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Asian Groups Slam Toby Keith's 'Racist' Gesture

12/16/2009 2:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Toby Keith may think his Nobel Peace Prize party eye gesture wasn't a big deal -- but TWO Asian organizations are furious about it, claiming the "racist" maneuver wasn't just offensive, it was an embarrassment to his country.

Asian Groups Slam Toby Keith's 'Racist' Gesture

As TMZ first reported, Keith pulled back his eyes when Will Smith rapped the word "yellow" during an impromptu performance in Norway a few days ago -- Toby's rep blew it off, telling us, "nobody at the party thought Toby was out of line." But outside the party -- people are pissed.

A rep for the Asian American Justice Center tells TMZ, "Toby Keith embarrassed himself and his country, denigrated the Noble Peace Prize and offended Asians and Asian Americans by using a crude, racist hand gesture."

Another group -- the Media Action Network for Asians -- also took offense with Toby, telling us, "By doing this, he is telling his Asian fans 'you don't matter, you're not on my radar.'"


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Ban trolls like Simone!

1750 days ago

dirty diana    

they must need some attention

1750 days ago


it's not a story, noone cares. stop trying

1750 days ago


I look at it this long as we have to put up with the asians lousy driving skills, they can take a little fun poking from whitey!!!!!

1750 days ago

dirty diana    

i'm not embarrassed... i'm from america

1750 days ago


That's what dumb rap/hip hop music does. Happens every time! It lower standards and create a bunch of ignorant losers, Will Smith being one of them. Isn't this overrated actor too old to be doing ignorant things like a rap song from the 80s when he was 8! Grow the f8989cjk up dude!!!!!. Besides, Rap music sucks . k -west suck. Rappers are all wanna be's anyway! Losers!

Country Rule! Rock rules!!

1750 days ago


Fake Simone, I like you soooooo much!!!!! Thank you very much indeed for help me, fake!!!!!!!! I really like you!!! Don't forget about it!!!!!!!!!!


1750 days ago


I still can't believe Toby Keith went to a Nobel Prize after party in Norway dressed like he's in the middle of cleaning crap out of a pig pen.

1750 days ago


Kooky!!!!!!!!!! You are really crazy!!!!!!!


1750 days ago


People who have a need to be first all the time are in need of psychiatric help! And people who laugh like a maniac!

1750 days ago


I lose respect in your site every time you pursue this story.

1750 days ago

His Prince Michael    

Whoa, whoa, WHOA: Unless YOU are Asian, whether YOU believe
the gesture was offensive or not, is completely IRRELEVANT.

Once we establish that America clings to an antiquated view
(Read: Black and White) of Racism, we can work from there.

For far too long, a highly-selective double-standard has been
the norm.

Asian-Americans, Native-Americans, Italian-Americans, Latino-Americans, Jews, Christians, and others have LONG been subject to covert and/or overt degrees of Racism, with seemingly zero ramifications nor recourse. THIS, is not only UNACCEPTABLE,
it is blatantly UN-AMERICAN.

Besides, as one political-cartoonist ACCURATELY stated:
An empty award, for an empty suit.

Look at our Economy, ANOTHER meaningless "war", and double-digit
unemployment? Be sure: The Par-tay, is OVER.

1750 days ago


Toby Keith is a piece of sh*t dumb hillbilly redneck a'hole with a big ego anyway. If he really loved his country, he could have at least put on a suit and tie and acted like a gentlemen at such an important event. That's why most Europeans think Americans are ignorant low-bred loudmouth, over consuming idiot fat fake ass losers who pollute the environment with our gun-toting violent war mongering, gas guzzling, whore chasing, greedy, racist, baby daddy, mamma is a ho driven egos. It's not true for most of us. Unfortunately, only idiots get international media attention, so there ya go. Perception is reality.

Will Smith is cool though. Like him.

1750 days ago

Bill T    

Relax. The guy is a country&W singer from BumFK, Oklahoma. He ain't racist, he is just a Country&W singer from BF, OK.

1750 days ago

say what    

rick da hick.

1750 days ago
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