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Middle Finger Mea Culpa

2/5/2010 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

SnookiSnooki apparently regrets flipping the bird at the city of Philadelphia this morning -- and is now apologizing for her fowl finger.

The "Jersey Shore" star just apologized on her Twitter, posting "
Sorry philly for the reaction this morning I got caught up in the moment and wing bowl is nuts!"

As we previously reported, Snickers' colorful sign language was in reaction to the crowd booing her while entering the Wing Bowl.


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yep thats trash

1717 days ago


Is Snookie a midget? People say she is short, but her body shouts little person.

1717 days ago

Philly Celeb    

I was at the 610 Wip radio Wingbowl 18 and stood next to that little M & M of a white trash BITCH. She was hit in the head with a Philly NOT so soft pretzel. When Jen Fredrick from Fox 29 asked her the question what she thought of Philadelphia and gave the finger on LIVE TV it just goes to show how little class she has and that her IQ can be counted on one finger. If you know what the Wingbowl is all about, then maybe if she would have flashed her breast like most of the girls who show up at 5 am in the morning she would have gotten a better welcome to Philly. Only in Philly can people get up at 3 am to see a chicken wing eating contest, drink beer and throw one of the best Pre-Superbowl parties in the WORLD. When asked why we do this .... for the last 18 years the E-A-G-L-E-S have not won a Superbowl, and Philly is a football town. So plan to come to Philly next year where you can see a guy eat 238 chicken wings in 30 Mins. because the E-A-G-L-E-S don't look so good to win a Superbowl some time soon, but we still love them, and we know how to party. Just keep the Snookie's at the beach and the real party to the people in Philly. Snookie is more like what a cat would leave behind in the sand.

1717 days ago


Ok, if they're going to a location of their choice, the show really should no longer be called Jersey Shore. I, for one, am from Jersey, and am appalled that people like these numbnuts, who aren't even really from Jersey, are giving the rest of the country the impression that that's what the rest of us here in Jersey are like. Besides, smart Jersey people go to Ocean City, MD!!! They will get eaten alive wherever they go (thanks to Sherry for stating that obvious fact).

1717 days ago

who cares    

As an Italian -American i can honestly say i want to knock out these wanna be degos . They are the greesey 80's dumasses i remember as a kid having to see at yearly Italian family functions....Mtv/vh1 must really be desperate to have a show with these no talent morons. I think that snookie chick looks like a FAT wish troll...My two yr old daughter could kick her ass, she fights like a 5 yr old. I would LOVE to run into one of these RETARDS and tell them how i really feel ...

1717 days ago



1717 days ago

Philly Celeb    

The one comment that was said a lot at Wingbowl 18 about Miss little M & M was she needed to get hit again in the face. Now I don't believe in violence but in this case. That guy who hit her on season 1 did all the people in Philadelphia watching at home even the kids watching the live TV news a big favor. What happens next season to Miss M & M. This should be interesting. By the way little Miss M & M (Snookie) YOU ARE NOT WELCOME in Philly again. Michael Nutter will see to that and the FCC should be informed of your classless finger.

1717 days ago


Jersey Shore - The largest piece of tangible evidence so far in 2010 of the rapid and complete collapse of American civilization. I wish your country luck - you're gonna need it!

1717 days ago

carl c    

This bitch is ugly and needs to go away! nasty rotten crotch whore

1717 days ago



1717 days ago


MTV really needs to replace this trashy girl, that nobody wants to see. Bring in some fresh faces to season 2.

Hobbit looking midget.

1717 days ago


Snookie is just too fine! You keep doing what your doing baby doll and remember, "The people that hate you are just mad because they ain't you!"

1717 days ago


You can take the trash out of Jersey, but the trash will always remain with this Jersey skank. She is a greasy meatball with legs.
Her parents must be oh so proud of their little girl.
The other cast members are OK. But this skeezer is just plain rude and does not know when to stop. No class, no manners. Note to failed big time.

1717 days ago

k von b!tch    

If dat fat tub of lard every came and tried to talk the "tough girl ish", anyone in Philly would probably slap her. Skank, your ten minutes is up.

1717 days ago
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