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Brangelina at Super Bowl -- Game On!

2/8/2010 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie hit up the Super Bowl yesterday -- where they appeared tighter than a spiral from Drew Brees.

The couple -- who have been subject to a ton of breakup rumors lately -- were all over each other in a private box at the game in Miami.

In case you missed it, the Saints won.


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Lulu Says    

Yeah, and they were even showing more PDA...kissin in line of the cameras...yeah, they're still on...

1656 days ago

Sick & Tired of the Haters    

Why can't you all leave these people alone? If they are together or not, who cares? And what business is it of yours anyway? Luckily for them, they don't really give a damn what the public thinks of them nor do they need your approval . Hell it's been 5 years for GOD sakes, Let it go and get on with your own lives. They have never sought out our opinions nor have they asked the paparazzi to follow them everywhere they go, you sick people make ridiculous judgments about them and you don't even know them. I wonder how you all would feel if your life was on display for everyone to judge day in and day out.

As far as Brad doing bad since he's been with her, come on Cheryl says, do you even have a clue how successful they both are? From your comments obviously not. Get a life. We have much bigger to fish to fry...... ... Anyone who would spend their time at the Super Bowl photographing them is sick too. Grow up people and get your own life.

1656 days ago


I don't buy it! Too much love in front of the cameras.

1656 days ago

best Source    

She did Jen a favor! Brad looks like hell he is NOT aging well and living with a nut job serves him right for dumping Jen. And Jen is doing it right revenge LIVING WELL AND HAPPY.. Brad and A$$Bi*** both look awful even in their"look at us we are happy really"shot. Jen on the other hand HOT MEN ~ AMAZING BOD.. YOU GO GIRL!

1656 days ago


bianca---poster of 2/8, 9:09 am:: YOU are such a LOSER! YOU CARE obviously or you wouldn't be on a damn celebrity website!! SUCKER!!

1656 days ago


Ya, Rumors spread by TMZ no less, Idiots!

1656 days ago

Lippy Loo    

I see better looking couples in the grocery store! Nothing good looking about a human billy goat and a scrawny Holie, she needs to eat a few sandwiches.

1656 days ago


desperate attempt to fool the press

1656 days ago


Every relationship has good and bad times - we're just not used to anyone in Hollywood making it through the bad times... they give up and take their toys and find a new playmate (sometimes literally).

I think Angelina became clinically depressed after her mother died, and that would also be the kind of thing to cause a relapse for a former addict... I hope she gets healthy, and I hope they stay together and work it out and prove all the haters wrong.

PS - if you 'hate' a celebrity that much to wish them ill, why are you reading about them in the first place?

1656 days ago


What a total fake this couple is. They both look disgusting and unkept. AND, why don't any of their children ever smile? I don't think I've ever seen a photo of a smiling child. Plus it was one day after the pics of Jen in her bikini popped up all over the internet. I bet Brad is all over Skeletor, because HE SO HORNY after seeing the pics (I'm sure he doesn't get all hot and bothered by just looking at Skeletor). DAMN I'm a complete heterosexual, but seeing her in that bikini, especially that "butt" shot, made me OH SO HORNY! Expect Angelina to pop out a baby 9 months from now, because as long as those photos are posted, he gonna "get it up" The are such losers......please Calgon just make them go AWAY!!!

Read more:

1656 days ago


Brad Pitt looks like a bedraggled house husband. He always looks tired, bored and old before his time.

1656 days ago


Please, could a meteor fall from the sky and smash these two into the ground never to be seen again?

1656 days ago


Hey Butterfly # 54? Bruiser here. I don't understand you. What cat was let out of what bag? You make no sense. My beef was that people can use the language of their choice, whether or not you understand it or not is irrelevant. America has some weird people in it with odd concepts of freedom. Freedom as long as it aligns with you? Not freedom is it? What is your point anyway?

1656 days ago


Seriously, I am sooo sick of these two. Could care less what happens with them. Karma is a bitch!

1656 days ago


I love seeing these two together! They are both beautiful, they do incredibly good deeds, and they don't give a rat's a$$ about who says what about them. They're a family. Jen meanwhile is still trying to prove to herself and the world that she's SO sexy. Get over it, honey, move on and do something for someone besides yourself! Stop playing the "reject" role and grow up. You're over 40. We've all been hurt, but only YOU seem to be making a career of it.

1656 days ago
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