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Pauly D's DJ Fee -- Spinning Out of Control

1/28/2010 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pauly D isn't just trying to land $10,000 an episode for Season Two of "Jersey Shore" -- it's also become his going rate for a night's work on the turntables.

Pauly D
TMZ has learned the Cadillac tattooed "guido" is trying to solidify DJing residencies across the country. His plan: To provide the fist pump soundtrack once every six weeks at three different clubs -- for anywhere between $10,000-$25,000 a gig.

FYI -- Before becoming The Situation's summertime wingman, Pauly D was pulling in $1,000 a night, 4-5 nights a week in Providence, RI.


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Im from RI, I know all of the DJ'S there... and I also know that he was NOT making anywhere close to that. He was making maybe 100-200 hundred a night at the most!!!

1693 days ago


Why anyone would pay someone $10,000 o $25,000 just to put a CD on the track never ceases to amaze me. I mean.....this is something a trained Monkey can do. And I believe It'd be a damn site more exciting to watch.

1693 days ago


I don't know about RI but down here in Miami, working at clubs is VERY lucrative. My friend who works as a bartender pulls in 1000 a night fridays and saturdays, and the dj's make that easily! Some people here were saying that Pauly D prob made 100 a night. That would be hysterical, because down here that is what the hostess makes, and in some places thats not even including tips.

1693 days ago

DJ TJ    

ha ha some of these people make me laugh Pauly D is a good DJ and all of the people hating on him are obviously DJs who cant make the rate he is getting because they don't know how to market themselves or put themselves in situations to get paid this amount, I have been in the club scene for about 17 years and i can tell a great DJ from a tape deck DJ for instance RI/Boston have a great unsigned DJ name DJ DIRTY DEK he is one of the best DJs of this day and age the guy has natural talent ...another great DJ is DJ Bizzy from LA he has made this his passion and it shows ,there are over 10,000 DJs per state so we don't have a shortage but what we do have is lack of knowledge on how to put yourself in a position to make things happen (I.E) networking!There is One DJ who is on her way up the ranks because she is so good at networking her name is DJ SHY she is also from LA and a male DJ named DJ Mike Palmeri they make people believe in them because they become a product that people need they create a desire just as Pauly D has done he is now a product so hate all you want but truth of the matter is you are jealous and it shows...I think he has paid his dues in the DJ scene if he was spinning 6 nights a week let the kid breath a little and enjoy his glory because if it was you in his shoes you would want the same thing. PEREZ HILTON aka TJ!

1693 days ago


I have been laughing about this for weeks. What about the night JWOW was in town, and they had to close Forbidden City because nobody went?

He is a clown, and everyone has been making fun of him locally for years. There are tons of DJs I would put above him.

But I can't argue with being paid.

1693 days ago


I love Paulie D. he is a doll baby!

1693 days ago

Mr. Q    

DJ's are not worth $10,000 a night. Your getting paid to do nothing but spin other peoples music. It's lame, and your doing nothing but exploiting musicians who deserve the money! HIRE A BAND!!!

1693 days ago

RI Promoter    

First of all I want to make it clear that I have paid Pauly D to dj at a bar before in RI, and let me tell you.. he made $150 and this was the week before the show aired on MTV.. he would undercut dj's just to get the spot and those dj's were making $200 a wtf are people talking about making $1000 a night..

Yeah right there is not 1 DJ in RI that makes that at ANY spot!!!! Trust me that kid wasn't making even a grand in a week... so please get your fact's straight!

1693 days ago


This is such an A-Hole move by TMZ when they were on the live internet show with Harvey Pauly D wasn't interested in upping his price he was just content on going back to Jersey after this was all over and keep on DJing but Harvey was no-no this is what you got to do Samatha Ronson gets this much now I don't know if he did but on air he said that after the show he was going to tell them what to do now that he did exactly what Harvey told him to do on the air at leat TMZ turns around and trashes him for it like hes golddigger that has an ego.

1693 days ago

DJ TJ    

I got ywo words for you people LARRY RUDOLPH !!!

1693 days ago


This kid is full of it. I had never even heard of him before the Jersey Shore and I am SURE my friends from Providence and the surrounding areas will attest to it: He is a poser!

1693 days ago

DJ TJ    

Dene` who has ever heard of you? i know Pauly D is getting paid while you sit here and hate on him ! Poser ??? HA HA how is someone a poser if they said they DJ at clubs in a city if you read some of the previous statements you will see that people have hired him so i don't think that is a poser ... a poser is someone like you who thinks that they are someone they aren't so before you go making juvenile statements have some facts ...

1693 days ago


DJ TJ, I am not a DJ, you idiot. And I am not posing to be something I am not.

Sorry you are wet for Pauly D, but that is your problem, not mine.

1692 days ago


Hey TJ, why don't you sit back and realize that every single piece of talent in this state is a bigger DJ then this joke. I can name 10 DJs that play all over the place, before this kid ever broke it out of RI. If it was not for MTV he would still be begging every local promoter for gigs. I agree Dek is a stud. In the state of RI you have DJs like Mike Hoska, Osheen, Jack McDevitt, Jared D, Jeff LeClair, Derek The Prince, Lonnie White... the list goes on and on and on. All I had to do was google nights happening in RI this week and boom, look what I found. And I know all of these guys have played other places far outside of RI. So sit back and act like the keyboard commando you are. Paulie will let you give him a handy in person too.

1692 days ago

DJ TJ    

Dirty Dek rules the whole DJ scene in NEWENGLAND Pauly is a DJ that gets paid 10k these are all facts what you state are opinions and since every DJ you named only has street credit in RI they are not as respected as Pauly ...i mean c'mon Pditty hired him over THOUSANDS OF other DJs so he cant be that bad but it always is harder to do your job when you have 5 million people praying on you to seems your jealous because you will be stuck in RI for the rest of your life spinning for the same clubs that you suck nuts for spinning everyone else stuff since you aren't good enough for MTV to pick you for a show ha ha ha and i will stay here being a KEYBOARD commando stating facts and never hating on people that made it because i didn't

1692 days ago
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