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MTV 'Teen Mom'

Allegedly Choked

by Her Mother

1/18/2010 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MTV 'Teen Mom' Allegedly Choked by Her MotherOne of the young mothers from the MTV reality show "Teen Mom" was allegedly choked and then hit by her 54-year-old mom this weekend -- and mom is now facing domestic violence charges.

The Council Bluffs Police Department in Iowa tells TMZ Debra Danielson -- the mother of 18-year-old "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham -- was arrested at around 1 PM on Saturday for suspicion of domestic abuse/serious assault.

According to cops, Farrah and Debra started arguing over childcare issues when Debra allegedly threw an MTV shirt at her daughter ... which landed "on or near" Farrah's baby, who started crying.

That's when Farrah claims she went off on her mother -- who then grabbed Farrah by the throat. Farrah told cops she pushed her mother's hand away from her throat, causing her mother to strike her on the right side of her head and mouth.

In the report, officers say they observed multiple cuts on the right side of Farrah's lips.

The story was first reported by the The Daily Nonpareil.

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No Avatar


Farrah has a lot of growing up to do. She is very disrespectful. I often can't believe she gets away with what she says and to people who are caring for her child. Maci rocks as a mom and catelyn made a very unselfish decision.

1705 days ago


The best thing I've heard all day! That B*&^ deserves to get knocked around; too bad her mom didn't do that earlier!!!

1705 days ago


i dont think her mom should go to jail. i think her mom needs a reward. because if that was me talking to my mother an father anykind of way. i would be picking my teeth up off the floor

1705 days ago


Good. She deserved it I'm sure. This teenage tramp is the biggest ingrate I have ever seen. If I were her mother, she would not be living in my house. Throw the ingrate out on the street and let her collect welfare. She's more worried about hooking up with a guy than taking care of her child. What a loser. If the mother needs bail money, I'm more than happy to help!

1705 days ago


Farrah has got to be one of the most retarded people I have ever watched on TV. Someone needed to do it! I guess her mom was the first to step up to the plate... I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner!

1705 days ago


I saw the episode that she hits her daughter in the face when she talks back to her about a car. I think this has gotten so toxic. Perhaps its time Farrah got a place of her own and not mooch off her mom anymore.

1705 days ago


Farrahs mom is a hag. Has it occurred to any of you people advocating that farrah getting choked is good, that MTV has edited the crap out of her? It makes better tv to show her badly. We have no idea what's going on in that house, but violence is NEVER okay!

1705 days ago


I hope this fight makes the show! Farrah had it coming, though.

1705 days ago


Screw all you people. Debra is a nasty HAG. I hope she chokes you all. TEAM FARRAH!!!!!!!

1705 days ago


Hey #130,
If you're watching this crap at 50, and siding with Farrah, you should seek help...
That being said, I'm 40 and wouldn't even think of speaking to my 74 year old Mom the way this brat Farrah does...Why?...Because I was RAISED RIGHT...
The best outcome for this little scenario would be for Social Services to remove Sophia from BOTH of them...Debra should not be forced to raise her grandchild while Farrah remains a slut...Debra should take a long, hard look at her own parenting style, as it clearly played into the irresponsibility that Farrah shows today...Farrah should be forced into some form of program geared to making her responsible for her own child...Make the little slut get a job, pay bills, feed & clothe HER own daughter, manage a home, and all of the good stuff that REAL parents deal with on a daily basis...
And MTV needs to stop glamorizing irresponsible behavior...We get enough of that crap from Professional Athletes, Celeb's, and Politicians...

1705 days ago


I have seen the show "Teen mom" i watch it all the time..I used to like Farrah in 16 & Pregnant but watching Teen mom i think she has changed heaps. She needs to look after her baby more and stop chasing boys makes her look desperate! your children are more important then chasing some one who doesnt want to be with you! your time will come Farrah, let them chase you.. Buuttt i dont think all that abuse and yelling should of been infront of Sophia, that's wrong!!! Farrah may deserve but Sophia doesnt. I dont believe in abuse

1705 days ago


I think Farrah's mother was absolutely pushed to her limit. Farrah is a spoiled brat & doesn't appreciate what her parents are doing for her. Domestic violence is never acceptable but I can't say I haven't felt like smacking Farrah myself after watching her on the show. Farrah, truly, doesn't deserve the word "mom" next to her name.

1705 days ago

J Byrd    

You guys shouldn't judge until you hear all the facts. Why is she a slut and a whore? I didn't see any episodes where she had sex w/ anyone. Team FARRAH!!!!

1705 days ago


As horrible as Farrah is, someone should smack her mom. Why do you think she acts the way she does? A great upbringing? Uh, no. Farrah's parents have no one to blame but themselves for their nasty daughter.

1705 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

Good.. I'm glad & it's about time!!!! Woooo-Hooo, I have been wanting to beat her myself for awhile already! I can't believe how she treats her parents.

SHE SHOULD BE LEFT ALONE TO RAISE HER BABY, then maybe she will appreciate her parents help, she was the idiot who wanted to have a baby at a young age, SO deal with it!!!!

1705 days ago
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