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Jon Gosselin -- Backed Into a Corner

12/18/2009 1:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin is in immediate financial trouble now that his divorce from Kate Gosselin is final ... because he got nailed with huge child support payments and has no real way of paying ... sources tell TMZ.

We've learned under the arbitrator's award, Jon must make huge child support payments -- we're told 5 figures a month. And here's the problem. TLC has now shut down Jon's ability to take outside jobs. The irony -- he did himself in.

We've also learned Jon was charged every penny of the $235,000 that he withdrew from their joint account. That amount was deducted from his piece of the settlement.

As for Jon's claim that Kate should be docked for money she withdrew ... we've learned Jon struck out. The arbitrator determined every penny she withdrew was for the benefit of the kids.

Under the terms of the divorce decree, Kate has primary custody and Jon gets visitation -- both Jon and Kate agreed to that in advance. And, they agreed, neither party would get spousal support.

Score a big one for Mark Momjian, Kate's lawyer.


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Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Shalone, were you trying to imply that Kate is a slut and slept with the Judge?

You are one dumb box of rocks. Dumb like Jon Dumb is how Dumb you sound.

Maybe that is what Shalone or her Aunt did, either way it is illegal and Kate, her lawyer and the Judge have the children's best interest. Jon never had his kid's best interest, he was too busy thinking of him, what he wanted, gratifying his needs, while taking from his children's needs (money from the account meant to support them and only them), he punished his kids taking away their TLC fun and opportunities just to play a head game to get revenge on TLC and Kate, he tried to sabotage Kate and her income and the family's show.

Now it all backfired and he can sit in the big pile of sh!t he created for himself. He smells like dung and Kate smells like the rose she is.

Kate loves and cares for her 8 kids, has always treated them precious and wanted to give them a good childhood and memories. Jon used his kids for what Jon could make off of them in photo ops, it was wrong, all of what he did.

GWOP is against child exploitation, yet they condone and idolize Jon and he is the one who exploited his children, shamed them in the media, talked badly about his twins, publicly punished his twins for being honest on the show during a troubling divorce, bashed the children's mom along with Heller's lame nursery rhyme attempts to, he stole from his kids, used his custody days to use his kids.

He is a user, a selfish, irresponsible, lazy, reckless, self destructive loser.

Google Search has given him, Lamefish, Loser, Douche of the Decade, Douche Dad, and soon, Deadbeat Dad will be his next upcoming title he will be so proud of.

He will try to be all bad@ss again and not pay his child support, just like he feels he should not have to pay his legal fees and just has this sense of entitlement to use those around him.

HE IS SICK! So Glad Kate got the house, the money, the kids. The Gun thing was so over the top and unncessary, whatever he tried to prove in the media with that, was so wrong. I am also glad the Judge is forcing him to register his guns under a new address and won't allow him to have them on the property. Kate's property now!

Kate and the kids are better off without him, he only added drama, weight and shame to his kids. Not a good Dad at all, not a father who has his children as priority and their best interest at heart.

1735 days ago


Who won? Really? It's a divorce with 8 kids...

1735 days ago



1735 days ago


135. It will be interesting to see what (show, book etc.) Kate is promoting on Jay Leno tonight. I hope he is not having her on "just because." Jon gets pounded in the divorce and his ex is on Leno. I bet he is green with envy.

Posted at 6:07PM on Dec 18th 2009 by jennjenn

Read more:

She was scheduled to be on Leno long before this divorce was final.

1735 days ago


Finally someone put the breaks on this douche and he has to listen and act right because publicly humiliating yourself,embarrassing all eight of your children, being on the level of a Lohan, pledging your love for anything that will give you the time of day and being sold out by these loves of his life certainly did noting for the light to come on in that balding head.

1735 days ago


Jon hates Kate for directing his life. Kate made Jon a millionaire and gave him 8 kids. Jon now pays mark heller to direct his life. Mark will leave Jon at the curb BROKE.

1735 days ago


Team Kate! She was a saint to put up with him for so long. She can do so much better. Jon, you had everything going for you and you threw it all away with your selfishness and wandering eye. Have fun stocking shelves at Walmart.

1735 days ago


I dunno... Maybe we should hope that Kate makes loads of $$$ so she can keep all the nannies and the cook etc. for the sake of the kids, even though realistically she should downsize and just take care of the kiddies herself (it's just a normal big family now, the kids no longer need several pairs of hands to deal with). Nannies, however, would serve as a needed buffer between the kids and Kate (as Jon did while they were together). Plus despite all the claims about how great she is at organizing - she certainly doesn't seem to do the kinds of things I see moms with several kids do when the kids are around. She has been shown obsessively cleaning sometimes, but not doing a lot else herself on the domestic front. There doesn't seem to be much evidence that she cooks much on her own (hence the paid cook...). Usually mothers are multitasking much more than she seems to do. Maybe she used to do more, although I think she said Jon did a lot of the cooking. So I'm not convinced that she really can do it on her own now.

More importantly - Kate seems to have some serious problems that have gotten much worse over time and have nothing to do with Jon (who was probably just plain baffled by the way she kept changing and hadn't a clue about how to handle it). People laughed about her "germophobia", but I think that's just part of some deeper problems. (Yeah, maybe I've been watching too much Monk...)

I've never really believed the rumors about Kate having an affair with a bodyguard - instead, I think she has a bodyguard simply because she has increasingly become afraid of or uncomfortable with being touched, particularly by strangers, but also increasingly by family as well. Stories about her public appearances clearly show the pattern - her bodyguard blocks access to her when there is no security need to do so, he's not just keeping back potentially crazed fans (!) but also people who are legitimately involved in the event. Have you noticed how seldom she affectionately touches the kids? She seems to keep her distance as best she can. When she is touching them, it seems "posed" for the cameras and she seems uncomfortable and unnatural. This has nothing to do with whether or not she loves the kids. It's an illness that is getting worse with age. This might be why Jon was the one bathing and dressing the kids etc. He seems to be a very physical guy, not only with the kids - in pictures, you see him holding onto/touching the people he's with in a very natural way. Her pattern has been to alienate friends and family, while he is normally very sociable.

My guess is that, with her increasing distaste for close physical contact, she and Jon weren't having "marital relations" for a very, very long time - long before the filing for divorce, long before the point where she relegated him to the space above the garage. I think Jon was telling the truth when he said he wasn't cheating - it seems very reasonable that Kate (intent on keeping the show going) did tell him long before that the marriage was over but they were going to pretend otherwise and that he could see other people as long as he was discrete. The pap stalkers killed the discrete aspect, and so she moved on to filing for divorce.

I blame TLC for not getting both of them into therapy, separately and together -- certainly somebody must have noticed what was going on and that she was getting worse. She needed (and still needs) help coping better with her difficulties, and he needed to learn how to deal constructively with the problems those caused for their marriage and the family. It's very sad - with some real help early on, things might have turned out very differently.

1735 days ago


i would say he won because he got away from her, thats priceless. and who gon want her anyway with 8 kids?

1735 days ago


Guess that means the groupies won't be quite so thick anymore.

1735 days ago


Good luck to that snake bitch trying to find a man. Most guys are hesitant about dating a lady with a kid or two,but 8?? haha good luck

1735 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

jwoolman, come up for air, your hate is consuming you.

I think you are wayyyyyyyy to involved, you need to go get a life!

When you start writing War and Peave on a Gossip Site, it is time to go get some help for that obsession you have with hating Kate Gosselin. WOW!


1735 days ago


Uh Oh there goes his Ed Hardy budget.

1735 days ago


OK, Let's simplify things. When you are entertained by posts of Jon killing kate, or anyone killing Kate, who do you work for? I'm sure the devil has been entertained over the last couple days. Now there is a divorce with 8 innocednt kids. They will one day see all of this. Jon was once concerned about this. Now, he creates the framework for it. Jon still recieves payments through TLC so, he is not broke. If you speak like the devil and act like the devil, who do you worship?
The only one entertained is Satan!

1735 days ago


Speaking up Kate...speak ike the devil, act like the devil...who are you? Who do you represent?
Clue: If you post harm to another human being it's of Satan.
Is that who you worship? You will be asked one day about your remarks.

1735 days ago
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