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Why ABC Kissed Off Adam Lambert

12/10/2009 4:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ABC says there is not even a trace of homophobia in the network's decision to 86 the Adam Lambert kiss from the Barbara Walters special last night.

The network says, "It was an editorial decision to show very little from the performance and focus on the fresh, new interview with Adam Lambert."

Interesting, because the "fresh new interview" was all about "the kiss."

ABC went on to explain its decision to show girl-on-girl by saying, "The Lady Gaga kiss was used quickly in context of things that upset her father."

So why not a quick peck from Lambert then?

The network goes on, "ABC never had a problem showing the kiss, In fact we did not edit it out of the west coast feed of the AMAs."

No, instead they banned Adam from "Good Morning America" the next day.

And finally, ABC says, "The network has a solid record of showing gay men and women in primetime which is why GLAAD has given ABC top honors for the positive portrayal of gays and lesbians for the past several years."

Translation: "Some of my best friends are gay."


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Is that drool on the cover pic? On both guys' chins? Ick.

1775 days ago


Wow. More ways to rant about him being gay. The article I read said it was a double standard for ABC to show the female on female kiss and not show the male on male kiss. Don't get me wrong I think the grinding incident should never be seen again, but alot of you people sooooo outraged just have a problem with homosexuality. Every one has the right to be treated equal and be able to act the same way. It's funny that female on female action is not so grotesque to some as male on male action.... People need to wake up and realize we're all hypocrites. This is a talented young man who should have won American Idol and he has an extremely great voice. His sexuality does not take anything away from his talent.

1775 days ago


Um I just threw up in my mouth, thanks TMZ...stop showing these disgusting photos already!!! Adam who? no one cares.

1775 days ago



1775 days ago


I could care less about him kissing some other guy, the worst thing about him is his singing voice and the stupid songs he sings

1775 days ago

Hoosier Girl    

I like Adam Lambert. He is a good performer. I admit that performance was a bit too much, but C'mon! The guy is talented in many ways. I love ya Adam! Just ignore the rest of the comments on here.

1775 days ago


"The network has a solid record of showing gay men and women in primetime which is why GLAAD has given ABC top honors for the positive portrayal of gays and lesbians for the past several years."

TRANSLATION: It's OK for straight actors or actresses to be gay in a role but when it comes to the real thing, tolerance be damned.

1775 days ago


Alright TMZ, enough already. I didn't even see the performance and I want to hurl. This guy is a moron. Make HIM GO AWAY and quit putting up disgusting pics of him making out with guys. Ewww!

1775 days ago


Adam Lambert is sickening. I turn the channel everytime he shows up or anything about the pervert.

1775 days ago


The kiss wouldn't have been such a big deal if the crotch thing hadn't happened.

1775 days ago


Barbara Walters interviews pertinent celebrities not flash in the pans with ZERO talent. He went for shock value because this is only thing that will keep people talking about him - it certainly isnt his "talent" because he has none. I dont care if he is gay or straight he just has no vocal talent and is all about the shock factor (cheapest trick in book used but untalented people).

1775 days ago


This guy just shot himself in the ass....there goes his sex life..

1775 days ago


That had to be the worse looking kiss I have ever seen. I wouldn't want it shown if I were him.

1775 days ago


#3 Tim: You ARE that guy who perpetuates the stereotype of backwoods, redneck, uneducated people from the south...Y'all.
#7 Lisa. Sinful ways...sounds like you would have heard "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" before. No?
To the rest of you who can't spell or use proper grammar, your lack of education is not only evident in the way you write, but also in how you view homosexuality. Maybe you could use your computer to enlighten yourself. You'll find a lot of research done on homosexuality that would rule it out as "sinful" or "a lifestyle choice". You don't even have to wade through journals filled with fancy can just Google it.

1775 days ago


To Adam, all I'll say is: Get a room. Straight, gay or other, I don't need or want to know your business.

1775 days ago
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