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Tiger Woods Mistress Receiving Death Threats

12/14/2009 5:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods Mistress Receiving Death ThreatsRachel Uchitel has been getting numerous death threats, sources tell TMZ.

Uchitel -- the woman whose alleged affair ignited the Tiger Woods scandal -- has been getting cell phone calls from people threatening to kill her. A number of people got her cell phone number by looking at a 2001 photo making the rounds with an old cell phone number displayed -- a number that referred callers to her current cell phone.

We're told several callers have threatened to hunt Uchitel down in New York and get her.

People have also made threats on her Facebook page, which she has now shut down.

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Sista Soulja,

What is your point other than to show that you are a bigot who can't spell?

1774 days ago


Rachel you need to hide. Umm..my bedroom is safe, come over :P

1774 days ago


# 11, That's the biggest amount of BS I've heard in a while: John Edward's closest advisors won't call him back, S. Carolina's gov's wife just filed papers to divorce him, Spitzer is writing for a online magazine: No one is naming these men man of the year. Any hypocrisy on Tiger coverage is of your own making.

1774 days ago


There are a lot of whack jobs out there. I'm a big Tiger fan and while disapointed I'm still a fan! The only thing thing this chick is guilty of is sleeping with a married man. If that makes her a HO then there are a sh!t load of HOs out there. Giver her a break.
I'm sure she's been paid but she seems like the least of the fame whores from the lot. That blonde bitch you see on TV every two minuets is the one that should just shut her PIE hole...both of them. Give them BOTH a break.

1774 days ago


What's the difference between Tony the Tiger and Tiger Woods? One likes frosted flakes, the other likes them blonde.

1774 days ago



1774 days ago


This is not the only destructive means of entrapment.

1774 days ago


To #11
Why are you insisting that Tiger Woods is a "black man"? He is, at most, one quarter black. His father was half black and his mother is full Thai. Has Tiger Woods ever, in his public life, presented himself as a black man? No, he has not. Have any of his choices in women been black women? No, they have not.
Having a mixed heritage does not automatically make a person "black".
Unless, of course, you are racist enough to subscribe to the "one drop" rule.
Are you?
Just wondering. See...I am multi-racial, myself, and I don't particularly believe that the black race owns me (and I don't particularly believe that any other race OWES me, either).

1774 days ago


#11 you're way over the top. This has nothing to do with white or black. it's all about character. It's one thing to make a mistake, have an affair and you and your spouse have to deal with it but Tiger obviously has a sex addiction problem. I don't care what color these people are but I can assure you his wife isn't white, she's blue and damn sick of the whole thing.

I don't like what Rachel did and she's wrong to take up with another person's spouse, but let's not forget that it would never have happened unless he wanted it to. I believe your anger is directed at the wrong person. Tiger is to blame and he knows it.

1774 days ago


Oh pleeezzz! No one is after her! If anything, whoever it is probably wants to get at the ditsy lawyer she hired! She just wants to stay in the news!

TMZ, we need some updated MJ postings!!!!

The Jacksons’ new show seemed more like a true reality show than most. A little slow at times, but I actually like those guys. Jermaine is a little full of himself, and his wife…..well, lets just say most men would love to have a wife like her. She just caters to that clown, and appears to enjoys it. I guess it works for them. If my spouse asked me to put on and lace up their shoes……well, let’s just say…they’d have to dig them out of their ass first! Unless, my spouse was sick or something, then that’s a different story!

1774 days ago


As long as someone can whine "racism, racism" and get attention...they will. I find it weak.

1774 days ago

Eric Fisk    

While some coward making "death threats" is nonsense, I feel that this situation is sad in that before these women knew who Tiger was - they were "unimpressed" with him. Thus, for all of them it was just about the money - and now we know why all of them are single.

1774 days ago

Deep Digger    

uh-i-sell and her crackhead ho sisters are all attention seekers. they are playing both media and tiger. you play with fire, you get burned. if you can't take the heat, do not get into kitchen. she said herself, she is afraid of tiger inc. if you are going to talk, talk. otherwise, shut up.

racgel, other ho's are apologizing to elin. you are not saying anything. what's your plan? you are not going to let tiger off the hook easily, are you?

1774 days ago

Paris has herpes    

Didn't this loser say she just wanted to disappear? Maybe if she just did it instead of leaking stories, emails, texts and calling the paps, people would forget about her and the crazies wouldn't be doing that. Oh wait, maybe that's what she's afraid of.

1774 days ago


This is getting way out of control. People cheat every day & because she let it be known the kind of human being Tiger Woods is, SHE is getting death threats? Leave these people alone. Tiger ruined his own good reputation & ruined his family life, so why is the mistress the bad one? I don't think she twisted his arm. I am only a fan or ex fan of Mr. Woods & He hurt me so can you even imagine what his lovely wife is going through & that is TIGER'S fault not the mistress!! My prayers to Elin...

1774 days ago
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