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Mueller Claimed Sheen Threatened Her with Knife

12/27/2009 1:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller told cops Charlie Sheen threatened her with a knife ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

brooke mueller and charlie sheen

As we have already reported, one of the two felonies for which Charlie Sheen was arrested is felony menacing -- a threat involving a deadly weapon. Our law enforcement sources say Mueller told cops Charlie was in possession of a knife and threatened her with it.

As we first reported, Mueller has recanted much of her story ... so her credibility has clearly come into serious question. In addition, as we also first reported, Mueller was legally drunk with a .13 blood alcohol level.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ when cops arrived on scene they observed marks on Mueller's body, but they do not know if the marks were related to any scuffle with Sheen.


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Wow, What a train wreck, take the money and run.
The abuser gets the support not the victim. Been There.

1763 days ago


do they have any kids together? Both need to go to rehab/aa

1763 days ago


Sounds like tmz is on Team Charlie. How much are his people paying you all to spin the story in Mr. Sheen's favor? He too was drinking just not legally drunk. AND he threatened his wife, the mother of his 9 month old twin son's, with a knife! On Christmas morning. Tmz needs to stop taking sides and stick to reporting the facts. I guess old habits die hard huh?

1763 days ago


MArried to him est paying job she will ever have.

Um honey- you married Charlie Sheen. I'm guessing you were aware of his past. She's out for money. NOt that that is a bad thing- he's dumb enough to keep getting married, so I say take him to the cleaners. Drunk women are the worst type of people to deal with. I can't say I blame him.

Why he keeps getting married is beyond me.

1763 days ago


**Marrying him is the best paying job she will ever have.

1763 days ago


They both seem to be totally incompatible. Divorce is the only answer.

1763 days ago


The question is, regardless of if alcohol is involved, is did HE touch or threaten to harm her?? He is going to buy his way out of this one.

1763 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    


1763 days ago


Dear Charlie, divorce the b!itch, pay her off, don't contest custody (let her have the demon seed), get her out of your life once and for all. Then screw everything in sight until your dying day...just remember to either tie your balls in a knot or wear 3 condoms at a time...never take them home, when cameras are rolling be sure to always say loud and clear "We're just good friends and I have no intention of ever re-marrying" other words protect yourself! Put 1 dollar out of every 3 in an offshore coded bank account and never let the snail trails take you for another penny!

1763 days ago

a fan    

Throw the bitch in jail for being drunk in the morning when she has children and for lying to the police.

1763 days ago


Amazing how many people know with absolute certainty what happened between these two on Christmas Day, as if they were there. If you weren't there to witness this, how do you know he did exactly what she claimed? You've never heard of police siding with the woman against the man even if there isn't any proof of the alleged crime? I find it interesting that the police gave up this info but there is no mention of a weapon being found in his possession.

1763 days ago

Tess T Cull    

Team Charlie on this one. If he had really done it, she wouldn't have recanted. Anyone (especially a young mom?) who blows a .13 at 8:30 am on Christmas morning was probably out of control. Charlie at .04 could perform successful brain surgery while walking a tightrope.

1763 days ago


Comment #3 Twinkle, read the story again they are not taking his side they are reporting the facts if they were on Charlies side they would have not mention the knife, the problem is she is a drunk why else would she be drunk so early in the morning when you have babies at home and she has screwed herself over by changing her story. Facts are the facts TMZ can't decide for the courts. She should also be charged for being liar drunk.

The funny part is everyone is saying what they think including myself and you know what they will be back together again all happy thats what drunks do...............Child services should step in.

1763 days ago

Lenn K.    

Happiest man in America, Tiger Woods. Thank you, Charlie!!!

1763 days ago


News flash you idiots. Those kids are not his! He had an Episiotomy after his marriage/divorce to Cindy Lauper, who did not want to have more children and she was allergic to birth control. At the time Charlie could not afford more children (still living at home) so was more than willing to go under the knife. Little did he know he would fall madly in love with Heather Thomas and both wanted kids, but had to adopt! Who's the fall guy now?

1763 days ago
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