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Child Services 'Aware' of Charlie Sheen Arrest

12/29/2009 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's domestic violence arrest in Colorado has already caught the attention of the local child services department -- and the case could follow him back to L.A.

 Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller

TMZ has learned the Pitkin County Department of Social Services is "aware" of the alleged incident between Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller -- and the department is considering whether to pursue an investigation.

Sheen and Mueller have two 9-month-old children together -- and Charlie has two young daughters from his relationship with Denise Richards.

Officials at the PCDSS tell us, "When there is a domestic dispute and children are present in the home, we are always notified."

The official added, "If the family is vacationing in Pitkin County, and we feel that a thorough follow up is needed, we will contact the department where the family resides."

We contacted L.A. Child Services for comment -- but they refused to comment on the situation.


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10. "Two nine month old children"... sometimes people just call them twins....
Posted at 12:52AM on Dec 29th 2009 by ReallyFamous

That's exactly what I was thinking - strange description!

1756 days ago


asking for a divorce on x-mas day that takes brass. that is a sure sign all she cares about is herself. any womwn with half a brain knows to go into kitchen and prepare meal for people inlaws or family on holiday. if you have help oversee or make salad. i cant believe stupidity of people. sheen is under alot of stress it sounds like and they egg it on so..... he is innocent he acted in self defense.

1756 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

There is a constant leak of information from Team Bimbo to the gossip site radaronline. Bimbo bride #3’s sources are now hinting to Charlie and his peeps that bimbo bride #3 may be willing to "stand by him" (don’t count on it) if Charlie pays up, and if he in effect re-writes their pre-nup (a la Tiger/Elin post nup in the aftermath of ho-gate). So much for bimbo bride #3’s fear for her life. Now we know why she kept repeating on the 9-11 call, "I have to file this report."

Charlie must realize he is fighting for his kids and his future right now. Bimbo bride #3 has her mother's money to fall back on if he ends up in the pokie. Charlie’s drunken bimbo bride #3 begged him to marry her, let him bang her up, and now her close sources claim she is "miserable" in the marriage, and it stands to reason that she may want the same divorce deal Denise got (to assuage her jealousy - of course).

It is starting to look like bimbo bride #3 had ulterior motives for marrying Charlie and love wasn't the reason. He better wake up and take stock of the situation fast before he winds up wearing a barrel. Bimbo bride #3 doesn’t act like a wife - wives love their husbands, they don't set them up for failure by pressing their buttons. She acts like a black widow that lets her husband live so she can keep extracting every last dollar from him. Is Charlie starting to get the picture?

Bimbo bride #3’s camp is playing Team Charlie like a Stradivarius. From his public statement, it sounds like Mark Burg may have been led to believe that bimbo bride #3 was interested in salvaging the marriage, so in good faith, Burg subsequently released an exclusive statement to radaronline that neither party would be filing for divorce just yet. Other mainstream media outlets picked up that statement. Team Bimbo subsequently stuck a knife in Burg’s back (figuratively speaking) by leading him to believe that everyone was on the same page so he felt comfortable making the statement. Now just days later, Team Bimbo’s sources are claiming exclusively to radaronline (today) that bimbo bride #3 has already retained a divorce lawyer (prior to X-mas), and that the divorce might still be on, unless Charlie agrees to pay up (of course), particularly if he expects bimbo bride #3 to "stand by him" NOW ! So much for fearing for her life.

Team Charlie is being outplayed by Team Bimbo. Charlie must take the blinders off right now and go on the offensive by filing for divorce. He also needs a lesson in the Constitution - one AJ failed to drill him on repeatedly while in LA, and shamefully so. Team bimbo cannot be trusted because it appears it only has bimbo bride #3’s financial interests at heart and will go to any lengths to see that those needs are met above all else, even if that ultimately leads to Charlie's personal and professional downfall.

Charlie must immediately file for divorce, then get the best criminal lawyer in CO to represent him in case any criminal charges are filed against him based on bimbo bride #3's allegations against him during her Christmas day drunken meltdown – an attorney who will tear bimbo bride #3's story to shreds. Team Charlie must understand he can still be prosecuted with or without bimbo bride #3's cooperation. It doesn't matter what bimbo bride #3 says or does not say to the Aspen police from here on out. The damage has already been done to Charlie and his reputation.

Charlie - it appears this bimbo only married you for your money. She's jealous of your young daughter and already threatening to take away your twins. Did you need any more heartache to prove she does not love you? She is cold-hearted, selfish and cruel. Take whatever shred of pride she's left you with and walk away. You can't deal with this bimbo - she's not an honest broker. Stand up for yourself and your children, and at the same time teach Ms. Thing a lesson. Don’t allow her to manipulate you like this. Denise was child's play compared to this bitch.

1756 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

Team Charlie should back off any behind the scenes third party negotiations with bimbo bride #3 because you are not dealing with an honest broker. Charlie must file divorce papers, and deal with any criminal charges that may be filed against him because of the Christmas drunken bimbo meltdown with the support of those that love and are loyal to him and his children. Once bimbo bride #3 realizes she has endangered her meal ticket (it may make her thinks twice about using mommy as a fall back)and get her nervous, which may lead her to have a change of heart without any help from Team Charlie.

1756 days ago


I remeber a few years back when his gun "accidentally" when off and shot Kelly Preston. This guy must be the abusive "Rambo" of women.

1756 days ago

Zed Lepplin    

He kicked her ass on Boxing Day.

1756 days ago


Poor Martin Sheen. I bet Charlie sends him to an early grave.

1756 days ago

blues fan    

You Think You Got it Bad -- I AM a foster parent, and a very good one -- in fact, we recently adopted two of our foster children, and hope to adopt several more. If more decent, concerned people would step up to the plate and open their homes and their hearts to these children, the situation would improve..too many people (like you) want to just sit back and play armchair quarterback and criticize, so you're just part of the problem, not the solution.

1756 days ago


93. Its funny how when chris brown beat Riri... the news couldnt get enough but this guy can beat whom ever he likes whenever and no one makes a huge deal. I wonder why???
Posted at 1:48PM on Dec 29th 2009 by shakee

I agree! What is it that people see in this guy? His charms escape me as I see nothing appealing about him or his so-called talent. The public made him fabulously wealthy by watching that one-joke show of his (constantly striving to get layed). I watched a couple shows in the frst year & decided it was not worth my time.

1756 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

Who'll blink first in this game of chicken? Hold firm Charlie. YOu have the money to buy a dream team defense.

1756 days ago

San Diego gal    

THis guy - "Charlie Sheen" is a total --shole!! I have followed him since the his films and he isn't even a great actor! I do NOT understand why in the hell his show is soooo popular! But I will tell you this...on dating sites...many, many men say that their FAVORITE TV SHOWS: you guessed it...Two and Half Men. (I believe CHARLIE SHEEN is the 1/2 man if you ask me...and the other actor and child actor are WHOLE men!)
What a JOKE...the majority who watch this show are MEN!!!! Because he is a "player" they like to watch him play women and discard them....yeah it's a comedy...but it says VOLUMES of our AMERICAN MEN!!!

People...if you really want to SEND A MESSAGE to this JERK and WARNER BROS. and all of HOLLYWOOD - then STOP watching his oh so popular TV SHOW!!

Do you realize HOW MANY PEOPLE get a paycheck on the show and off the show behind the scenes!! He is the MOST HIGHLY PAID ACTOR ON TV right now!!!

REALLY this is an "O.J" in the making....and it's unbelievable he hasn't "offed" some woman by now!! Think PEOPLE!!!


1756 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

American men are the best in the world. I've traveled all over and no men compares to an American men. They are the most liberated and open of them all. American men deserve a lot of credit for their socially progressive outlook on life.

1756 days ago


to: american men are the best

WHAT??? you must be smoking crack. american men are the most sexually repressed in the world (especially the bible thumping ones). why do you think porn is such a giant industry, along with blow-up dolls and gadgets? holy wow! the best? more like the shamed, little boys that their grotesque christian fundamentalist reverends make them. ew!

1756 days ago


Anyone who would get with Charlie Sheen deserves anything he put out, eveyone know's he is a professional "trick" known for his exploits with Heidi Fleiss's prostitutes, and he is known for abusing his wives, and bigtime gambling, when this idiot got with him right after Denise left him, I thought what an moron! And there you go, he is a born loser ladies, when are you going to friggin' wake up!

1756 days ago

The Gooze    

Charlie, dump the alcoholic engorged excess baggage in divorce court. It'll be the best weight-loss program you'll experience to date and save hours of anguish mulling over, "Should I vs. shouldn't I?" It's like a therapuetic refreshing.

1756 days ago
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