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NFL Star Chris Henry Dies

12/17/2009 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NFL star Chris Henry has died as a result of the injuries he sustained after falling out of the back of a moving pickup truck yesterday.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police tell TMZ Henry died at 6:36 AM EST this morning.

He was 26.

As we previously reported, cops believe Henry -- a wide receiver on the Cincinnati Bengals -- jumped into the back of the truck, in an attempt to stop his fiancee from leaving a "domestic situation" at her parents' home in North Carolina.

Henry was rushed to a local hospital -- where he passed away this morning.

Authorities tell us they're still investigating the situation.

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Was Chris Henry perfect? No. Who among us is? It annoys the hell out of me to hear self righteous posters on here call Slim out. He was trying to make something of his life. You may rail that he had gotten more chances than he deserved but he was making good on this chance.
Should he be idolized, no. But it is good to see that he was making something of himself and was seeing things in a different manner. I wish his family well and would hope that people that degrade him take a look at themselves before trying to shot call on someone elses life and mistakes made!!!!

1770 days ago


Don't blame him, they are young so they had an argument, my sons girlfriend did the same thing to him. He was trying to exit the hummer because she was arguing so much and when he had one foot out of the car she decides to accelerate, well he struck his head on the curb. My son coded and he was in a coma for 2 weeks, this is Hell for a family to go through. When I read this story I prayed for him to recover like my son did, a star varsity basketball player at the time, but this AM I see this. She should go to jail, she may have been driving so crazy he could have saved others from being killed with her wreckless driving. A truck is a lethal weapon. Don't excuse her rotten behavior, she should go to jail.

1770 days ago


are you people morons? she was driving away from him he jumped in the back of the truck and then he fell out. how is that her fault at all?!!! he had a very violent history, she was trying to get away from him! don't you people see that?

1770 days ago


January 30, 2006 - arrested in Orlando, Florida for multiple gun charges including concealment and aggravated assault with a firearm.

April 29, 2006 - Henry allowed three underage females to consume alcohol at a hotel in Covington, Kentucky.

June 3, 2006 at 1:18 A.M - He was pulled over on Interstate 275 in Ohio on by Ohio Highway Patrol trooper Michael Shimko for surmised drunk driving. He voluntarily submitted to a breathalyzer test at 2:06 A.M. at the Milford Police Department and registered a .092 blood-alcohol level, .012 above the level permitted in the state of Ohio.

November 6, 2007 - Henry allegedly assaulted a valet attendant at Newport on the Levee in Newport, Kentucky.

March 31, 2008 - Henry was alleged to have punched a man named Gregory Meyer, 18, and thrown a beer bottle through the window of his car. Henry claimed it was a case of mistaken identity and also that he thought it was somebody else that owed him money.

December 16, 2009 - Dead after falling out of a pickup truck driven by his fiancee. I'm sure he was just an innocent victim, though.

1770 days ago


My thoughts are especially with his Fiancee'. The article states that he "jumped" into the back of the truck, so this was not a malicious act on her part. This is just a tragic end to a fight that probably just escaladed, I think most couples have one at least once in their relationship. I can't imagine the guilt she is feeling.

1770 days ago


Early in his career he had developed a bad boy reputation stemming from several arrests over a three year period. Initially with underage drinking and later with charges of driving while intoxicated and also another incident where he was charged with of possession a handgun, legally his, but illegally concealed.

He was suspended by the NFL for 7 games and was also fired by the Cincinnati Bengals. He sought sobriety and counseling on his own. Later the Bengals hired him back under a new contract. He has been involved in no incidents or problems for the last three years. His contract is up this year and his intent was to stay on with the Bengals, signing as a free agent. His teammates describe him as a sweet, humble and quiet man. He adored his three children and lead a quiet life at home when off the field.

Just hours before the fateful crash, Chris Henry's fiancee Loleini Tonga was bragging about how excited she was about her upcoming wedding to the NFL star. Tonga had gone to her MySpace page, writing about how she just "put deposIt down 4 weDDing piCs... Paid 4 ouR riNgs."

Police told the media that soon after the MySpace posting Henry had been involved in a "domestic situation" with his fiancee, when she tried to leave her home in a pick-up truck. Cops say that's when Chris ran after the yellow truck and hopped into the bed. Pleading with her to stop.

Police say the domestic dispute continued with him pleading from the bed of the truck until, "Mr. Henry came out of the back of the vehicle."

Police have assigned a Homicide Detective to investigate the case.

Loleini Tonga's My Space Page: http://www.myspace.com/imsoso704

1770 days ago


He was a thug who should have been in jail years ago. He escaped justice many times. Karma is a b!tch ain't it??

1770 days ago

Tamara Cannon    

Why did he jump into the back of the truck. I am not a proponent of violence either way, but I am not sure if the girlfriend needs to be charged since he is the one who jumped into a moving truck. She was leaving trying to avoid a confrontation.

1770 days ago


I never heard of the guy but, my condolences go out to his family. What an awful way to die. RIP

1770 days ago


The man is dead and all some of you care about is his skin colour!

1770 days ago


2. I'm sorry for my previous flip comments about the team. A moment, an instant of impulse and a man dies. So young, so very sad for his family.

Posted at 9:47AM on Dec 17th 2009 by CJS

You're a nice person. Bless you.

1770 days ago


This is so sad. My heartfelt sympathies to the family. My prayers will be with you. Rest in peace Chris :*(

1770 days ago

Yeah, I said it    

I hate to say this because it's a tragic situation for both families, but what is some of you people's logic? If he was trying to stop her, the sane and rational thing would've been to take the keys from her. Once she got behind that wheel, there was no way of stopping her. If he felt that other motorists would be in danger, he should've just called the cops. If she wanted to leave, then he should've just let her go. I've seen domestic situations where when one person feels their life is in danger or fear that things will get heated they make the decision to just leave. Who knows if she just wanted to go somewhere and cool off or felt threatened? Unless you have been in one of these situations you can't judge. I mean, really, how the hell did he think he was going to stop her by jumping on the back of the truck? Either way it went it was still dangerous. If she stopped the truck he could've been thrown off when she hit the brakes, if she kept going he still would've fell off even if she slowed the truck down. She might not have been aware he was on the back of the truck until it was too late. What do you think would've happened if he managed to get her to stop? She was leaving for a reason. My heart goes out to the family and most importantly the kids, who will suffer the most!

1770 days ago


For all of you that feel sorry for her check out her myspace page where she proudly declares gangsta girls do it best, with a big gun in the background, and all she brags about is money. Oh I am so sure she was frightened!

1770 days ago


Sad news. NFL players are tweeting about this: http://www.twitgrids.com/sports/nfl.html

1770 days ago
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