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Rachel Uchitel -- Mistresses Have Birthdays Too

1/30/2010 4:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' main woman he's not married to, Rachel Uchitel, celebrated her birthday in West Palm Beach, Fla. last night.


Uchitel partied it up at Pistache, a French bistro that we're told is run by a Uchitel family friend.

Rachel had originally planned a big bash at a Palm Beach club -- but opted against it when word got out.


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Fred Farkel    

I may as well bring it up since I have seen no reference to it lately... plus I just LOVE pissing off the b!tches anyway...


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to comprehend that Elin is NOT putting out. And unfortunately, Tiger is a horny male.

So therefore... we male humans with 3 digit IQs can easily deduce that he simply will shop elsewhere.

Why, you ask?

Because HE CAN.

Rock star, porn star, movie star, television star, sport star... THEY CAN DO AS THEY PLEASE because that's just the way it is. And if you don't like that lifestyle... THEN WHY WOULD YOU MARRY INTO IT???

And while were on the subject of women who just don't get it... please ladies, allow me to repeat "the list" to keep a man happy(not necessarily in order):


Throw away your damn self-help books ladies.


Now shutup and do as I say. What's the worst thing that can happen to you from making your man happy???

Oh yeah. That's right.

Silly me.

It's YOU LADIES that cannot ever be happy now isn't it???? And we men that continue to waste our lives trying to hit that moving target.


1636 days ago

rex kramer    

What's better than a perfect 10? (ELIN)

A 7 that swallows.(All of the other skanks)

1636 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Here's another bit of Uncle Fred's **free** wisdom of the ages.

Ladies? You know that you are ugly and worthless to the world if you occasionally use the phrase:


That's the givaway that you are neither STRONG, nor FEMININE, nor DESIRABLE... and typically, you are a PARASITE at the office.


You "STRONG" women... can't find your way out of a paper bag and suck the world dry with your hatred toward the woman who get what you do not have.

And typically... that is referred to as GETTING A LIFE.

Thank you ladies.

Now it's Uncle Fred's nap time.

1636 days ago


Hey 14 that tan aint from being outside! And shes smoking and drinking. TRASHY & TACKY & STUPIDLY TAN!!!

1636 days ago


hope you didn't have a happy birthday you home wrecking slut

1636 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

To all of you saying that tranny is HOT . Yeah she's so hot she's gonna end in HELL lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1636 days ago


How many hundreds of women actually turned down the advances of this lamo excuse for a man? This ass-clown is out of control, what with his weiner-wagging, "I'm Tiger" ego.
Sex addiction!!! another name for disgusting, lying, cheating, douchebag...and to think, there are actually dumbasses trying to defend this piece of crap and blame everything on the very women he accosted...
The difference between him and Rush Limbaugh is that Rush hits on young boys. Oh, and the drugs may be a little different, except for Vicodins. A common thread.

1636 days ago


I think she's beautiful.

BUT, I do think she has serious issues if she thinks it's all right to be doing what she's doing with married men. Tiger Woods isn't the only married man she's been linked to. Not someone I'd particularly want as a friend.

That aside, I laugh at all these comments about what a whore/tramp/skank etc. she is, and also the comments about hous Tiger's just a man who lost his way. WTF?

I agree, she's not innocent here, but what about the fact Tiger was the married one? If he wanted to behave like a ho, why get married?

1636 days ago


I`am amazed that a whore sleeps with a married man and you become famous

1636 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

"I've been very lucky to have just a fantastic wife who has been just tremendous with our kids" Tiger Woods November 2009.
Well Mr Woods if only what you said was what you did. You never respected your wife and more disgusting your kids. How can a man do that to his own children is beyond me ?
Learning that you fell for this piece of trash who was only with you for your money is PATHETIC. I thought you were one of a kind classy guy who had everything for him but you fooled everybody including your poor family who will endure forever the consequences of your miserable actions.
Whatever you do in the future you will NEVER EVER be seen again like you were used to. You can win all the tournaments in the world, becoming the greatest golfer ever but you will be a very lonely and sad man. You will look at your trophies and something will be deeply missed : YOUR FAMILY. When you lose your family Mr Woods well you have lost everything that really matters in the world. Sad story indeed but you are the only one to blame for this.
You betrayed, humiliated, hurt the only people you should have cared most. You acted like a spoiled child and never realized what was at risk. Your children should not take you for a role model that's for sure and this is probably what is going to be the greatest heartache of your life. Good luck Mr Woods because you sure will need !!!

1636 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

I am a guy and sincerely this "woman" is ugly. I totally agree that everything is fake with her.
Sleeping with married men is something she learned to do very well. But she prefers famous married men because she can cash in.
Don't worry HOOKER - did you hear this I say HOOKER - Karma is waiting for you !!!! And you will deserve everything bad coming to you. Now go away we don't want to see your disgusting face anymore.

1636 days ago


fred farkel,

Happy to see ur sex chane op went well. Now you can masturbate to Tiger without worrying about being called gay?

1636 days ago


If it is true that Rachel Uchitel had a police escort, what do the taxpayers of Florida think of that? I think this home wrecking woman has had her l5 minutes of fame. And she has the gawl to say she doesn't like media attention!

1636 days ago


When she is in her 40's and past child bearing age and no man wants nothing to do with her - she will wake up. She is wasting the years of her life where she should be married and bringing up children. But noooo she is blinded by the glitz and money. Never understood why a woman would rather be a whore than a wife. Elin is set for life either way if she stays with Tiger or not. This one gets a few trips to fancy motels, lines of coke, and free meals and booze that will never last.

1636 days ago


Are those the only people that showed up!!! lol!!!

1636 days ago
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