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Leno vs. Conan vs. NBC

The War is On

1/18/2010 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conan O'Brien and NBC are at war ... each accusing the other of bad, bad behavior.

Leno vs. Conan vs. NBC -- The War is On
Sources connected to Conan O'Brien tell TMZ NBC honcho Jeff Zucker has been "nasty, arrogant and threatening" in negotiating Conan's out. The Conan people are outraged, saying the blame for the Jay Leno/'ConanO'Brien/"Tonight Show" debacle falls squarely at Zucker's doorstep.

Jay Leno: Click to watchAn NBC spokesperson tells TMZ, as for claims Zucker has been nasty, arrogant and threatening, "There is absolutely no truth to that. It is easy to make false statements under the cloak of anonymity."

We're told Conan is so pissed off at NBC, he told the network he was leaving even though he still doesn't have a place to go -- at least not yet. Sources say Fox still has not made an offer.

An NBC source connected to the negotiations tells TMZ Conan "has acted like a baby" since the network announced the changes. The source claims NBC made $25 mil in profits off "The Tonight Show" the last full calendar year Leno hosted. The source says the projected loss for 2010 had Conan stayed put was $3 - 5 million. So NBC says it's simple math.

We're told the NBC/Conan deal still isn't finalized.


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"182. my boss here at NBC (im a temp) just told me and a small group to vote conan all day. ive never even been on this site before. very immature. i hate leno and zucker is an ass. this website must be pro leno because that is not the sentiment anywhere in la. in this business anyway.Posted at 4:51PM on Jan 18th 2010 by jp" - TMZ interview

Boo hoo zucker and leno both suck balls

1741 days ago


Love you Conan! You are truly funny, Leno is an arrogant slob.

1741 days ago


According to Coupling creator, Stephen Moffat "The network f***ed it up because they intervened endlessly. If you really want a job to work, don't get Jeff Zucker's team to come help you with it because they're not funny. All right? There you go."

1741 days ago


"And if you like Chewy so much, i suggest checking out his porno movies hahaha. Yup, Chewy used to be a porn star. Go ahead and look it up. Sadly i got an email about it, clicked the link and saw his little Chewy banging some chick. "

Chelseas' "lil nugget" in porn? That's world is now totally torn apart. Where the" little people, big world" family also in porn? Eh...never mind, don't want to know!
That is shocking to say the least. And you SAW this and know for sure it was him, huh?

1741 days ago


When Johnny passed away so did The Tongith Show. Jay a funny guy; but Johnny was a GENIUS. Jay can hold my interst for about 5 mins; Johnny (RIP) held it for 20 years. Jay not even in same league as the master. Only was, only will be, one Johnny Carson. I know that nobody going to debate that. F..k if he wasn't the greatest; please name me the greatest!! Johnny wrote the book, built the show up after Jack left, and what does NBC expect when they give it to a guy that laughs at a joke like he having an O GASIM. Johnny earned his place in history; Jay came from stand-up comedy - but Jay did great job for many years; S..T nobody on planet could have replaced Mr. Carson. Johnny wouldn't even break a laugh at half the non-funny stuff he would hear today. Take that back; Johnny so classy he would have encouraged any comedian or artist. Jay, whatever floats his boat, would rather play grease monkey. If NBC put these two burn outs together on one longer show; longer by 3 commercials. When NBC figures out how to find the filmmaker that did this - maybe they get some of their viewing audience back. This stuff no JOKE -

1741 days ago

Ben conducted a study among 806 late night talk show viewers. Results found that that 38% indicated that they would be less likely to watch Jay Leno’s show if his time slot changes compared to 59% who reported that they would be less likely to watch Conan O’Brien’s show if his time slot changes. Viewers indicated that, given the choice, they would prefer to watch Jay Leno (50%) over David letterman (38%), but would opt to watch David Letterman (49%) over Conan O’Brien (43%).
More in depth results can be seen at:

1741 days ago


I will be so glad to see Jay Leno return to The Tonight Show. Then I can stop watching Letterman. I've never liked Letterman, but he's one hundred percent better than Conan. Conan is not funny. He is simply stupid, silly, and juvenile.

1739 days ago

Donna Jo Noll    

The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien blew me away last night. Their final show was just awesome. Really loved Will Ferrell, Max, and Conan playing and singing "Free Bird". He ended this final show with class and dignity which I do not believe NBC deserved. I did like Jay until he screwed Conan over. Just listening to his b.s. speech 5 years ago makes me sick.

1737 days ago


I'm laughing now at all the idiots who said Fox will 'never' sign Conan. I guess it's possible they still might not (nothing is ever certain), but they seem to be the only network that's reportedly actually trying to. I see reports on other websites (oddly not tmz tho??) saying "Fox is the most likely place for (Conan) to land".

HAHA SUCKERS, Conan back on FOX? thumbies uppies

1735 days ago



1742 days ago


They all are idiots!!!!! Forget about those guys!!!!! Nobody cares about their destinies!!!!!!!!!!!!

1742 days ago


Jay is the d-bag, really they are still wondering??? I hope noone watches his lame show. Hopefully Conan will be back soon.

1742 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Shouldn't that read "The War IS On"? Which one of the ditzy TMZ girls posted this article?

1742 days ago


Simple math? Wait, let me guess... They are factoring in the cost of the new studio?

Jay sandbagged his "new" show to screw Conan.

1742 days ago

Leno is garbage    

Paid NBC shills are here on TMZ commenting, watch out! They want to inject negative views about Conan.

How to spot a paid shill!
1. Repeated posts that look eerily similar
2. They stick to "talking points" they want to get across, usually find one or two things to attack about the intended target and repat them over and over.
3. Alternating between proper punctuation and poor typing with some misspellings to further the illusion of multiple posters who believe the same thing.

It's all a ploy to get you to buy into their line of thought. They want you to think that 5 or 6 other people are thinking this so you should too.

1742 days ago
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