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LiLo Car Incident

Not as Deadly as Pap Thinks

1/12/2010 12:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For once, the paparazzi may have saved Lindsay Lohan from a major legal war -- law enforcement sources tell us the video of her vehicular run-in with a photog this weekend proves the incident was far from deadly.

LiLo Car Incident

As TMZ first reported, Lohan's driver was a "person of interest" in an assault with a deadly weapon investigation after she allegedly clipped a pap with her car while trying to drive Lindsay through an alley this weekend.

But law enforcement sources tell us authorities watched footage of the incident and have decided the collision doesn't meet the standards of an assault with a deadly weapon. Frankly, we watched the footage and the "alleged assault" looked like a bunch of nothing.

We're told it's possible the driver could be targeted for hit-and-run ... but not because anyone was seriously injured.


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Give him some greasy cheeseburger and tell him to go home.

1711 days ago


Someone should tell this fat f*ck that you do not stick your hand in front of it out as a car is is not a bucket of KFC and will hurt faster than that heart attack that looms in his horizon.

1711 days ago


He's just looking for a free Twinkie.

1711 days ago


That fat pig photographer lied and it was obvious that he was just looking for $. He should be charged for a false police report.

1711 days ago


I've seen better acting on the Hills. He needs to take acting classes. If I was LiLO I would sue his fat a$$ for damaging my car with his big fat a$$

1711 days ago

ray ray    

the photog was involved in a hit and run, but it wasnt with skanky lohans friend. this hit and run was with 10 gallons of chocolate ice cream. the fatogs spoon "hit" the gallons of ice cream and the and it "ran" down his face as he ate it.

this joke is too awkward and wordy to be funny but give me points for "fatog".

1711 days ago

lost in lalaland    

I don't care if any paps were hurt or not (that's the chance they take). However no one, and I don't care how famous or important they think there are, has a right to gun it from zero to 60 in an alleyway.

1711 days ago


ray ray, I give you much props for fatog.

Nice try, Mr. Photographer. Guess you didn't realize the whole incident was filmed?

1711 days ago


His life was def not in danger. Get all of Lins clothes here

1711 days ago


Let's call correctly --- It was the driver that was driving, not the (in)famous passenger.
Let's blame the driver and leave the other names out of it - SHE WASN'T DRIVING!!

1711 days ago


Congestive heart failure is what that yahoo ought to be afraid of.

Geez, I've got two words. Jenny Craig........

1711 days ago


For once Lindsay gets a pass here. This girl is spun out on hard core pain meds or cocaine. It's sad man her mom enables her to just party like a rockstar. One day she will wake up and her looks won't be able to replace the cash she has thrown away. Esp with users she will hit the wall at thirty.

1711 days ago

daddy o    

oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink oink Splat! SoooooWeeeee

1711 days ago


You know he wasn't too injured..i mean you see him get that last shot after he was "ran over" puh-lease!!! If he was in sooo much pain, he wouldn't of stuck his camera out after the incident to get that shot!!! what a freaking idiot!!!

1711 days ago


Isn't impeding a person's egress a form of unlawfull detention in California. I see a crime in that he was trying to keep her from driving off.

1711 days ago
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