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Slash Gear Banned from Guns N' Roses Concert

1/24/2010 9:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

SlashGuns N' Roses fans were forced to take sides in the legendary war between Axl Rose and Slash -- after security at a recent GNR show banned fans from wearing Slash gear inside the show.

It all went down at the GNR show in Canada last Wednesday -- concert security informed fans that they were required to turn their Slash t-shirts inside out .... and leave their top hats outside.

TMZ spoke with a member of the concert security team who confirmed the marching orders -- and told us the instructions were passed down from a producer for the band.

We're told a few fans took the high road and went home ... but most just sucked it up and did what they were told.


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Axl made G&R with his voice and stage presence, however, he also ruined the band with his homophobic, childish, woman beating, paranoia.
He made his own bed, and is now an overweight, buckethead loving, woman beating, egotistical pig. Hell, he even lost his soul as far as singing goes.
Fat loser

1697 days ago


Check out this video. Nice!

Strong message here from the TEA PARTY movement. This really is non
political, but a strong message to congress, senate and

Hope you enjoy this. America Rising:

1697 days ago


I don't know why Axl is being such a bitch and child towards Slash. It was Axl's fault the band broke up when he bullied the other members into giving him 100% ownership of the band

1697 days ago


8. ephman, how's that healthcare system going? Good to know.

Posted at 12:57AM on Jan 24th 2010 by chowsa


It's looking up because the state of Massachusetts just elected someone that is the swing vote and they promised to vote the purposed health care down.

It is awesome news because we don't need or want the Canadians failed health care system.

1697 days ago


Axel is such a baby bi atch.......

1697 days ago


If this is true.... it's CRAZY. No more would I turn around a statement shirt OR dump a hat I wore in honor of a past band member than kiss AXL, and I definately WOULDN'T do that!

I too would have been OUTTA THERE! Just the fact that they would even ask such a thing is again CRAZY!

1697 days ago


I can't wait for the announcement that Brad and Ang have split. LMFAO at the people that think the rep is telling the truth.

They haven't been seen together in 3 weeks!! They skipped the golden globes while Brad sat in NO and Ang in LA. Neither were working. Tick Tock.

1697 days ago


axel rose is a punk,iw ouldnt pay to see him with his loser attitude, he is a cry baby a whiner, wah wah wah axle,acting like a spolied lil girl, what a punk his band is nothing and never will be without slash, slashes guitar work made that band

1696 days ago


This band is nothing without Slash. Totally nothing. Go away axelhole, you're has-been.

1696 days ago

marc armada    

uh.. the band that's onstage.... Steel Panther? They play the HOB on Monday nights in LA.

1696 days ago


Um, considering Canada is actually BIGGER THAN THE U.S. it would be nice if you were a bit more specific about where this went down, since "Canada" could mean anywhere... Thank you!

1696 days ago


*sigh* Axl, Axl, Axl. You still can't get it thru your thick skull that the band you're trying to pass of as GNR, isn't. Not by a long stretch. GNR died 20 years ago.

Slash is,IMHO, one of the best musicians of this generation. While you seem to have trouble even showing up at concerts, Slash actually shows up at each concert. He is a damned fine professional, something that you seem unable to achieve.

It amazes me that you would stoop to something so petty as to ban any Slash items from your show/fiasco. Jealousy's a bitch isn't it, Axl.

1696 days ago


A. Slash IS Guns n Roses
B. I didn't know they still had any fans
c. I would have told them to cram it

1696 days ago


Go Axl, go! Slash kicks ass and let live.

1696 days ago


ok... this was a concert in WINNIPEG, MB... and i believe that the fans have a right to wear whatever it is that they want!! i mean, c'mon... grow up Axl!! It wasnt stipulated on the tickets or where they got the tickets that they would be denied entry if they dressed like Slash or wore anything with his likeness on it... so legally, all the fans are able to sue his ass!!

1696 days ago
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