italian Americans are OUTRAGED and they are helping us reach out to sponsors to ask them to stop advertising with MTV until they agree to pull Jersey Shore."

For those unfamiliar with the show -- imagine "The Hills" on steroids, dipped in bronzer, and slathered in hair gel ... only more addicting.


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Paulie Wants a Cracker    

Where were they when the Gotti show was on? Same thing. I am Irish and I think this show is fun to watch. The fist pump is by far the best, you can't but help but love the show. It's not like they made up this stereotype it's real and does exist. So how can they fight it, they are just making more attention to it. I don't see Italians going after the Gotti's when they had a show, they brought these kind of kids to the front dead center and at our attention. Love the show, will watch again. Love how the girls think they are so hot, some are chubby as heck but I love how they love themselves. High Fives to them

1783 days ago

TOO BAD SO SAD :-p    

UGH! Just looking at this group, I can imagine the low class, shrill accents & shoe size IQ's.. The chicks come across as PSEUDO tough (check your dictionary dears) especially the 2nd in from left & 3rd person in from the right - what a joke!!! The dudes are gross; probably why they hang with these ho's - the only girls who would actually 'do' em.

1783 days ago

you just don't get it    

What's a dictionary?

1783 days ago


I only watched thirty mins... it gave me bad dreams.. These people really exsist??? This show has to be fake... come on!!! The snikers girl is rediculas!!!! Im not italian but if I was I would be embarassed too! this show is a disgrace! MTV SHAME ON YOU!!!

1783 days ago


They can cry about it over a jager-bomb.

1783 days ago

doc murry    

like the one guy said ,they do make good pizza.

who can ever forget mama celeste and chef boy r dee

totally famous italians

1783 days ago

Do the right thing!    

Hate to say it, but Italians are just like this. I am from NYC so these types are not unusual especially in Brooklyn and out on Long Island. Not all Italians are morons but they tend to think too highly of themselves and end up looking buffoonish and clownlike.

1783 days ago


Hey, I'm from Chicago (that other really big Northern city), 1/2 Italian (grandparents straight off the boat from the Old Country). We never had Guidos in my neighborhood, but I swore I'd never marry an Italian...and I never have. My dad was a serious macho little Caesar Italian father, bad temper, big mouth, King Turd of S**t Mountain, hairy, short, the works. No way. But Guidos? They're hysterical, and the show doesn't offend me at all. It is what it is. Everybody's got to be somewhere.

1783 days ago


I stumbled upon this show last night and thought I would watch the ridiculousness for 5 minutes or so and it was too freaking hilarious. Our generation is screwed because, sadly, there are people everywhere willing to get on the telly and make complete fools of themselves and think they look great doing it. It was, however, so entertaining (laughing out loud unentertaining) that I found myself watching the preview for next week. LOL - I sat the through the whole thing thinking to myself, I can't believe I am giving contributing to this nonsense. It was so sad it was funny.

1783 days ago

South Bay Native    

That's why it is called a reality show!!!! Reality Bites don't it!!! LMAO

1783 days ago


I was workin on my fitness last night when this show suckered me in. Do people really act, dress like that? lol! I am both intriqued and addicted!
I did date a guy once from NJ that had a blanket with a huge tiger on it...but this was nothing close.

1783 days ago


Here is the Definition of BENNY: From Urban

A tourist who visits the Jersey shore from Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, or New York (or anywhere near these places.) These tourists pollute the beaches and are rude to the locals.The typical benny is usually pretty easy to spot. White or orange from fake tan in a can, jeans in the 110 degree weather. Chains, sneakers, socks, even heels at the beach; annoying people who take up locals parking beach and living spaces.

1783 days ago


These "kids"...these young adults range in age from 21 up to 28!! I also watched it and I agree with a previous post - it was like a train wreck and I would change the channel but had to keep coming back to see more. Fortunately my curiosity is gone and I won't be watching more.

1783 days ago


Is it suppose to be kept a secret from the world how Italians act and this organization is mad that MTV exposed them?

I don't get it.

1783 days ago


I am 23 years old and 100% Italian and I am embarrassed these idiots are associated with me, I want to meet one in person.

1783 days ago
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