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Brooke Mueller No Longer Cooperating with Cops

12/26/2009 1:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Charlie Sheen's wife, Brooke Mueller, has told cops she's done talking with them about the incident yesterday that landed Charlie in jail.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller

Sources say police contacted Mueller for a follow-up interview but she doesn't want to cooperate any further. As we first reported, Brooke has changed the story she told when she called 911.

TMZ has spoken with the man who will decide if Charlie Sheen will be prosecuted. Arnold Mordkin, a Chief Deputy D.A. who runs the Aspen office, tells TMZ he has not seen the police reports yet, but, "Generally speaking, our office files charges when police make an arrest."

Mordkin says his plan is to file charges on February 8, 2010 -- Sheen's next court appearance.

Mordkin also says, although he has not received firsthand information about Mueller's follow-up contact with police, "It is not uncommon where a victim in the throes of an event says some things and thereafter the story seems to change."

Mordkin did, however, warn, "I often file [criminal charges] against someone who falsely accuses someone."


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This mean golddigger drunk ass mother needs to go away. Karma Brooke. You stupid bitch.

These dumb bitches always bring down guys with money.

Charlie stay single.

1763 days ago


See....she treats the Cops just like she treats our boy Charlie.

1763 days ago


The DA is an a**hole. He has prosecutorial discretion. If the case looks bogus, he has an obligation to investigate further and not to file charges until he deems that there is sufficient evidence to convict. This "knee jerk" response is a waste of tax payers money. I hope that he files charges against the woman for filing a false police report and for making false statements to a police officer.

This is just more evidence which demonstrates the fact that battered women laws, which force the cops to take action when none is warranted, are wrong.

1763 days ago


Charlie settled for the plain Jane version of Denise Richards this time, hoping for a little peace and quiet this time around. Not so. A drunken drama queen is still a drama queen no matter how much peroxide you burn into their scalp turning that hair from brown to yellow. She's got two babies with his DNA so she owns his balls for the rest of her life. End of story.

1763 days ago


NOT SPEAKING OF DUI'S, THUGS AND SLUGS....Did you know that a 7 time DUI Convict was Released without Restrictions.....THE APPEARANCE OF IMPROPRIEITY IN PROSECUTING A DUI CASE LEADS TO A DUI TRAGEDY.....Source: http://www.kmov.comn/video 10-21-2009. Demand the Disbarment of the clair county states attorney robert haida...Contact the Illinois Att Registration and Disciplinary Commission and demand the disbarment of the Releasor.

1763 days ago


Well, here we go again...what about the lil boys. Tke the parting out and you may have a relationship... and that goes for both of them!!

1763 days ago


not throws.

In the throes of an event...


1763 days ago


She needs an A.A. treatment not a police station! two shameless in a domestic catfight tempered by ALCOHOL of course!

1763 days ago


Only in America, you can't even have a simple disagreement with your wife without having to incur the wrath of justice. On second thought, in Singapore they sentence you to death for peeing in an elevator. I just love it when a Judge goes through a nasty divorce.

1763 days ago


She's not cooperating with the cops because she sobered up. On New Year's she'll be drunk again and then she'll try to claw his head off again. Here comes the Keystone Cops saga part II. Maybe this time they will arrest his two babies or his pet goldfish.

1763 days ago


With a BAC of .13 at 8:30a.m. Christmas morning, its obvious the woman and her beau were coking it up to stay up on Christmas Eve and sipping some booze too...A drunken drug user for a mommy, a Ho chaser for a daddy, those two twin boys are the next Tiger Woods all grown up, but without the Golf skills or Coloring...unless of course the color of Estevez comes through.

Poor kids...I'd say let Grandpa raise them but he raised Charlie and that didnt turn out so nice now did it?

Her recanting charges is typical of domestic abuse situations...only in this case she's the one who was doing the hitting...

1763 days ago


Charlie, Tell Emilio I will always love him. Is he still parking cars? I haven't heard from him for awhile.

1763 days ago


Agree: it is "throes" not "throws" TMZ.

Gee TMZ, you might have a little more credibility if you could just hire people who know how to spell!

The spelling and grammar mistakes that are so frequently made on the short "stories" on this site are at the high school essay level and are appalling to post up on a so-called professional site with so many "hits"!

1763 days ago

arte help    

She sounds as unstable as Simone.

1763 days ago


It's "throes", not "throws."

1763 days ago
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