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Shaq's Accuser -- History of NBA Scandal

1/7/2010 10:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman accusing Shaquille O'Neal of carrying out a campaign of harassment against her has had major issues with at least two other NBA players in the past, TMZ has learned.

Shaq's Accuser -- History of NBA Scandal

According to several police reports, Vanessa Lopez has had serious legal run-ins with Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin and Cleveland Cavaliers guard Delonte West -- during the same time period she claims she was secretly hooking up with Shaq.

Back in 2006, Delonte West -- then with the Boston Celtics -- called security on Lopez, claiming she refused to leave his Orlando hotel room.

Police were called to the room -- where Lopez, according to the police report, then accused West of making unwanted sexual advances toward her.

West acknowledged that he had slept with Lopez in the past -- but claimed he never hit on her that night. West said Lopez tried to seduce him -- but he rejected her because he had another woman coming over.

Police ultimately removed Lopez from the premises.

Lopez's run-in with Kenyon Martin went down in 2007 -- when the NBA star's business manager called police, claiming Lopez somehow got hold of Martin's credit card. According to the police report, the manager claimed Lopez blew hundreds of dollars -- minimum -- without Martin's permission.

It's unclear if criminal charges were ever filed against Lopez for that incident.

Lopez has lawyered up with Gloria Allred to go after Shaq. So far, O'Neal hasn't commented on the situation. Allred had no comment.
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Don't basketball stars talk to each other about the crazy bitches that are trying to get their money?

1749 days ago


What does Vanessa Lopez do for a living? How can she afford Gloria Allred as representation?

1749 days ago


More great news out of the NBA for David Stern...nice product you've given us. Time for it to fold up soon, folks are losing interest in the game as the real show is the off court antics these clowns keep getting involved with and in.

Surprised more of them dont have Magic Johnson disease, all the bare banging these idiots do---course maybe they do have it and just dont want to know it.

Dumbing down of America continues through dummies in Sports.

1749 days ago


It's obvious that all these nba players involved have had sex with her because she has shown access to their hotel room and credit card??...They should have known better. I don't feel bad for them at all because they chose to get involved with her.

1749 days ago



1749 days ago


1. Better check to see if Tiger made that list.
2. Look at the list of people that Gloria has repped in the past six months.
1. Vanessa Lopez, Rachel Uchitel,Jessica Gibson and any poor shlub that can't afford representation in monetary cases. She takes these cases pro bono because it keeps her in the spotlight and marketable to those who can afford her "talent". She'll be calling on Tila soon enough, mark my words.

1749 days ago

who dat    

You know Shaq was stalkin her. Another black mail (no pun) case for Gloria to collect big money to keep it quiet. This story is a public relations smear from Shaq's team. Probably even paid TMZ to post it here, just as many of the other stories here are bought and paid for.

1749 days ago


The comment of the day goes to poster #3 Ohwell! My hat is off to you for THE classic line!!! Now whatever the truth may be with this accusing hussy and her basketball boinkings there is one huge red flag here for me.....Gloria "Chase Any Scandal" Allred. Once she became involved her client's credibility fell off the radar screen. How can Miss Allred (I'm assuming she's single and a clam chaser) live with herself? Is she so addicted to the TV cameras and the big extortion $$$'s that she forsakes common sense and decency? That women is so shallow she'd sue Jesus Christ for leaving Mary Magdeline behind. Maybe if Ol'Tiger Woods shot her his 9-iron she'd be a little less frustrated and give up the seafood!

1749 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I'm tellin ya.

All this cr@p is becasue Tila Tequila came on the scene and reset the bar VERY LOW.

1749 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Hey TMZ!!

We all deserve a picture of this Loonie Tune ! ! !

1749 days ago


Wow Gloria, another hooker for a client. Perhaps you should just move to Nevada and open a brothel.

1749 days ago


Q shut up you're an idiot. Just please don't talk.

Anywho on a side note I agree with #9. Whenever someone hires Gloria Allred they lose all credibility. This failure of a human being is basically a publicist with a law degree. Has she ever even won a "celebrity case"?

This lopez girl is obviously just one of the many skanky models that can't get paid enough money to model so they have to resort to screwing athletes and crying rape,making bogus claims,etc. LOL..People like this need to be lined up and shot..Or at the very least have their ovaries removed to keep them from breeding.

1749 days ago


wow. she sounds sweet.

1749 days ago


This woman is an attention seeker! Give her all the attention she can handle, print her picture. It would be more like a public service, so other people don't make the same mistake.

1749 days ago


Just ask Kobe, he'll tell everyone what happened.

1749 days ago
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