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Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Sue over Split Story

2/8/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will sue News of the World for reporting the couple was splitting up.

It's pretty clear News of the World was wrong. Exhibit A: This pic of the couple making out at the Super Bowl.

The tabloid published a report January 24 that Pitt and Jolie had called it quits and agreed to custody and property division.

The London lawyers for Pitt and Jolie, Keith Schillings, called the report a "false and intrusive allegation."

Schillings said News of the World refused to retract the story.


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Oh yeah- the super bowl always has that effect on me...Not.

1717 days ago


I agree with you, Lola.

1717 days ago


Good for them. I hope they are happy forever.

You haters are just jealous. I totally kiss my very hot husband like that in public and I don't care, ESPECIALLY if his team wins!

Instead of hating people who do GOOD in this world, why don't you look at your lame lives and see why no one loves YOU?

1717 days ago


These two are totally disgusting.
She's a slut and he's a jerk-off.

1717 days ago


Heck, I'd sue too ! They have kids and rumors like that can totally reach the children via other kids they're in school with. Who wants to hear from other people that their parents are splitting up? These magazines need to be taught a lesson. So, suing is completely their prerogative. now stop hating, they love each other and you guys just can't take it!

1717 days ago


he does look like the wolfman, they both looked so unkept and most untidy; that looks like one big fake kiss, if ever i saw one, nothing affectionate about it, totally staged; and their son is right there! how gross is that!

1717 days ago


Oh come on! They are putting on a show. I am proud of NOTW for refusing to retract the report. It's TRUE. They are just doing what he and Jen Aniston did right before they split up.--Doing a public snog to make sure everyone thinks it's all good. They staged that in order to have a quiet separation that no one would see coming until it was almost over. Didn't work out that way for him and Jen, but this is the same thing, and without a need to file messy divorce proceedings, it could well work in this case. --Clearly they have TMZ buying it. Anyway, Angelina is vile. Not that he is any prize, mind you. In a pinch, I'd take his company over hers, but only just.

1717 days ago


Glad to hear that Angelina and Brad are suing that awful tabloid: it was an intrusive allegation. How would the tab know what they were doing at the attorney's? That is attorney-client privilege. Anyone with kids (Do they have six? I've lost count.) must have estate plans that are constantly updated with an attorney — to protect the children. Jarring rumors probably scare and upset the Pitt-Jolie children, the oldest of whom — both adopted — must be aware of the spin if they use the Internet.
Disclosure: I am not a fan of Brad, Angelina ... or Ms. Aniston.

1717 days ago

Money Talks    

Doesn't that kiss remind you of the kiss Brat forcibly planted on Jennifer Aniston's lips three days before announcing their separation ? Jennifer looked very reluctant to participate in that false embrace, she knew too well he was having an affair already with his leading lady. She should have slapped his face hard or better yet chase him with a golf club.

1717 days ago


not to mention perfect timing with more carefree Aniston bikini pictures released today! Its a cycle with Angelina, she is a master media manipulator.

1717 days ago


Now they let the paps get photos of kisses???? They are ridiculous!

1717 days ago

Michelle 2    

Looks totally phony. Happy that she does so much for humanity, but that doesn't change the fact that she is a homewrecker!!

1717 days ago


Damned if they do and damned if they don't. Jens fans eat your heart out for you its sour grapes. This is a happy couple and for what that British news paper did to them that week was horrible it must have been a mightmare for that couple,the story was in every magazine all over the world and internet.

1717 days ago


What a total fake this couple is. They both look disgusting and unkept. AND, why don't any of their children ever smile? I don't think I've ever seen on photo of a smiling child. Also, I bet Brad is all over Skeletor, because HE SO HORNY after seeing pics of Jen in her bikini. DAMN I'm a complete heterosexual, but seeing her in that bikini, especially that "butt" shot, made me OH SO HORNY! Expect Angelina pop out a baby 9 months from now, because as long as those photos are posted, he gonna "get it up" The are such losers......please just go AWAY!!!

1717 days ago


To everyone freaking out over the law suit...after 5 years of constant crap why not sue? You know they're gonna donate it. If for no other reason it may (and I do stress the MAY) have the bottom feeders thinking twice. Seriously, the only drama here is a man who has an ex-wife. Would you like it if nobody let you move past an ex? So honestly, to all those Jennifer lovers out there I say, Hey guess what? She's single, has been for a number of years now, go give it your best shot. If ya love her so much, marry her...cause Brad...he doesn't want to.

1717 days ago
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