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Renee Zellweger Car Crash at Bradley Cooper's

1/28/2010 2:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Renee Zellweger got nailed today in Pacific Palisades.

For some reason Renee was visiting Bradley Cooper's new house sometime before 9 AM. Bradley hasn't even moved in yet and he was nowhere in sight.

Renee parked her Prius on the street and got out. When she eventually returned to the car at 9, she opened the driver's door to get in, when an elderly woman in a BMW almost took Renee and the door out.

Renee was unscathed but her door got nailed.

Fifteen minutes later Bradley showed up and Renee hitched a ride.


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she is so neurotic about she can see nothing is under her control

1726 days ago


this had to be the same time she and cooper were going to see the new property look how she is dressed.same exact clothes unless she just let herself go doesnt change or clean herself up.

1726 days ago


The problem was she was driving a toyota!!

1726 days ago


How about looking before throwing your door open bean dip.

And Bradley, seriously? Renee Z? Bro, you can have your pick, throw her back. Quickly!

1726 days ago


Maybe if she stopped squinting for just one second, she'd be a little more cognizant of her surroundings. Just sayin'.

1726 days ago

Woody McBreairty    

I see this happen so often to careless thoughtless people who suddenly fling their driver's side door open into oncoming traffic.
Anyone who performs such a dangerous act needs a brain check. If the door is in the way of an oncoming car, it's going to get hit. This is not rocket science. Makes me wonder in what other ways their driving endangers others, as well as themselves.

1726 days ago



It may depend on state law but I believe the person opening thier door is at fault for instigating an accident.
1) Is this the case in California?
2) What was the damage to the BMW X5?
3) Was Renee having a senior moment?

1726 days ago


OMG look at her legs. They are disturbingly skinny. I can see her bones right through the skin. Someone's anorexic.

1726 days ago


that is also the law here in NY as well.

1726 days ago


Most streets should be wide enough for a driver to safely open there door. She is not driving something overly big like umm a semi. She is parked within the limit of the side of the street edge.
If the street was to narrow where a accident would happen they would make it no parking.

It would have been nice if they got a pic of the street but after paying claims for 10 years my money is on the BMW at fault. Old people love to hug the gutter.

1726 days ago


I wish she go shopping at Old Navy or something. Those sweats are skanky.

1726 days ago


But the bad thing is she bought that hunk of junk to save the world but its worst than my dodge truck. They use more crap that kills the earth just to save a little gas than just about any used car out there.

Now this thing will be totaled out if the piller is damaged and its a waste. All that rare metals to make the batteries that is extremely toxic. hell now she will be stupid and go buy a new one.

If she was smart she would get a jetta or audi tdi and get the same mpg and 10 of them are less toxic to the earth as one yota.

1726 days ago



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1726 days ago


Good one(s), Spawn.

1726 days ago

Wanda W.    

Never cared for this one . She always seems untalented, bland and boring. Kind of like that friend of yours that your hard pressed to find a date for.A brides maid,but never a bride kind of thing. Also not that much to look at either.

1726 days ago
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