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Dough!!!! Domino's Pulls Out of 'Jersey Shore'

12/5/2009 2:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Jersey Shore" isn't just offensive to Italian people, it's also offensive to Italian food makers -- and now Domino's Pizza wants their ads pulled from the MTV show ASAP.

Jersey shore

Domino's just delivered a major blow to the reality show, instructing their media buyers to pull all Domino's commercials from future episodes.

A rep for the pizza giant tells TMZ, "The content of this particular program is not right for Domino's Pizza."

The announcement could mean a huge advertising opportunity for anyone selling hair gel, vodka, self-tanning products, steroids, hair-removal products, eye-liner, more hair gel, breast enhancements, cologne, energy drinks, Affliction t-shirts, fake nails and even more hair gel.

UPDATE: A rep for MTV tells us: "Jersey Shore" may not be for every sponsor or advertiser and we understand that."


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Balls has no Balls    

Lame,they have no ball`s at all!Just like tiger,no golf Ball`s at all!

1786 days ago




1786 days ago


And the difference between this show and "The Real Housewives of NJ" is what? Only the ages of the stars as far as I can tell.....

1786 days ago


This show confirmed my previously held beliefs that Nj is the a$$hole of the earth. These are the skankiest, trashiest, ugliest people ever. Where else on earth do guys wear there hair like that? and the girls are all dogs. You can fix boobs, butts, noses, ect, but you can't fix plain old ugly.

1786 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

I’ve lived near the jersey shore all my life.(15 minutes drive, an hour in summer) These are not locals. This group give Bennies a bad name. Very similar to the Real Housewives of NJ but a younger version. It’s tv’s version of reality not actual reality.

1786 days ago


I did not see the show. They do not look Italian.
They look Portuguese.

1786 days ago


Domino's is a conservative Bible-thumper run company. Need I say more ?

1786 days ago


Jessup.... Italians and Portuguese are practically one in the same. In fact they both started out from the same Iberian population. Only thing is... the Portuguese are not "trashy" and "obnoxious" like the Italians... they have FAR more class.

1786 days ago

J C    

MTV is run by a bunch of Left wing degenerates who are glorifying ghetto values because they can't stand the traditional family values.
I'm not Italian ,but the Italian people who I was blessed to grow up around were warm, generous,gifted people with wonderful families.
Not exactly the type of person the MTV crowd aspires to.

1786 days ago


I watched the first show to see what it was about. It was the dumbest show I have ever seen, i laughed all through it.... If that show makes it I don't know what the world is coming too! The funniest part was they actually thought they were attractive. It was like a white trash Real World...

1786 days ago


Funniest post in a while TMZ!
BTW, not all of Jersey is like this. It's really just the area around the Shore and Philly.

1786 days ago


hahahahaha....This is sooo funny Tmz...thanks for the laugh... Affliction T's and Steroids...hahahahahahah

Yeah the guys are douche bags, and the girls are like wanna be kardashians and L.A. "it' girls

1786 days ago


well there goes any chance of me ever respecting anyone from the Jersey I wouldn't let my dog piss in that But they do make great entertainment those guido

1786 days ago


Those are not really Italians. They are Sicillian. Big difference.

1786 days ago


How bad could this show have been?

1786 days ago
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