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Kate Walsh Scores in Divorce Settlement

2/5/2010 4:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Walsh has settled her nasty divorce with Alex Young, and Kate did pretty well for herself ... sources tell TMZ.

Kate Walsh: Click to watch
We got this video of the "Private Practice" star leaving court late yesterday with her lawyer, disso queen Laura Wasser. Walsh and Young were in court all day hashing out the settlement.

Here's what TMZ knows: Alex wanted several million bucks, but according to the court documents, he ended up with $627,000 for his share of the community property. Alex wanted spousal support but was shut down by the judge. Kate gets the house. They split the artwork and furniture.

Alex also gets half the residuals for the "Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice" episodes Kate filmed while they were married.

There are mutual restraining orders prohibiting each from harassing the other.

Mind you ... they only lived together as husband and wife for 14 months.


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**** ain't free

1689 days ago


You are a freakin' RETARD

1689 days ago


Sounds like HE scored. Not that she isn't going to continue earning big dollars, but 1/2 the value of the house, and half the residuals for 14 months of marriage?

1689 days ago


Another Arizona bitch you can't trust. I haven't found one sane one yet in this state.

1689 days ago

South Beach    

YAY Kate! This loser got what was coming per CA law, and not a cent more, awesome. Spouse support at 14 months? Not a chance unless a prenup says so. 10 years+ for the average folks in CA to try to claim support. He got lucky in a community property state, in FL he would have gotten less.

GO Kate, forget you ever knew the loser.

1689 days ago


14 MONTHS? Sounds like he did pretty good.

1688 days ago

D. Frye    

Whoever does the voice-over commentary on the TMZ show is a complete IDIOT! The whole spiel about how hot Kate Walsh's attorney is was completely moronic...

1688 days ago


I'm sorry but what did this guy do to deserve any money? Residuals for a show his wife does that he didn't appear on? That is utter B.S. and that community property in California has to be one of the most ridiculous divorce laws on the books. Same way Tiger Woods wife is thinking of filing divorce in California. What did she bring to the marriage that had anything to do with his earning potential as a golfer? NOTHING!!! Regardless of whether the man makes the money or the woman makes the money, I do not agree with this splitting of the assets nonsense. All of that "accustomed to a certain lifestyle" crap is just that...crap.

I feel sorry for the women who are in marriages who don't work, have nothing in their name, are raising multiple children, and who have a husband who is controlling and beats the crap out of them with no way out. They can't hire some fancy divorce lawyer because they are barely making ends meet. Many of these women aren't educated and wouldn't be able to leave and support themselves. Ugh....this stuff gets on my nerves. I'm sure there are some men out there whose wives are the bread winners and don't have to deal more with verbal abuse rather than physical as well. But mostly its women who are trapped. In the end, I say good for Kate because what did this guy do to deserve half of what she has? He's lucky he ended up with over $600,000. He better take his check and keep it moving.

1688 days ago


And they label women as gold diggers. A 14 month marriage and he wants millions plus spousal support, for what? She busts her butt on two tv shows and he wants to live the fantasy dream forever. He had his chance and $600k is enough for him. Leave some money for the next guy to suck from her. Damn greedy ex-husbands make me sick!

1688 days ago


There are straight men who would gladly shack up as OJ Simpson's love bunny for 14 months, in his cozy prison chalet, for $600,000!!

1688 days ago


wasn't the guy like a big executive or something?

1688 days ago


I agree with #13. If she had been the one seeking spousal support, she would have gotten it. He got the absolute minimum required by law, because he has a penis. It's nearly the inverse of 50 years ago (when women had very little rights in divorces). Men and women are both adults who make decisions, good and bad. Let's treat them both as such.

1688 days ago
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