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Dr. Murray Pays the Piper (aka His Baby Mama)

1/4/2010 6:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. MurrayDr. Conrad Murray showed up to court today with $1,003 -- and left as a responsible father.

Murray was in court in Nevada so the judge could make sure he has been making his child support payments. Murray had paid his baby mama for November and December -- and made the January payment of $1,003 right there in court.

Both sides are due back in court in July.


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England in the house    

conrad murray should be beheaded for mudering Michael. murray waited until Mihael was dead to call for help. i believe he was waiting for the diprivan to leave Michael's system because it would not be routinely checked for in an autopsy.

hoewver he did not count on the nurse cherylyn lee knowing about the diprivan. murry is a cardiologist he claims he noticed that Michael was forming a habit for diprivan so he mixed it with lidocane then at 10:44 when Michael still could not sleep he adminstered diprivan.

as we saw on CNN this drug stops your breathing. murray left Michael's side to use the bathroom when he knew that he should not have adminstered this drug in a home setting. he found Michael not breathing yet he was on the phone for 48mins calling his office in arizona and telling his people to get rid of files. ki chase claims murray did not come down to get Michael's juices and breakfast that morning until after noon when he usually comes down after 10.

when murry called out for help it was after 12 Michael was still on the bed when the guard called 911 yet murray claims he gave him cpr in the bed which is pure BS. when the medics arrived he did not disclose allllll the drugs he adminstered to Michael and refused to let them transport him to hospital. when he went to the hospital he was acting very weird and refused to sign the death certificate then disapared.

when he resurfaced he told the cops that he did adminster the diprivan but he never prescribed the drug to Michael and he was on the phone to dr. klein asking what to do which klein denies. then he said he was not the only one who gave Michael diprivan. another dr who was an anesthologist was found in long island who adminstered diprivan to Michael because he had difficulty sleeping during the dangerous tour in the 90's but as we all know he did not kill michael. then murray claims cherylyn lee gave michael diprivan injections which she denies. she treated mihael with vitamins which she proved to the cops. murray issued a statement through his attorney chertof that he did not adminster anything that should have killed Michael and and he did not prescribe diprivan ever.

after a raid was done at allied pharmacy the cops found that murray purchased several viles of diprivan which were shipped fedex to Michael's house. every vile has a bar number. a vile which was purchased by murray was found at Michael's bedside matching the bar number on murray's receipt. murray is a liar and a murderer. make no mistake Murray intensionally killed Michael or he would not have waited for Michael to die before calling for help. Michael's murder by murray was intensional. murray's claim that he was not the only doctor to adminster diprivan is ridiculous since it is a proven fact that Michael died from acute diprivan poisioning meaning his passing was not due to a build up of the drug but from the dose that was adminstered on that day by murray.i have no idea why the authorities allowed murray to go back to work.

1753 days ago


Ok that's all well and good..he should take care of his kids but when is he going to pay the piper for MJ?

1753 days ago


45. Dr. Murray don't look to happy in that picture.

Posted at 7:35PM on Jan 4th 2010 by Howard

It hurts him to have to part with the $1,003...

1753 days ago


Thanks for the good post, lana.

1753 days ago


And we care about this because....

R.I.P. michael jackson
#1 fan

1753 days ago


Conrad Murray (bastard) you will pay for murdering Michael Jackson.

If you do not pay by the law of men then you will pay for the law of God.

just wait.


Conrad Murray (bastardo) pagaras por asesinar a Michael Jackson.

Si no pagas por la ley de los hombres entonces pagaras por la ley de dios.

solo espera.


1753 days ago


Rot In Hell Little Wacko

Hate You Freak

1753 days ago


This man is nothing but a damn demon in disguise. NO GOOD STUPID, BASTARD.

1753 days ago


Let's not forget what Murray did to Prince. He called him up to witness CPR on his poor dead father. That is one vision that I doubt will leave Prince's head for the rest of his life. For that alone, Murray should be thrown in prison. IMMEDIATELY! He's is truly evil to do something like that to save his own skin.

1753 days ago



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1753 days ago


Just seeing this dude's face pisses me off. Why the hell is he still out and free? I want him locked up and gone. Stupid doctor, stupid drugs, stupid face, stupid everything.

1753 days ago

They were in it for the money    

That hangdog look says it all. Least he is trying now to do something right, doesn't make the other problem go away. Thats right, he will never see the inside of a jail or prison. just a notice to come to the Medical Board and get slapped with a fine. maybe lose that license and be right back at square 1 with all these babies. Maybe he can go and move in with Octobank. A match made in reality heaven - Im going to upchuck now

1753 days ago


Dr. Murray,

I don't think you killed Michael Jackson. But just in case you did....

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

1753 days ago



Whatever happened to TeamBranca and DangerBaby?

Posted at 6:46PM on Jan 4th 2010 by Della

DELLA !!!!!!!!!

I do hope you see this. I have missed you and many friends over the last few months. I just got an email from Disfasia and last chatted on TMZ with LucyIntheSky some time ago. I totally miss you!!! We had some fun all nighters.

I also miss Danger Baby, BrancaFan2, papparazzo@frog, MJsPYT, Tstorm, Susan from Tampa, Chico, CaliMJFan and several more.

DELLA I have joined POSITIVELYMICHAEL.COM. It is really a lovely site full of fans. It is well monitored, no harassement from trolls and just for you it has a goldpants thread. I LOVE IT THERE. You went off to another forum because of trolls ... and were posting less and less.

Come say hi on positivelymichael. If not say hi here! I will keep my eyes peeled for you.

Cannot believe the good doctor is walking free ... but hopefully more on that later.

1752 days ago


I forgot to say hello to Yelena from France and HomieKanobie

MJ you are not forgotten. You WILL have justice one way or the other.

1752 days ago
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