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Snooki Takes One to the Kisser

12/31/2009 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Once again everyone's favorite itty bitty orange "Jersey Shore" girl Snooki got attacked by a guy at a bar ... but this time it was with his tongue, not a fist.


The self-described "guidette" partied at an Upstate New York bar near her hometown Monday night and gave an over-gelled patron/fan/victim a taste of her down home hospitality.

Snooki is a shore thing!


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How is it that all of you posting about her looks and weight can do that ? Do you all have glamorous Hollywood good looks ? Seriously I can picture what some of you look like and I wouldn't give you a second look, look in the mirror people and what do you see ? Snookie is cute, yes she needs to lose a couple of pounds and I'm sure she already knows that. But just reading all your hateful words brings her up a few notches in the class category. Stop hating this girl she has done nothing to any of you !!!
And to those who bash New Jersey, I take offense to that as I am a Jersey Girl through and through and I'm proud of it ! Unless you live here or have visited here you know nothing about New Jersey and all it has to offer. NOTHING ! Seriously people take a chill pill you all write like your a$$holes.

1724 days ago


PS>I do like Snookie.

1724 days ago


People are so upset with Snooki/Jersey Shore because of the very nature of what a reality show is. Reality shows aren't intended to show real life of normal people, they are intended to show a glimpse of what some people will do for attention. You're "friend" was chosen for a show, not because she's an upstanding member of society that actually contributes to the good of the community, but because she's a total attention whore that will do whatever necessary to get people to look at her. Do you think that MTV really sat in the room after she walked out and said "wow, she'd be a great actress" said "god, what a freak show whore, people won't be able to stop looking at this train wreck"

You're right, we don't know your 'friend', but from what she's shown America (and the rest of the world) about herself she's the furthest thing from someone that most of us would like to actually meet.

Oh...and judging from all the dudes she's been with in the short span of the show...are you REALLY sure that was you in the bar? Most of us wouldn't put it past her to have kissed 3 or 4 (dozen) other dudes that night.

Watch out for that cold sore!

1722 days ago


Okay, lets clear up something. SNOOKIE IS NOT from Poughkeepsie, NY. It is insulting that she even sys that to all of us here in Poughkeepsie. She is from a small town across the river called Marlbough, very small. There is like 1 gas station there, 1 redneck bar(Raccoon Saloon), 1 deli, etc... I now it ruins her "street cred" but she is not from Poughkeepsie and we don't want to be associated with her skank ass.

1717 days ago


Wow, I take a look at these comments and as a 16 year old im embarrased as a human bein that people in there 20's and older talk about another person like this. You guys talking like this is more "Butt Ugly" and "Unattractive" Than apparently snookie is.Your nothing but BULLYING ADULTS. You people disgust me.

1433 days ago


I kick Snooki out of the way, she's retarded.

1381 days ago

Andre Weston    

Snookie Snookie lend me your comb! (Does anyone get the drift?)

1364 days ago
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