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Jon Gosselin -- Backed Into a Corner

12/18/2009 1:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin is in immediate financial trouble now that his divorce from Kate Gosselin is final ... because he got nailed with huge child support payments and has no real way of paying ... sources tell TMZ.

We've learned under the arbitrator's award, Jon must make huge child support payments -- we're told 5 figures a month. And here's the problem. TLC has now shut down Jon's ability to take outside jobs. The irony -- he did himself in.

We've also learned Jon was charged every penny of the $235,000 that he withdrew from their joint account. That amount was deducted from his piece of the settlement.

As for Jon's claim that Kate should be docked for money she withdrew ... we've learned Jon struck out. The arbitrator determined every penny she withdrew was for the benefit of the kids.

Under the terms of the divorce decree, Kate has primary custody and Jon gets visitation -- both Jon and Kate agreed to that in advance. And, they agreed, neither party would get spousal support.

Score a big one for Mark Momjian, Kate's lawyer.


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Kate got it made her sheeple fans on RADAR posting that TLC paid Kate mansion off,plus gave her money when Jon took the money out of their account..Kate gets on TV w/the croc tears I don't have any money to pay my bills what a fake kate...I think Kate & my Puppy Slut Auntie are kin..I don't know about Kate motive getting everything but my puppy slut Auntie slept w/ the judge& whoever would help her & she got everything,plus more....

1769 days ago


Jon, you so got what you deserved you PIG!

Do you think you are so hot now?

I'm am so LMAO! Go Kate!

1769 days ago


why would he have to pay child support? she is the only one working. bitchass chick needs to pay him.

1769 days ago


Gotta admit its pretty funny,TLC in effect is taking Kates money in their lawsuit of Jon. Let them take it all Jon then write your tell all book of what went on behind closed doors. I would buy it!!!!!!

1769 days ago


If Jon can not afford child support payments then the judge is just going to set a court date and see how much Jon makes and according to how much he makes that will determine how much he will pay in child support.

In a way it is kind of unfair he is paying child support because TLC has got him ban from going on tv and doing interviews while Kate is free to go on galloping on every show and magazine she can get herself into.

Either way I am very sick of hearing of these two, Kate needs to stop going to tv crying she is a victim and that she is a single mom doing it all on her own when she is not. I got only one thing to say to Jon and Kate.. GET A JOB and take care of your kids, Your 15 minutes of fame have long since been up and I am very glad the kids are no longer on tv, there parents can no longer use them as cash cows

1769 days ago


OH PLEASE ! JON WON BIG TIME! He doesn't have to put up with 8 kids 24/7!

1769 days ago


Even as a mother who would never give up her own child, the thought of having to raise those 8 entitled, unruly, screaming brats would send me running. Sometimes you have to know when to cut your losses and this is one time for Jon.

Kate faces a lonely life ahead of her. No man will want to take on that talentless, surgically-built shrew and her brood of 8. Face it K, you got your big mansion and all the loneliness money can buy until, of course, it runs out.

No one wants to see you in a new show. You have no personality, lack humor and you won't be working for long. Good thing you renewed your nursing license.

1769 days ago


Even if TLC gifted the house to Kate, she will have trouble maintaining it. There are a lot of expenses like when it snows, there have to be people plowing the road so that she can get out and get the kids to school, the acreage needs mowing and landscape services, the pool needs professional maintenance. K can't clean that house all by herself, do laundry for 9, cook and still go out on the road to work. She needs a staff of dependable child care/household people. There is insurance, electric, gas, water, taxes, etc. She needs an accountant, PR person. She has her hair, nails, toenails, massages, and don't forget COFFEE! Don't forget the kids's school tuition is now $7500 a month and it goes up as the children get older. She has vehicles to maintain.

Probably K's biggest problem is there will be no relief from childcare. If her workers are sick and she has to go to work, what does she do?

K and TLC has seen to it that J is broke so she won't be able to count on his support payments. No job = No salary. Kate you are getting everything you deserve.

If her show bombs, and it will, she will lose the goodwill of TLC and I hope that she has an emergency fund to tide her over until her first paycheck as a nurse comes through.

1769 days ago


That A-Hole got exactly what he deserves.That's what he gets for running all over the world flapping his ugly jaws.I'm no fan of Kate but she didn't deserve to be humiliated like that.

1767 days ago


Just file for bankruptcy and start over with a clean slate. If kate wasn't such a biatch this wouldn't be happening !!!!

1767 days ago


who won? seriously??? Nobody wins in divorce...we have tried to turn divorce court into a prize & punishment committee in America...but when its all over & both are alone & the children are asking why nobody wins...especially when it ends on bad terms.

1766 days ago


I would say that Jon won because he does not have to put up with Kate any longer. Who would want to be married to control freak like her. The times that I watched the show she was on his case every minute. So what if he doesn't have all the riches, riches mean nothing if you have a bad relationship.

1720 days ago


lmao... he deserves everything he's getting right now. You reap what you sow pal!

1765 days ago

J D    

I think Kate needs to pay to support the kids as well she had them she as much at fault as John it takes 2 to have Kids! All I ever saw her do was bitch an run around with the body gaurd an complain!If this show was about the 8 kids how much money did TLC pay the kids and where is thier money? Did Kate &John spend thier money?

1764 days ago


someone commented on Jon's look in the top picture, well, the one next to it of kate is even worse. She looks like an ugly guy that needs a shave. They need to be so gone from the public eye. The whole divorce, settlement, custody, whatever is such a farce. Kate can tap dance around every obstacle and her statements are taken as truth, hook,line and sTinker! This whole deal is such a farce, it is all as phony as kate has been all along.

1764 days ago
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