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Tiger's Home Not Far From Home

12/6/2009 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods did not have to travel to Las Vegas to get his party on ... a short drive from home in his SUV frequently landed Tiger at two bars that were his Orlando version of Cheers.

One bar -- Blue Martini -- is a ritzy bar where Tiger spent many a night in the VIP lounge. People who work there say Woods -- who's a regular -- is really friendly with the waitresses and frequently hangs in the lounge with lots of women.

We called Blue Martini to ask if Tiger had been there the evening of the accident. The woman who answered said, "Alcohol was not a factor" and hung up.

And there's another local haunt -- 23 -- which Woods frequented so much managers called a section of the lounge "The Tiger Room," a private section of 23.

The waitress says Tiger's tab usually runs around $1,500 a night.

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Bobo Frog    

It's Sunday afternoon...why am I at home?

1782 days ago



1782 days ago


OK, bottom line #1, Tiger is a playboy and always has been.

In the meantime he got married.

Then he fathered two kids with his wife Elin. Maybe other kids by other women, we haven't heard anything about that yet. Stay tuned?

Bottom line #2, if Tiger has the sex drive his chippies say he has, then there is NO WAY he will be able to save his marriage UNLESS Elin decides to stick around. If I were her, I would stay with Tiger, tell him to check in permanently into one of their other bedrooms in the mansion, leave me alone, help raise the kids (Tiger, that means you need to stay home till the kids go to bed each night), then I would be glad to be rid of him till morning. I would then create a life for myself separate from Tiger's, and the two of us could be in public occasionally for "show."

Elin would be a total fool to leave all that money and security! I did that and my ex's third wife got everything, even though she didn't risk her life to have his babies or help him establish his business.

1782 days ago


He is certainly not the person I thought he was. I wonder why his wife, Elin, has put up with all his foolishness. Her self worth and the children's best interest is worth more than all the money that he could ever earn in a lifetime.

1782 days ago

who dat    

Mindy Lawton, a 33-year-old restaurant manager, told London's News of the World that she and the pro golfer, 33, had an intense year-long sexual relationship that began in May 2006.

"Sometimes I looked like a rag doll after we'd made love," she told the paper. "He really did like it quite rough. He wanted to spank me and loved pulling my hair as we had sex. He also liked me to talk dirty to him, but hair-pulling was what really turned him on."

Unlike other mistresses, who had hoped their relationship with the athlete was more than just physical, Lawton said she knew "all he wanted me for was sex," and said he was "a selfish, heartless man."

Here is your role model. Tiger is a LOSER. Stop buying the products he endorses.

1782 days ago


I had Tiger.

And had Tiger.

And had Tiger.

And had Tiger.

And had Tiger.

And had Tiger.


I need a nap.

1782 days ago


Tiger is a pimp dump the bitch and get a new one tiger

1782 days ago


Maybe Mr. Woods is a sex addict?

1782 days ago


A $1500 a night bar bill(?)...too funny...tiger thought he was a playa...and he has been the one gettin' played...especially by his wife. tiger has had to pay more for his pvssy than any man alive.
Hope it was worth it sucka !!!!

1782 days ago


I was married to husband number one for 22 years and never cheated on him and honestly don't think he cheated on me. After being divorced for 2.5 years I re-married. Number two always said "I never cheated on Carrie" I thought that was pretty admirable. Well, six months into our marriage he told me about MANY times he cheated on first wife. This whole Tiger thing has got me really pissed off at my husband. I would have NEVER married a man who cheated on his wife. It's a character issue. Tiger Woods is a boy who is a good golfer and has no idea what it is to be a man!

1782 days ago

A Person    

I'm Tiger's Baby Mama...
where is my money to keep me quiet?

1782 days ago


The walls of this fraudsters life are tumbling hard..and I love it! Keep up the good work TMZ

1782 days ago


TMZ = Tiger Misbehaving Zone

1782 days ago


The people at CBS and the PGA must be crying. Their golden boy of ratings is a serial sex addict, Ambien dropping drunk....10:1 says the ratings will never be the same after all the heckling that will dog this clown for the rest of his career. his career is OVER!!

1782 days ago
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