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Chris Henry 'Aggravated' by Wedding Costs

12/18/2009 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just one day before he died, Chris Henry met with a rep from a North Carolina wedding planning company who claims the Cincinnati Bengals star was "annoyed" and "aggravated" at the cost of putting together his wedding.

The rep tells TMZ Chris and his fiancee Loleini Tonga came to the office on Tuesday night to discuss the pricing of a photography package. The rep claims Henry became upset when he saw the bill and "with an attitude" asked Loleini, "How much we paying for all this?"

The rep claims the two "bickered" over details -- and eventually Henry walked outside so Loleini could work out the details, fill out paperwork and fork over the deposit.

As we previously reported, Chris and Loleini had a "domestic situation" the following day which moved from a home to a moving pickup truck. Chris ultimately fell from the truck and died Thursday morning from his injuries.

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I don't think it's fair to assume that the 3k wedding photo bill resulted in his death. We were not in the house and we don't know WHAT they were arguing about before he died. Nonetheless, nothing could have been that serious for her to drive off and him cling to the truck for dear life. It's a sad, tragic story of yet another professional NFL player. My prayers go out to the family and most of all the kids who have no father over something that could have been so easily avoided!!

1748 days ago

me so horny    

Posted at 8:54AM on Dec 18th 2009 by The Porpoise

Hey Dumb A$$, he didn't commit suicide, that bitch killed him!

1748 days ago


And funerals are cheaper. What an idiot.

1748 days ago


She has been a hood rat since the day I met her. She is a gold digger and only wants a man for his money and now she killed her meal ticket. Sad she will get SS for the babies. First she was with Hicks until he didn't make the NBA draft and she dropped him like a hot potatoe and jumped in Henry's bed! She was violent with Hicks, saw it with my own eyes!!! She was no victim, the man is dead, she should be charged with reckless homicide.

1748 days ago


Sad story. Typical American female. She feels entitled to a huge wedding on someone else's nickel. If she doesnt get her way she throws a fit. American men have lost control of thier women.

1748 days ago


read her myspace....it wasn't just the cost of pictures SHE HAD 15 BRIDESMAIDS AND 4 MAIDS OF HONOR...she was out of control!

1748 days ago

True Family    

Chris will be sadly missed by all of us here in Bellechasse LA. We will celebrate his life no matter what kinds of nasty comments some of you are making. He was my family and he will be sadly missed. Hold your head up Auntie Cal and cousin Marcus and Derrick, we are here for you. I love you Chris you will always have a special place in my heart

1748 days ago


Why would she even drive off with him in the truck? I do not believe that "gonna kill myself crap". It was probaly more like "If you don't stop you're gonna make me fall and kill myself!" Why on earth did she proceed to start it off with him in it? Naw not buying it!Just what the hell could a guy with a broken arm,in the back of the truck do to this heifer? Girlfriend,you know you're wrong!You need to do some time for this. I hope you the memory of what you did, and the picture of Chris haunts you for the rest of your life. Please stay with your parents because we do not want you here in Cincinnati. God bless the family of Chris Henry, and hold him close to you,Lord.

1748 days ago


I can't believe how some people just spew out such nasty comments. I tend to wonder why you have so much HATE inside you. First of all I appreciate TMZ for posting this, you did an amazing job. They are not stating anything that had happened to Chris in his past. My thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones, friends, and fans. May he be remembered for being the great athelete he was and I hope the HATERS somehow someway find inner peace.

1748 days ago


May his soul rest in peace. This is very terrible. He was so young and talented. I am a big foolball fan and I live in Charlotte 10 min away from where this happened so it hits close to home.

1748 days ago


Now she can have the biggest wedding she wants! He just won't be there.

1748 days ago


Just because you can afford to pay 3k for pictures does not make it logical. He sounds frugal. Perhaps he has better things to spend his money on, i.e college funds & a life after the fickle NFL.

1748 days ago


Okay, No.1, Couples who are about to get married always fight when it comes to wedding expenses. This is nothing new. I don't know any couple that doesn't.

No.2 - I don't think the woman should be charged with homicide, because the guy was senseless in jumpng into the truck. However, she should be charged with reckless endargement. Your fiancee jumps into the truck, and you continue driving?? The fact that he died means that she was speeding and only cared about her anger and not his safety.

1748 days ago

Dave Evans    

do they do funerals and can the deposit be applied toward that?

1748 days ago


Since his fiancee "dumped" him, I guess the wedding's off.

1748 days ago
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