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Dr. Conrad Murray to Judge -- I'm 'Not Guilty'

2/8/2010 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad MurrayMichael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, will plead not guilty Monday morning when he is arraigned on involuntary manslaughter charges ... sources tell TMZ.

We're told the plan is for Dr. Murray to arrive at the courthouse 20 - 30 minutes before the arraignment -- which sources tell us will be at 1:30 PM PT. He will surrender voluntarily.

Law enforcement sources tell us 20 L.A. County Sheriff's deputies will be at the courthouse, some of whom will be evident and some who will not. We're told the Sheriff's Department has had its security plan in place for a while, in part because of crowd control concerns and partly because of security issues surrounding Dr. Murray.

We're told there is a concern about Dr. Murray's safety because of intense feeling on the part of some Michael Jackson fans that Dr. Murray killed the singer.

As we first reported, Dr. Murray will be accompanied by a bail bondsman who will post bail -- expected to be $25,000.

Our sources say Dr. Murray will not waive his right to a preliminary hearing.

Following arraignment and booking, we're told Dr. Murray will leave L.A. and go either to Las Vegas or Houston.


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i think MJ death is a HOAX! Murray will not be found guilty...where is the death certificate,the autopsy report?? plus, the LAPD cheif stepped down to create his own security company. MJ is fooling us all! OMG,TMZ GET REAL!

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yes...and I'm the queen of england
the truth is that:we must be happy that we didin't see the autopsy...because that was against privacy,but that doesn't mean that he is not dead.
Plus,I'm sure that if we will ever see the official report, or some photos taken during the autopsy the believers will go a head saying that it's not real.
And it's funny to see that some of them read the website and believe the most SUPERMARKET tabloid ever which is the world weekly word,where u can see some strange stories about ufo, elvis alive etc etc-
That's funny.

1726 days ago


All you people who like to rag on MJ are really starting to get on my nerves!! How do ya'll know that he did all those things to little boys? Were ya'll there? Did ya'll actually see it happen? No! I don't think so! You all are just listening to what the media has put into your heads!

1726 days ago


To Barbie...all that typing you did and im still not on your side, you say mj could be taking meds while the dr is away, if he was an honest doc he would not have the meds in mjs reach, sure gramp's serve you up another one. ha ha

1726 days ago


Barbie, please do some research before you post! Because the boy refused to testify in 1993 and because they couldn't find one shred of evidence to say that Michael Jackson did what he was accused of -- Sneddon was unable to indict Jackson criminally. However, since the family was more interested in money than justice - a civil suit was filed. This ticked Sneddon off to no end so he changed the law that if this type of thing happened again the accusers would be forced to testify in a criminal trial that would have to proceed before a civil suit was filed. Because he changed the law, that grifter family had to move forward with the criminal case first and once again -- the group thinkers that would rather believe that Michael Jackson was what he was being accused of instead of realizing that this again was about money. The family and Sneddon didn't succeed criminally so it would have been a waste of time for them to proceed in a civil case. Not to mention the mom was arrested for welfare fraud after that case concluded. I will never understand the people that get on these sites and post and are basing the posts on what was said by the media rather than facts.

1726 days ago


TO EVERYONE saying Michael Jackson hurt children...Grow-Up! Michael did not hurt children at all. The FBI didn't even find anything on Michael. Jordan Chandler's father is where he is supposed to be after doing what he did the Michael. Evan Chandler's own guilt cause him to kill himself! Michael is not a child molester so grow-up because your jealousy is showing. Wonder what happened (on the other side) to Evan Chandler...Vengence is mine says the Lord! Dr. Conrad Murray should be hand-cluffed for everyone to see just like they did Michael. Come on LAPD, Do your job and don't miss up another case.

1726 days ago


Michael's Fans Making An Impact

"On Friday, after a week of on-again, off-again reports that Murray would be charged, district attorney's spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons said the office was delaying any action until Monday amid reports that police wanted to arrest and handcuff the doctor but his attorneys were negotiating to avoid that.

The drama of his surrender and subsequent arraignment was to be played out in front of news cameras, and Murray's legal team wanted to avoid the spectacle of having the doctor seen in handcuffs by a large audience -- including potential jurors for his trial.

One group that wants to see him in handcuffs is a contingent of Michael Jackson fans who launched a telephone campaign to the Los Angeles Police Department demanding as much.

They threatened to hold a protest at the airport-area courthouse if Murray was allowed to surrender on his own."

1726 days ago

Best Mom    

Where is the Justice for Michael?? The authorities were very quick to arrest Michael. Michael was arrested and led away in handcuffs based on an "allegation". It was drummed into our heads repeatedly that Michael was guilty -- that we should believe the allegations! BULL CRAP! There was no proof -- there was only an allegation! Yet the authorities and media had Michael convicted BEFORE any kind of a trial. BUT, Dr. Murray, who has admitted to giving Michael Propofol along with a host of other drugs, and was the last person with him when he died - is still walking around WITHOUT HANDCUFFS? Dr. Murray had the duty and obligation to do whatever it took to help Michael. Michael clearly needed a doctor what would help him -- he DID NOT have that doctor! He had a doctor who knew it was wrong to do what he was doing - but did it any way because of the MONEY! It really is so absurd and bizarre that you can't help but laugh at our justice system when it guns for a person like Michael who is different from a lot of people -- but that DID NOT make him guilty! Justice for Michael -- NOW!

1726 days ago



1726 days ago


And further Barbie, why are you referring to yourself in third person? That's weird!

As I read through your further blathering of innuendos about Michael Jackson -- once again -- you have no knowledge of anything that you are stating as fact. He didn't payoff the first kid. His insurance company settled the claim. Jackson was advised to do so in order to continue his career. It was a civil claim -- not a criminal claim. For anyone who thinks this was a payoff -- why would anyone choose to truly believe that if that were the case that Jackson would not have paid off Chandler when he demanded the 20 million and the 3 screenwriting deals at the beginning of the entire fiasco. What kind of parent does that if they truly believe their child was molested. Jackson refused to the demand stating he was not guilty. Why also did Jackson file a case for extortion against Chandler if he were going to pay the family off as you so incorrectly put it? By the time it was all said and done and Jackson realized what the media was doing to him and that people were actually listening to their garbage -- he turned to prescription medication to dull his pain. He admitted it and went to rehab. Again, his insurance company settled the claim so that Jackson could go on with his life. After this was done, with the media pushing the way, Jackson realized that people were actually thinking just because he settled the civil suit with this family was settled to avoid many things such as a costly trial, the scrutiny that he suffered 10 years later, etc. he regretted that his insurance company had settled the claim. The media and all of you that perpetuate this nonsense are what killed him before Murray got the chance. These are facts that are out there and further the settlement was for $15 million not $25

1726 days ago


Does anyone else think that $25,000 bail sound a bit low? We're talking 1st degree manslaughter charges here! I don't care if he walks in under his own power - California could make up a bit more of their budget deficit if the good doc has friends willing to pay up for him. Dumb court.

1726 days ago


Concerned about *HIS* safety? Are you kidding me? So this guy just strolls in, posts bail, and goes on practicing like all is right with the world? Like he wasn't partially responsible for overdosing and killing a man? Incredible...

Don't try to make it seem like the fans are being irrational. They're on point if you ask me...

This whole case has made me very afraid of doctors - they seem to be untouchable when it comes to the law. All they have to do is say that they were "treating" a patient, and that seems to forgive gross negligence and knowingly deadly treatment plans. Apparently if you want someone dead, all you have to do is hire a doctor to do it...they'll get off.

1726 days ago


i think this doctor was actually late to this sick party and was trying to take mj down from his addiction, unfortunatley he should have realized taking 150k a month to be this guys 24/7 while tempting came with some real risks. the guy died on his watch and while i believe he didnt get micheal to the horrid state he was in, money isnt enough to risk it all, at least not 150k. if your gonna take a chance on eventually ending up where he is now no less then 1m a month at least if he gets through it he can retire for life. sad story for this guy, he was the last dr on sight. the whole thing is so bizarre i think its not worth trying to figure out , i feel bad for all parties.

1726 days ago



1726 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

92. You know,if you did'nt like M.J.,then what the hell are you doing here in the first place????He was proven innocent of the charges and it is done and over with and on file!!!!!!!!!!This so called doctor gave him meds not to be given outside of a hospital and then left him un-attended for longer than he said he did,his phone records prove it.The man is guilty and should be treated just like they would anyone else with these same charges.M.J. did not get special treatment...why the hell should he!!!!! By the way,,,if you are a M.J. basher....Stay the hell off all the websites having to do with him....WE DO NOT WANT TO HEAR YOUR B.S......Have a good day.

Posted at 8:53AM on Feb 8th 2010 by sumerain48

TMZ is not a Michael Jackson fanclub site.

TMZ is a celebrity news and gossip site.

IF you're looking for or needing a MJ fanclub site please Google. You are in the wrong place.

Have a GREAT day!

1726 days ago


mj is still alive. i beLIEve.

1726 days ago
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