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Chris Henry 911 Call -- He's Beating on the Truck

12/17/2009 3:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who was driving behind Chris Henry during the pickup truck incident called 911 -- and told the operator he was beating on the back window of the truck.

 Chris Henry 911 Call -- He's Beating on the Truck

The caller also describes the Cincinnati Bengals star as "shirtless" and said his arm was in a cast.

A second person called 911 after Chris fell from the back of the truck -- saying "there's a man is in the road ... he looks dead ... there's no movement."

Chris died early this morning as a result of his injuries.

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#10-t, Well you are right, if that was the case. Considering is track record its to hard to call if, and what really took place between the two of them. I pray for the family, and kids. This has to be hard for them. I heard the coach speak today, and said that he had pressure on him from taking care of family members after Katrina.

1770 days ago


she won't do a single day in jail, not murder by a long shot.

1770 days ago

two cents    

Darwanism at it's finest.

1770 days ago

dr cyclops    

so let me get this right..tiger was banging his babies mama and he was mad at her and jumped in the truck and fell out and she ran over him..wow totally far out,,tiger thing just keeps getting worse all the time..i thought he had a broken leg so how did he jump in the truck..well i guess now he has a broken body so who really cares ,,.now tiger can hit it all he wants

1770 days ago


I am sure al sharpton or jessie will spin this into

"Whitey killed him"

Another breader gone!!!!!


1770 days ago

dr cyclops    

so as the other caller says,,,,,how does michael jackson figure into all this,,,,this is so confusing,,,,,,,is she going to do the barbra walters interview about all this or go on ophra show and confess all?

1770 days ago


The people making the ignorant, juvenile, GROSSLY UNFUNNY comments... I actually pity you. It must really suck to be such a mad-at-the-world black-hearted bastard. The fact that you can be so cruel and insensitive about the death of another proves you have no love in your heart, i.e., no one to love and no one obviously loves you. Shame really.

1770 days ago


The woman needs to do a lot of jail time for this.

1770 days ago


If you have pressure on you, it doesn't make you act like a complete fool and jump on a moving truck trying to smash the window to get to your girlfriend. Pressure is no excuse for being a violent fool. And she was driving away, for Pete's sake, getting out of his vicinity.

All those attempts to excuse cheating and beating men and put the blame on the women is sickening.

1770 days ago


I am confused...where was she while he was laying dying in the street? The second 911 caller didn't even know what happened and didn't mention a vehicle, did she leave?

1770 days ago


She didn't even stop after he fell out? Isn't she the mother of his kids? Yeah, I think she should do some jail time!

1770 days ago

Jim Beam    

Ok first off we don't know the full story so we'll have to wait for the official police report before we can say for sure what happened.

We can speculate though. From what we've heard directly from the police (Ok not directly; more from TMZ and other news sources) that he chased down the truck and hopped in. Some reports also indicate he was banging on the back window while she was driving in what appears to be an obvious rage incident.

That being said she has NO OBLIGATION AT ALL to stop. IF that's what happened he's obviously completely flown off the handle and is acting like a complete psychopath. He has a history of violent acts (like assualt with a weapon) so anyone here saying like

"Some of you people are so stupid and completely cruel. This is so sad. I do hope they can charge that crazy girl with something. Horrible."

Like the genius YourMomma is clearly an idiot. You either have a serious man crush, are sexist as hell, or just plain stupid.

I think he chose his fate IF he did jump in the truck like that and started acting like he intended to harm her.

I'm sure the story will play out that he totally went nuts and sealed his own fate. Sad story for sure but lets not go thinking she's done ANYTIHNG wrong. So far from teh story we haven't heard ONE indication AT ALL she did anything other than try to flee the scene of a domestic dispute. Have you ever had a fight with your significant other then try something like this? If you have then guess what; you have anger issues my friend!

1770 days ago


It's all just a cluster. Young, close to a wedding, holidays and add family, you get arguments, this one however ending publicly and tragically.

He never woke up, we just need to stop and just for a second think before we react, I know easier said than done.. but he was young and with that sometimes comes poor impluse control.

I hope he was a Donor.

1770 days ago


Wow...I guess they had a falling out

1770 days ago


Three kids ... and not married. ARGH!!!!!!!

1770 days ago
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