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Katt Accused of Being the World's Worst Boss

12/18/2009 7:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A woman who claims to have been Katt Williams' assistant says the comedian made a joke out of her loyal service -- and now she's looking to have the last laugh to the tune of $232,000.

Jacqueline Gutierrez
filed a complaint with the California Labor Commission against Kattpack Investments, INC. -- after she was allegedly never paid for the 10 months she was on the road with the comedian.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Gutierrez also claims she had to pay all of her own expenses during the tour -- including food and lodging -- and racked up huge bills in the process.

Gutierrez claims she's owed $100,800 in wages, $32,000 in out-of-pocket expenses, $58,645 in hotel bills and on and on -- a grand total of $232,645.

Calls to Katt's people have not been returned.


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Given Katt's current legal troubles I wouldn't be surprised if this lawsuit has merit. But... why on earth would you work for someone for 10 months without a paycheck? I could probably get BS'd for two, maybe even three months max, but after that I'd put my foot down and demand payment or else.

1739 days ago


crazy people!!!!

1739 days ago


I'm sorry but I don't buy it. Why did this lady continue to work for Katt if she was racking up $80K in out of pocket expenses and not getting any pay while doing it?

Heck after the first couple hundred dollars of out of pocket expenses I would have been asking about my paycheck and turning in receipts for expense reinbursement.

She waits 10 months? WTH!?!

1739 days ago


Ten months for that type of money is a long time. There are people who think that since they work for a millionaire that they would be taken care of at some point. There is no way I would have spent my own money to travel. Katt is always talking about having checks that he haven't cashed, so someone tell him it's time to cash those checks. Why is he always in trouble lately? Eddie, Bill Cosby, Martin, Chris Rock, those guys are never dealing with the stuff Katt is going threw.

1739 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    



1739 days ago


I agree who would continue working for 10 months without being paid and paying all of your own expenses? Sounds like another money hungry tramp to me.

1739 days ago


Wow it must be nice to be able to pay at least $130K in miscellaneous expenses over 10 months without earning any discernable income.

I WISH I had that kind of problem.

I'm with the other poster. This one doesn't remotely pass the smell test.

1739 days ago

dr cyclops    

he must have went to the michael jackson school of accounting...

1739 days ago


surprise at !!!!!!!!

1739 days ago

hot mami    

I don't believe that she did not get salary for 10 months, but I do believe she did not get reimbursed. As a tax preparer, I can tell you that it is better for her to file as self employed and use those expenses as a write off than it is to have your boss pay for you as a salaried worker because then he will have to use her as a write off; she will be taxed even more; she will not have as much flexibility to use write offs; and she can't deduct things as stupid as clothing, cell phone bills, car insurance or lease,etc. I'm sure Katt has workers that tell him how much he owes to whom for what and she was not reimbursed with her best interest in mind. She's probably just upset because they might haved f***ed and he didn't take her seriously. I don't blame you chica. That's a sexy ass man right there...even if he is a tacano. Mua! I love you papi.

1738 days ago

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