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'Jersey' Knockout Victim -- One Huge Racist

1/20/2010 6:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy Ronnie cold-cocked on "Jersey Shore" has unleashed a hateful, n-word riddled statement on his Facebook page -- verbally attacking the Black MTV security guards he fought on last week's episode.

'Jersey' Knockout Victim -- One Huge Racist

Stephen Izzo
-- the guy who got his ass kicked -- took to the Internet after the episode aired ... and typed the following disgusting tirade:

"lets get something straight what u didnt see is i never fought ronnie i was fighting...those N**GER bouncers when that bitch ran over and snuck me..then got stomped out by those 3 n**gers as he ran away."

Izzo also uses several other slurs in various updates to his profile, including the word "mulian" ... which is a misspelled racist Italian-American term for Black people.

UPDATE: Izzo tells TMZ, "First of all these guys pushed my female friend on the ground. But I was on a show that uses the derogatory slang word for Italians, 'guido.' I am not a racist, I was using a slang word just the same as the way guido is used on the show."


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That dope should have been knocked out again......what a loser

1734 days ago


"What Italians like blacks?" What an ignorant statement. I'm going to wipe the slate clean with you stupid humans, just like I did with the dinosaurs.

1734 days ago

A Person    

A bunch of ignorant, ghetto comments in here. And yes - you can be ghetto without being black.
Glad he got punched.

1734 days ago


Y'know, when I check in w/ TMZ I always feel like I need a long, hot shower afterwards. This place is a cesspool of ignorance........but thanks to all the good people who weigh in. Takes some of the stink off of it........

1734 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

To vangroovy - the truth hurts, don't it? Why do you think I'm racist when I'm black and tell the truth about my own race. Maybe I should have used the word most. Call me what you want, but there is truth in what I say. I'm not saying white is right, but I'm not going to hide behind the fact that my own race hides behind past atrocities and excuses. Oh my, he writes like a white man so he must be white and a racist.

1734 days ago

nuggets fan    

enough of the grease balls.

i bet that Snooki can be fisted she is so used

1734 days ago


It's hilarious that he's talking this junk behind his computer screen, why not in their face? BIG P-U-S-S-Y! lol

1734 days ago



Is that a statement or a definition?

1734 days ago


Its all good, that's what a chap does when he cant get his way, resort to name calling. Bet that sissy wont say it to their face. Easy to type while at your home on a computer, try saying it to their faces. Coward!!!!

1734 days ago


Harvey: Please take note of #121. This entry epitomizes TMZ. Aren't you proud?

1734 days ago


I hope I meet this guy one day...I'm about 5 ft tall (probably the height of his wrinkled tiny vienna sausage) and this little "n-word" will pop him so hard in his nuts he'll think he's black when they swell up.

1734 days ago

Aussie chick    

What a wanka

1733 days ago

#645732 - Cell Block H    

To Tricia the black chick - Ha hahahahah!!! That's the funniest post on this site. He'll think he's black when his balls swell up. Priceless.

1733 days ago


Low class ignorant trash has a limited vocabulary so what else would anyone expect? He probably can't spell one of the vulgar words that comes out of his mouth. So glad a black guy bashed his face in like the little punk boy he is.

I saw an interview with the Jersey Shore crew and they sound so ignorant with those gutter low class New Jersey accents.

1733 days ago


He is so full of caca, EVERYONE who saw that fight saw RONNIE hit him and knock him down, STRAIGHT UP. What a piece of crap.

1733 days ago
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