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Tiger Woods Loses Another Endorsement

12/13/2009 5:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods has been dropped as a spokesman by Accenture, a global management services company that featured Woods very prominently in its ads.

The company released a statement that reads in part: "Given the circumstances of the last two weeks, after careful consideration and analysis, the company has determined that he is no longer the right representative for its advertising. Accenture said that it wishes only the best for Tiger Woods and his family."

Gillette announced earlier this weekend they were phasing Woods out of its ad campaigns. Nike, on the other hand, is standing by their multimillion-dollar man.

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Tiger Woods has now become the "Mike Tyson" of the PGA. How sad is that !!!

1772 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

***Well, I WILL NOT BE BUYING NIKE! They will not go on my feet any longer, not on my childrens feet, and not on any of my grandchildrens feet either!

1772 days ago


Let me just start with he's not the first guy to cheat and he won't be the last. It's not a bad thing that he's losing endorsements. It will give someone else a chance to make money. It's probably the least of his concerns because he has more important things to worry about i.e., his family. I don't condone his cheating; however, it's these woman he cheated with who are making me SICK! Why would these chicks want to be known as one of his mistresses? They're only lowering themselves and standards for 15 minutes of fame. Do they not realize that there are human beings in this situation who have feelings are the true victims here: Elin and her children? This story is so old now. Let it go. There will another cheater coming along soon...then Tiger will be wiped off the cover.

1772 days ago


"Nike, on the other hand, is standing by their multimillion-dollar man."

Your editors should use proper grammar. The above sentence should read: Nike, on the other hand, is standing by ITS multimillion-dollar man.

Thank you.

1772 days ago


GOOD! ~ I hope they keep dropping him!

1772 days ago


Are there a lot of black near billionaires?

1772 days ago


Tiger shouldn't worry, I hear Trojans is looking for a new spokesman...

1772 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

At least white men have the decency to usually take on only 1 woman at a time (that's all they have in them I guess) while a black man takes on 5-10 different mistresses all at the same time. And then sits back and thinks all of them should kiss his ass. Tiger (lol) ACTED like a typical "black" man. He's sorrier than tiger crap! You don't see SEAL treating Heidi like dirt! SEAL is a good "black" man.

1772 days ago

Tamara Cannon    

Welcome to being Black Tiger! You don't get a pass like the White Boys. Big Corporations like Accenture are declaring you a Pariah. You have some soul searching to do my son.

1772 days ago


The only endorsement he'll qualify for is for Herpes drugs.

1772 days ago


Yes! Boy cott Nike!!! Tiger has tainted their slogan of "JUST DO IT" Ha ha....He sure did " JUST DO IT" to anyone he could.......I want to see his empire come crashing down!!

1772 days ago


33. As much as Nike says they will wait for Cheet-a's return how could they seriously think they can put the word's "Just Do It" anywhere near this guy!!!!!

Posted at 4:30PM on Dec 13th 2009 by Karen

OMG - LOL! You just made me spew my coffee all over my keyboard.

1772 days ago


14. Ask the average person if they know who "Accenture" is or what they do? Then ask if they know who Nike is and what they do? No great loss. Cheat-a has nothign to worry about. Just ask Kobe.

Posted at 4:06PM on Dec 13th 2009 by OooooNoooo!

Ridiculous commentary.

The average guy?

Guess what? The average mediocre male may not know what Accenture is about, however HIGH NET WORTH individuals most certainly do! Just ask Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, and Michael Jordan if they know what Accenture is.

You sir, may chose to remain both mediocre as well as average. Those who are not average most certainly are highly familiar with Accenture, LOL.

1772 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

68. Tiger shouldn't worry, I hear Trojans is looking for a new spokesman...

Posted at 5:37PM on Dec 13th 2009 by Berto

LOL...that's a good one! But I bet Trojan wouldn't even have him at this point. AND I bet Tiger does not practice safe sex. Drinking and multi-same-time partners can't you just see him whipping out a Trojan!? BS

1772 days ago


It's terrible what is happening before our eyes. This is completely because of his skin color. THey showed empathy for spitzfer N Edwards, Clinton too. But time a Black man has some 'transgressions' everyone says kick him to the curb. They haven't even allowed him to make a public statement before making their decision to drop him. I'm not surprised. IT's the way of the White American Country we call home.

Posted at 4:54PM on Dec 13th 2009 by Proud2bBlack

Of course!! That's the way a lot of White American thinks!! If a black man chooses white women, he's mud. If he's making money for them, they don't bring him down as quickly, but give them time!
Just look at what they did to Michael Jackson!
I think the reason the Jury let OJ off, was because they got sick and tried of white American antics towards the black man. However, they got his ass anyway.
What about Sammy Sosa? He’s turning white, probably got tired of getting pulled over for DWB (driving while black).
Damn! Run Tiger, Run!

1772 days ago
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