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Conan O'Brien

NBC Settlement

No Trash Talk

1/16/2010 6:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'BrienConan O'Brien can get a whole lot of money from NBC as a parting gift, but there will be strings attached -- not the least of which ... Conan cannot trash the network.

Sources tell us NBC wants a liquidated damages clause if Conan says anything disparaging about the network once he leaves. Essentially that means there is a clause in the contract that says Conan will automatically pay a predetermined amount of money if he says bad things about NBC.

And, as we have previously reported, NBC will demand that Conan not take another hosting job for a certain period of time.

Sources say NBC will be paying Conan a hefty sum, but that will be offset by any amount Conan makes for his next hosting gig. So if Conan makes a deal with FOX, NBC can reduce the amount it pays Conan by the amount FOX forks over.

FYI -- we've learned Conan's existing contract already has an offset clause in the event he leaves NBC and takes another job.

Bottom line -- Conan won't be taking NBC to the cleaners.


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I would work for Fox for $.99 until NBC pays every dime.

1737 days ago

rachael weiss    

Never liked him......I think hes rather an ugly man...The situation is ugly....And now? Im not interested in Late Night at all...................................................ENOUGH!......

1736 days ago


I don't believe that Conan should have to fork over money, the difference between NBC's settlement and his next hosting deal. I don't believe Leno should have been forced out of the 'Tonight Show'[17 years at #1]. I prefer the Tonight Show over other networks' offerings. I like both Jay & Conan. NBC execs should be punished for poor decisions. Someone's head should roll.

1736 days ago



1736 days ago


Whether it's NBC that is responsible for this action or Leno doesnt matter.Decided I will never watch Leno again and will boycott NBC. I was happy Conan moved to a time slot that worked with my sleep schedule, I can watch him 4 nights a week since he changed.

1736 days ago


I knew that NBC execs sucked, but this is the worst. Paying shareholder money because they're too sensitive about someone making jokes about them? They all deserve to be canned...if not for leading the network into the toilet then for just being bad, bad people.

1735 days ago

Justa Notherguy    

For those who are too young - or were too uninterested, at the
time - to recall, it might help to get some background on this
story. Read all about how Leno acquired The Tonight Show gig,
back in 1993.
. (NY Times; 1994)

1734 days ago

Harvey's Mom    

Go Coco!

The chin is a loser and screw Mutha Zucker!

1739 days ago


But what about the CREW! And rights to BITS he created!

1739 days ago


They can keep him from trashing NBC but there's plenty others left to do it for him.

1739 days ago


Wow, what a brutal terrible company, thats it, I am boycotting nbc when Conan leaves. I will never watch that channel again!

1739 days ago

Leon me    

F*CK NBC Conan you rock and if i were you I would say screw the cash and stand up for the truth. But then again this is Hollywood and its always about the money....

1739 days ago


What about the crew and all the folks who uprooted their lives for Conan, Do they get any consideration? Its one thing to go for the big payday, but hey what about the people who sacrificed everything to run with you? If Conan does nothing for them, He is just as big a loser as Leno and Zucker

1739 days ago


You got set up Conan by Jay and NBC..You would have been better off w/better lawyers.Now you gotta kiss jimmy Fallans were better on late late..cry to the bank gingerboy..

1739 days ago


I don't care about Conan, but I hope his production staff gets reassigned to another show or department. Those people need the work and money a whole lot more than he does. In fact, if he had any sympathy for his staff he should donate some of that $30 million to help them.

1739 days ago
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