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Arenas Standoff -- Cops Want Players' Faces

1/8/2010 7:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gilbert ArenasAccording to sources, cops want to see how Gilbert Arenas' teammates reacted to his Christmas Eve gun standoff with Javaris Crittenton -- and they're hoping to see the players' faces on one key surveillance camera.

We're told the crucial camera angle is just outside the Washington Wizards locker room, and cops want to see the reactions of players who left after the showdown.

Our sources say cops are still trying to download the video from the surveillance system.

Team officials tell us there is no video inside the locker room. Translation -- don't hold your breath for a money shot of the armed incident.

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My question is this; If surveillance tape(s) show Gilbert Arenas brandishing his guns in the locker room, then where is the surveillance tape(s) showing him carrying them into the locker room and putting them into his locker? Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought I had heard that the guns in question were in his locker for awhile and then he brandished them. The point I'm trying to make here is that the team owners as well as the general manager, etc should have been notified of such activity and then they could've told Gilbert to remove the guns BEFORE he gets suspended or worse, hurts someone. There's more to this then the team is releasing. Someone's covering their ass(s). I'm just saying. Nonetheless, I'm not condoning Gilbert's actions. He deserves whatever punishment is handed down.

1750 days ago

ray ray    

Study: My balls itch.

1750 days ago


"Cops want to see their reactions"
why? is a look of concern considered evidence???
Oh look, that guy looks worried...and so does that guy...hmmmm we may have something here

1750 days ago


Stern, keep this guy out of the league forever---Bullets, I mean Wizards, cut him at once for breach of morality and civil law that is part of his contract to play for you.

Time these thugs are taught a lesson---apparently Plaxico wasnt enough.

Who are these peoples "handlers"?...and this one, Arenas supposedly not a thug and book smart and articulate...still acting Rainman dumb.

America's had about enough of the thug wanna be nonsense in art, sport, music, screen...where have the leaders of this Race been?

Cowards the whole lot of them, letting and watching another Generation go up in smoke. The White man got you the first 400 years, you all are taking yourselves down from here...B.O.B crime, why wont you people love one another? Guns, Ho's, Crack, new eyes on the prize.

Every other Race wants something good and works hard at it, this Race still has too large a portion that wants freebies, handouts, and have no homework doing, half a parent kids whom are disrespectful of any and all that appears to cause work on their behalf.

Case you all havent figured it out yet, white folk are getting restless about paying 45 years worth of Great Society nonsense only to see no result for it. Ya'll know what white folk can do when they get restless---at 12:1 outnumbered might want to think first before acting all tough and going to go kill all the white people.

Do the Right Thing, for once, please. We'll help and work with you if you want it, but white folks (cept the dumbest ones) patience is running thin. Heck we even have and helped elect a President who wasnt all White....too many out there still dont want nothing but a handout...Arenas type continued proof even the rich ones want to act the part of a fool and a thug.

Stern will stop it in his league.

1750 days ago


How do you get two Darkees to stop a gun fight?
Toss a KARDASHIAN in the room.

1750 days ago

Michael Knight    

You people are sick. It's not right to judge another race because of some bad apples. He without sin cast the first stone. How you judge others it will be the same for you in the afterlife. GOD will Judge you and reap your soul.

1750 days ago


not cool to take a gun to work! leave them at home

1750 days ago


Every single day.

1749 days ago

Mike Licht    

1749 days ago

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