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Shane Sparks Out of Jail, Claims Extortion

12/20/2009 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shane Sparks Out of Jail, Claims ExtortionShane Sparks posted bail last night and now that he's out of jail, his lawyer says he is ready to fight what he calls "extortion, Hollywood style."

Sparks, a judge on the MTV show "America's Best Dance Crew," was arrested on Friday and charged with eight counts of child molestation. But his attorney, Steve Meister, tells TMZ the whole thing "stinks to high heaven" since Sparks' accuser waited 15 years (until Sparks became famous) before she came forward.

Meister says the charges "are completely without merit" and that Sparks "knows he is innocent and will fight to clear his name."


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@25... Just because he was a good dance teacher, nice to his students and there was no place there for him to do it at doesn't mean he didn't do it behind closed doors outside of the studio. Look at Tiger Woods great at his sport, nice to fans and didn't cheat on the golf course but a completely different man behind closed doors. Don't rule it out as a possibility unless you've seen all the facts or were with him 24/7. Let's all just state there are two equally important possibilites she might be looking for money or she might finally be prepared to face him.

1766 days ago

Ms. Honest    

@31. And just because she CLAIMED it happened, doesn't mean that it did. Take the MJ charges....the kid came out AFTER he died and said he lied about it and that his parents made him do it. The economy sucks right now so isn't it possible she is looking for some quick cash? She probably did know him back in him knowing her 15 years ago, he's paying for it now. Shane has my support. Bottom line, he is GUILTY until proven innocent and that's so wrong.

1766 days ago


i really dont understand why people keep sayin the victim is only out for his money because he's this famous mtv star/dancer etc.......if these allegations are indeed true..the victim deserves all of his money & more!.RUIN IS FREAKIN CAREER& TAKE ALL HIS MONEY! her childhood can never be replaced! TAKE HIS MONEY!

1766 days ago


To A.B.--Shane Sparks was born in 1969, not 1974. Check his arrest record on the inmate database of Los Angeles County.

He would have been 25 when the alleged activity began, with his accuser being 13 or 14, according to the arrest warrant (you can tell by reading the different counts, the first one gives a date and says "under 14," and then the subsequent count says "under 16," which indicates that in that year, the accuser turned 14.

That would make this a 29 year old woman who is leveling the charges at this point.

The 15 year wait does appear suspicious, but as one person mentioned, there are victims who wait decades out of fear or shame, etc. HOWEVER, these are usually victims who have been victimized by either relatives or people with power over them (like priests, preachers, etc). And generally the abuse takes place over much longer periods of time.

I'm just saying that this particular case does seem fishy, and we have seen numerous examples of extortion attempts on celebrities recently. This accuser could have attempted extortion with the threat of going to authorities. Just a possibility of course.

Regarding the comment earlier about how people are defending Shane but came down hard on Tiger and Kobe--Shane's situation is so very different than Tiger and Kobe's--in Kobe's case the accusation came about quite soon after the alleged incident. In Tiger's case it appears that there was long-term behavior right up to the present that led to the information coming out.

In Shane's case we are talking about a one-to-two year period that was FIFTEEN years ago. That is very, very different.

Ultimately, only Shane and his accuser know what really happened. I sympathize with victims of all ages, but to be honest, when I was 14 years old, my friends and I thought it was extremely cool to flirt with guys in their 20s. One of my friends ended up in a relationship with a 28 year old who thought she was 18 (she was 14). We always lied about our ages. Only in more recent times would men be aware to be far more concerned about verifying something like that.

Just sayin'.

1766 days ago

Jerry Martin    

Famous? I have no idea who this loser is. Does anybody even watch MTV these days?

1766 days ago

Ms. Honest    

35. Famous? I have no idea who this loser is. Does anybody even watch MTV these days?


Um do you watch FOX?

1766 days ago


You know its scary living in a country(USA), that you can be arrested and charged with an outrageous crime, pulled out of your house,handcuffed,and basically have your life and career ruined in a matter of minutes all because someone SAID you molested them FIFTEEN years ago! They do not offer nor do they have to have any proof, all they have to do is simply say you did it! To me I say the GOVERNMENT is the one who is guilty of cruel and abusive practices by being allowed to do this!! I say they should press charges against the person who made these claims for not coming forward sooner and make her be held responsible for what she has done and publicly identify her!!

1766 days ago

MJ is ♥    

It takes years to heal from sexual assault, possibly never. Courage led this person to justice. Lean something about surviving sexual assault. Never let fame intimidate, take this fool to the jail house.

1766 days ago


THANK YOU #34 simple math: All of that information puts this story in a much different light. I just hate to see people condemning the man before all the facts are out and the justice system has done it's job. It's sad, because even if Shane is NOT guilty, his career is already ruined because everyone believes what they want to believe, the worst.

1766 days ago


She's a liar, he's a pedophile; what happened to waiting for facts and evidence before we start pointing fingers and taking sides? Nevermind, I guess I forgot where I was for a moment.

P.S. Can this really be about getting attention/becoming famous when most people don't know who the hell the accused is in the first place?

The most the accuser is likely to get out of this is her business put out in the streets and her name dragged through the mud. Sometimes that is enough for people who want their 15 minutes but that hardly seems worth it to me.

1766 days ago


This story is a joke. The woman is 30 years old now, he's 33.

1766 days ago

Get Serious! dh    

Response to simple math:

In my opinion a sexual deviant is a sexual deviant whether it's a rapist (Kobe), an admitted repeat adulterer (Tiger) or someone who seduces and molests children; especially a child they are being paid to teach or instruct. They all need therapy and to be held accountable when proven guilty. Celebrity is irrelevant.

If a sexual encounter indeed occurred between Sparks and the accuser and she was under 14 years of age at the time - he bears total responsibility and liability for it. Teachers know the ages of their students, especially in dance class studios, since children are grouped according to their ages.

The fact that this may have occurred 15 years ago has no bearing at all. I am sure if her accusations are true, it has been very difficult for her to watch Sparks on t.v. on various television shows, commercials, etc. moving forward in his life and career as if nothing has happened; while hers has more than likely been stagnant. And If her accusations are true, we can expect many more of his students to step forward and speak out. However, if we continue to villify this alleged victim, then others will be too afraid to step forward and speak out.

We must be very careful while expressing ourselves, demonizing 'victims' and let the court system sort through the details and hopefully reach the truth and fairest conclusion.

I have a young daughter who attends dance classes. And I never leave her unattended for concerns of this nature. I'm just saying if he did it he should pay the ultimate price. We HAVE to do a better job of protecting our children in this country.

1766 days ago


Hello? Do any of you even know Shane Sparks? Forget the 15 years and all that other stuff. The big tip-off this is a scam is that is is a FEMALE who accused him!

1766 days ago

Ms. Honest    

If you want to be FAMOUS maybe you should try

instead of crying ABUSE

1766 days ago


response to shelly--

You miss the point of my post which was a response to the person who asked why people are being defensive of Sparks while they came down hard on Kobe. I stand by my comparison. As onlookers it is far easier to sift through very recent events than to consider what may or may not have occurred some 15 years ago. That is reality.

My discussion had nothing to do with whether or not any of them is a sexual deviant. Although I do find it troubling that you would categorize all types of what you call "deviant" behavior as the same. Clearly rape is far different than consensual sex.

And I would also like to point out that whatever our opinions looking on from afar, Kobe Bryant was never convicted of rape. In the case of Tiger Woods he has issued a statement that refers to his infidelities. And in the case of Kobe he came out and said that he did indeed cheat on his wife, but that he did not rape anyone.

As for dance studios, you also miss my point about how time has changed. In 1994 there were far fewer rules and regulations in dance studios, martial arts studios, swimming clubs, and so on. Nowadays registration would have to be done by a parent and ages would be verified--that was not a widespread practice in the early 90s by any stretch.

The bottom line is that simply being arrested is not proof of any illegal activity. Certainly it could come out that there is a ton of evidence, more accusers, and so on, but at this juncture we have only ONE accuser, and a man being arrested and protesting his innocence.

When the other choreographer for So You Think You Can Dance was arrested, I think his name is da Silva, the other accusers came out in full force and great numbers almost immediately. In fact, his arrest was based on MULTIPLE alleged victims. That's a little more to go on than one person from 15 years ago.

Just keep perspective. Being accused doesn't make a person guilty.

1766 days ago
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