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Tiger Woods Mistress Receiving Death Threats

12/14/2009 5:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods Mistress Receiving Death ThreatsRachel Uchitel has been getting numerous death threats, sources tell TMZ.

Uchitel -- the woman whose alleged affair ignited the Tiger Woods scandal -- has been getting cell phone calls from people threatening to kill her. A number of people got her cell phone number by looking at a 2001 photo making the rounds with an old cell phone number displayed -- a number that referred callers to her current cell phone.

We're told several callers have threatened to hunt Uchitel down in New York and get her.

People have also made threats on her Facebook page, which she has now shut down.

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It takes 2 to tango. She didn’t cause the break up he did. He lied/cheated and got caught. Regardless if she is a hooker/ho or whatever, death threats are absolutely ridicules.
As for the racial comments, I think it’s racial to make those comments. This has nothing to do whether he is black, white of green. He is in the public eye and that’s why it’s a big deal. Give your head a shake CAPS MAN.

1738 days ago


Why doesn't she just go away! She made a spectacle of herself last week in NY riding piggyback on some jerk who is looking for his five minutes of fame.

I have no sympathy for her. She is a first class ho! Her socialite mother is probably a ho too.

1738 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

Sounds like sister soulja is an idjit...

1738 days ago



Sista Soulja, you're right about both black and white men being cheaters....but worse than that is that you're a big fat racist...plain and simple.

Yeah, STFU!!! Sounds like your dum a## wanted to believe some parts of what sista soulja had to say, and since you didn't want to believe the other part of what she had to say you just call her a flat out racist and you don't even know her, let alone, understand what she meant in that comment. So Yeah, you just sounded like a dum a##!!! o_0??

1738 days ago


and you still want to be the next mrs. woods?? good luck.....hope you can walk down the aisle before you get whacked!!!!

1738 days ago

Eldrick Woods    

Well, I guess the nice $5 million payout you got will buy some good bodyguards. You brought this upon your self. No sympathy bee-yatch!

1738 days ago


Obvious putlicity stunt to garner sympathy since she's hated so much right now. Pathetic.

1738 days ago


So few American women these days have even the slightest moral compass. So many live in a world where it doesn't matter who gets screwed or who is left heartbroken, as long as they get what they want. Rachel is no different than a zillion others. She works in a place where she gets a steady stream of men with a few bucks. She meets a guy in Tiger who is worth several hundred million dollars. He flirts with her and she's this is a chance for an instant life of fame, riches, jets and mansions. She jumped at the chance. Ruining a family or a marriage? Ah, just deny it away, think only of yourself. All the trash that Tiger got involved with are the same. They wanted to get the brass ring, who got hurt in the process wasn't their problem. American women are wonderful.

1738 days ago


The problem with her lips is that she had alot of work done and did not have a good lip job. Also, she just released she's getting threats, what a time to play victim, when in essence she has been victimizing many people with her body. Joy was right, she is hooker not matter how you slice it.


1738 days ago


Sorry ukatel; you can's compete with Elin. You will lose. Elin is young and fit.

1738 days ago


Have you seen this woman without her sunglasses on? She's cross eyed and looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome.

I hope the death threats continue and that she pays the price for the pain she has caused Tiger Woods wife.

She is a loser with a capital "L."

1738 days ago


This botched up plastic surgery-ed hooker needs to sit down. I don't even care what she did with Tiger, all I know is her chola eyebrows and effed up lips and nose creep me out. It's reminiscent of Michael Jackson's "Bad" period, circa 1988.

1738 days ago


I have compassion for the girls. They were used by Tiger. How do I know? I've had the unfortunate experience of dating a boy with a Peter Pan syndrome like Tiger, except in my case the boy was single. Boys with Peter Pan syndrome refuse to grow up and they're relentless in getting what they want when they want it. They're immoral, immature and irresponsible. They're experts at telling lies and manipulating girls (even extremely intelligent girls) into bed for their own selfish needs. They don't care about anyone but themselves. In the end, they destroy everything they touch.

1738 days ago


How is Tiger sleeping with a brunette or a blonde related to slavery? Not only did he cheat on his wife, apparently he is now raising the ire of other women he did NOT sleep with?

Poor guy has to sleep with everyone! Or, dare i say they call him a racist! how is that possible????
I think some dudes prefer; maybe overweight, or 'thick', or skinny, or blond, or maybe asian, or maybe tall, or some like them short. I think in this case, everyone is in an uproar, because he came off as this family man role model, not because he slept only with white chicks. He would still be in hot water if his choice in women were red heads, or black women, or super skinny models, or business women, who wear those tight sxy skirts, boots, and sxy blouses to the office...oh hold on..that's my preference. Now i lost my train of thought.

1738 days ago


Tiger had all the money in the world, and he picks a trick that looks like a crack whore? He's idiot, the whole point of cheating is to move a step UP on the hotness scale when you cheat, not go DOWN and then contract crabs and syphilis on top of it. This chick's face looks melted from all her STDS. No one's gonna get near enough to kill her, she'll scare them the shi te away with the melted clown face.

1738 days ago
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