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'Jersey Shore' Cast -- All for One, One for All

1/31/2010 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jersey ShoreThe "Jersey Shore" cast will all be paid the same for season 2 of the MTV show, sources connected with the negotiations tell TMZ.

We're told it was important the producers wanted to avoid infighting among the cast ... at least on the subject of money -- so Pauly D, The Situation, Snooki and the gang will all be paid exactly the same.

As we first reported, the cast negotiated their deals like the cast of "Friends" -- either they all got paid the same ... or nobody got paid.

We already posted that Vinnie took the $10,000 per episode offer, so we're assuming the price was right for the rest of the cast as well.

A rep for MTV had no comment.


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I am not offended by this show and I am half italian. What I am a little bit offended by is that these no talent dime a dozen wannabe's are calling themselves celebrities. That term is so loosely used these days. I dont think they even rank at D list celeb's. They are like Paris Hilton. Known for doing nothing and not even that good looking in the first place. Yah, it's kinda entertaining to watch but only cause they are such arrogant bastards and I want to see them get burned. In a few years we wont even remember them. Anyone who pays these people 10,000 for an apperance is a dumba**. MTV will make a lot of money off them but these clubs and sh*t? I guess the market for "celebs" at these places is pretty desperate to hire these people. lol. They are funny to make fun of though.

1696 days ago


just another bunch of loopy nut jobs from upstate New York, pretending to be from Jersey. Check out the Chelsea Lately show they did...every single one admitted to being from NY. Just another bowl of f***, as my REAL Jersey buddy would say. Losers.

1696 days ago

Good Girl    

Since when does REALITY TV pay? I thought only scripted sitcoms paid money to the actors who were in the show. So does this mean Jersey Shore is scripted and isn't reality? I'm just sayin...

1696 days ago


A group of retards.

1696 days ago


They paid the cast less than other "reality shows" because they know they need the $$$ to bail them out of jail and pay off the owners of businesses that the cast trashes!

And people think Leno is a waste of air time.....

1696 days ago


I wonder if the midget and jwoww will lose any weight for the show this time around?

1696 days ago

Politico Pablo    

These salary increases will make the show become even more scripted by producers, and the reality aspect of the show will suffer as well as it's ratings.

1696 days ago


Nobody watched mtv anyway. It's retard tv.

1696 days ago


With these stupid pictures TMA keeps running, I can't help but wonder what these douchebags look like if they didn't take steroids.

1696 days ago


love how people come on here,and say how much the show sucks....5.5 mil-people watched the last someone must like it!haha.I guess they win!!!!!!!!!!!!

1695 days ago


Well look like yet another fake reality show is coming back for another season. I guess they can't fist pump enough to stop being fake. i hope the show bombs so these wannabe Tony Sopranos get kicked off the air.

1695 days ago

chicken head    

good! pay the retards! phony bastards!!!

1695 days ago


You morons keep on talking about them being from NJ. Three of them are from the greaseball breeding pit that is Staten Island. Take a visit to the Staten Island mall to see the orange skinned italian in its natural habitat. Two of them come from white bread upstate New York. One is from even whiter Road Island. Only one comes from a working class part of the country The Bronx. Sammi is from NJ. Granted NJ does suck however these retards are not what you will find if you visit the towns and suburbs of NJ.

1695 days ago


I talked to pauly d yesterday he has toll free phone number that he actually answers lol he sounds funny ..anyway it's 1-866-909-2237 say something funny and he will talk to you.

1695 days ago

Once white trash always WT    

2nd seasons don't work. They all know the deal and now will all be plugging garbage of their own and trying to do things and not spontanious. Spooki will be fatter and uglier along with the other meatballs. The only good thing would be to see them take a beating instead of punchin out drunks. They are targets now. Tanning, weight lifting, snipping eyebrows and drinking and that's he guys!. Sounds more like fire island!

1695 days ago
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