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'Idol' Judge Accused of Stealing Dance Show

2/3/2010 2:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Randy Jackson 'Idol' JudgeRandy Jackson isn't used to stealing the show -- but according to a new lawsuit, that's exactly what he did with "America's Best Dance Crew."

The Dawg and MTV are being sued by a guy named Dwight McGhee -- who claims the two powerhouses ripped off his idea for a reality show about a dance crew ... called "International Breakerz League."

According to the lawsuit, filed last week in L.A. County Superior Court, McGhee claims he pitched his show idea -- which he calls "uncannily similar" to ABDC -- to MTV back in 2004.

Fast forward four years later: ABDC premieres on MTV ... and McGhee is pissed, claiming he and MTV struck an "implied" contract when he pitched his concept.

Now, McGhee wants Randy and MTV to pay more than $2,000,000 for his trouble. Good luck with that.

No immediate comment from Jackson or MTV.


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Elizabeth (#WBWord)    

"This is not the first time that celebrities encounter a situation such as this one. I love this show and I hope that the outcome of this problem doesn't affect the show." Elizabeth (#WBWord)

1704 days ago


I need sponcership in my academic by Mr Randy Jackson and his
Crew so that i dont sit down because of tution problem

1698 days ago


LOL love the first sentence and the overall sarcasm on this site. I love the good grammar and correct spelling too...the lack of those is how perez lost a reader.

1722 days ago

Buck Farack    

Geez aren't there ANY new ideas out there for a friggin TV show?

1722 days ago


You can't steal intellectual property either Randy. If he did pitch this to you, you owe the money, pay up!

1722 days ago


Not a fan of the name, but if randy and MTV stole this mans idea(thinking they could get away with it just by changing the title) than that is wrong and they should pay this man his money.
(You hear these stories all the , big wigs stealing ideas from the little man.) ugggh...

1722 days ago

chris duke    

yo i been boyz with dwight get at me on face book holla at me

1721 days ago


Are you serious? you know how many shows are like this out there?! In that case he should sue So you think you can dance and Dancing with the stars...MAN GET OUTTA HERE. He just want money. If anything Randy took the idea from American Idol. This is what Randy probably said...'You know what dawg....there should be another show right, with three judges in all,but instead of singing it will be dancing."

1721 days ago

josh ogden    

Dwight McGhee is Chalie Kane on myspace. I went to high school with him. I saw his presentation demo that he gave to Mtv. He should post it and let doubters decide.

1721 days ago

Richard Font    

I heard the idea of ABDC was stolen from Dwight. I heard it through the grapevine that Dwight Mcghee has all his ducks in a row. A friend of mine told me years ago that Dwight has this idea. Maybe they didn't take him seriously. Were all behind you Dwight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1721 days ago

duke inc    

his whole idea was stolen so he has the edge

1721 days ago


So once again someone has a perfect idea...choses to trust someone for some 'expert' feedback. And that 'expert' choses to take the idea and make it their own. Its sickening to think how often that goes on; however, someone needs to stand up and fight. Good for Mr. McGhee for standing up for himself and trying to protect what is left of his idea at this point. If someone paint a expensive work of art, is it okay if i take it from them and put my name on it and sell it?! No differnece here. Plus, who know what other genius ideas may have come from this person who is no longer given a voice because it was "STOLEN"!! MTV, CANT SAY IM SURPRISED TO SEE THIS BEHAVIOR FROM YOU. But due to your status...It is YOUR responsibility to set and example because you have the power to do so. Why dont you try "doing whats right" (theres a novel idea...and your welcome to steal that if you want). As for Mr. Jackson..."not cool DOG". What is wrong with you?!

1721 days ago


I wouldn't doubt it, the little people are always getting screwed. I wouldn't pitch an idea to anyone about anything without somehow have it notarized and verified ahead of time. So when something like this happens, you have proof.

1721 days ago


Okay, So seriously. Lets get this all settled.!I have known Dwight for 8 years now he came up with this show when I was 7 years old. I remember watching it in my living room on my TV.! Just because Randy Jackson is a "big" celebrity doesn't mean anything at all. That doesn't give him the right to do what he did. And as for the person that has a 6 next to there post Dwight has money. Why would someone do all of this for money.? Get real. I know were in a recession and all but its not that bad for someone to make this up. Ya'll just need to realize that Randy Jackson is a lier. Dwight is to much of a real person to go and lie and try to take someone elses show. If it wasn't true in the first place he would't even waiste his time. Its much to valuable for immature stuff. If Randy would just admit to it everything would be okay. In my opinion ABDC should be cancelled Dwight's should be started and he should get his money if not more. PAY UP RANDY.!

1720 days ago


who cares. this will be the last round for the show AIdol. when any show starts to bring so called celebs to co or guest host, it's over.

1720 days ago
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