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UNICO Rips Remaining 'Jersey Shore' Sponsors

12/14/2009 2:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Jersey Shore" already lost one pizza-making sponsor -- but now the largest Italian American group in the country is chewing out another dough factory for continuing to support the "Italian-bashing" reality show.

UNICO Rips Remaining 'Jersey Shore' Sponsors

UNICO has fired off another demand letter to the companies who continue to support the MTV show, tearing several sponsors -- including Papa John's Pizza, Nivea, LG Electronics and Burger King -- for supporting "such a discriminatory, insulting and Italian-bashing program."

UNICO president Andre DiMino added, "I am urging our supporters to call these sponsors and demand they pull their advertising from Jersey Shore."

As TMZ first reported, Domino's Pizza and an insurance group pulled out after the debut episode of the show. UNICO tells us MTV has since refrained from using the terms "guido" and "guidette" in promo clips and on their web site.


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First! Bada Bing!!

1773 days ago


Has this method ever worked ever? Boycotting a show demanding it be stopped and it actually happening? Doesn't the opposite effect happen. People will watch more because of the publicity happening.

1773 days ago


Unico....get over it!! take a trip to the Jeresey shore, this is really how it is at Seaside NJ. As if Papa Johns and Domino's is real Italian Pizza LMAO!! They'll just get real Jersey sponsors Sawmill, Maruccas and Soprano's Pizza...Now that's Italian :)

1773 days ago


Where was UNICO when The Sopranos protrayed Italians as murderers and thieves? I don't understand the difference between these shows?

1773 days ago


When i first heard about this show i was pissed because these people are not from NJ and would give Jersey a bad name. I knew what type of people they were, the typical NY person that comes to the shore for summer. So i was embarassed and thought the show was stupid.

After watching the first 2 episodes... PURE COMEDY GENIUS! Come on, this show is freaking hilarious. I could not stop laughing the entire show. Each line was better than the next. "My abs are so ripped it's just called The Situation." haha i mean come on, this is great.

How any of you are taking this seriously or getting offended by this show, give me a break, the show is hilarious. If you've honestly sat and watched the show without cracking up and were seriously offended, you need to take a deep breath and relax.

This show is great, what a mess that Snooki chick is.

If youre a sponsor you gotta advertise during this show. You know it will be watched and the people that will watch it are the kind of people that will purchase Dominos and Papa John's.

1773 days ago


I watched this show last night at my sister's house and I really don't understand why it's so offensive..To me it looks like just another Real World, sex, drugs, and drinking I didn't see anything offensive.

1773 days ago


If these morons represent Jersey, am glad to live on the left coast.
If these morons don't represent Jersey; then the entire state should boycott it, and the sponsors.

1773 days ago


I will buy MORE pizza from Papa John's assuming they show some balls and do NOT listen to some yappy UNICO demand. I'm all for people or groups making their own decisions (UNICO) but please draw the line when idiots try to strong-arm others into sharing their opinion. "Discriminatory, insulting and Italian-bashing program"? Those are real people - and they're hilarious! And excellent point on the Sopranos...

1773 days ago

Miss Thang    

Jersey shore is crack. I'm an addict. I didn't know about this show until the Huffington Post did an article on it. I watched it out of curiosity. I only thought I'd last 10 minutes. Sadly, I'm hooked. I'm an educated, middle aged black woman who HATES reality TV and never watches it because of the complete ignorance and fake controversies and drama.

Unfortunately though, the show is really entertaining and addictive. It's like a car wreck/terrorist attack, I can't turn away from. That said, people know that Italian American's don't act like this. MTV is only picking the ones that act like a fool. They do this with all races.

PS Snookie is the break-out star though... She's a small, chubby firecracker that's funny as helllll. I loved her Jessica Simpson like comment on Wendy Williams show. "Some like whatever like ... organization" ..... lol Snookie is a trip.

1773 days ago


They need to shut the hell up I swear to God get over it.

1773 days ago


As someone from Idaho, my DVR is now set to record all episodes of Jersey Shore so I can skip the commercials and get to the good stuff, the cast! This show is a gold mine that has just been discovered!

1773 days ago


Up yours UNICO I'm gonna order a papa johns pizza while I watch the show. Thanks for the idea.

1773 days ago


These guidos are dumber than $hit...........

1773 days ago

dizzy dean    

ftr... harvey levin is a handsome devil.

1773 days ago


What Miss Thang said...Lol. I never watch reality programming either but I'm hooked on The Jersey Shore. I don't know why Italians would be offended, really. The people act ridiculous, but they're young and on holiday...they don't strike me as bad people. They're pretty considerate of one another, they seem to have close and respectful family ties and they just don't seem as fame-whorey as other reality tv 'stars'.

They're kind of adorable really...especially that silly Snookie. She IS a firecracker.

When asked Snookie said she is 4 foot 9. 4 foot 9 nine! That is crazy short!

1773 days ago
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