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Courtney Love Restraining Order Extended

2/11/2010 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love The judge's order prohibiting Courtney Love from having contact with her daughter -- Frances Bean Cobain -- has just been extended ... and the clock is now ticking on their relationship.

The judge had stripped Courtney of legal control of her daughter back in December. The judge also issued a restraining order. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, the restraining order has now been extended to April 9.

Fact is -- Frances Bean turns 18 in August. At that point, it's up to her ... not a judge ... to decide what relationship she wants to have with her mother.

For now, Frances Bean's guardians are Wendy O'Connor (Kurt Cobain's mom), and Kimberly Dawn Cobain (Kurt's sister).

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dr cyclops    

does everyone know she had an affair with michael jackson..wacko had kurt kobain killed because he wanted her but after he had her he didnt want her anymore so now she is sad and upset because of her lezbo daughter..
im first maggots

1713 days ago


Like the Cobain family is a good family to preach. HA, what a bunch of "do as I say, not as I do" hypocrites.

1713 days ago


I have no idea what is true or false about Courtney Love, but judges don't cut off contact with biological parents and issue these kinds of retraining orders lightly. The law favors Courtney, so there must have been compelling reasons why the judge acted this way.

That said, I am picturing a remake of Absolutely Fabulous starring Courtney and Francis.

1713 days ago

ray ray    

TMZ...wrong photo. Thats not Courtney Love's photo you have here. That's Abe Vigoda in a blonde wig. Check your facts before you put up the wrong pic.

1713 days ago

Wanda W.    

Imagine, having a restraining order that keeps you away from your own child . What would you have to have done to have the courts step in like that ? That's shameful !

1713 days ago


I don't understand why the Cobain family didn't do anything about Courtney's "poor parenting" long before Frances Bean was old enough to be emancipated. They've had a lot of years to fight for legal custody. The late timing makes me question their sincerity.

1713 days ago


I once attended a show in Vancouver BC where Hole (Courtney's Band) was opening. Half way through the first song she decided that the crowd wasn't cheering loud enough and lashed out at the crowd with a string of cussing and insults and then literally threw her guitar at the crowd and walked off the stage... so yeah, not really surprised by anything this bitch does.

1713 days ago

You likka the juice    

She isn’t DEAD yet!?!?! How is she still breating? Looking at her sickens me. She has got to be THE most disgusting person that’s ever lived on this planet. Her whole live was spent doing whatever it took to get rich and famous. Including leaching on to men that actually had talent and sucking them dry. The problem is, now she’s spent all of her (Curt’s) money on drugs and is left with no one besides her disgusting self. Her OWN daughter wants her to go away for good. Now she’s strung out, sick and no one’s going to ever love her. See you in hell Courtney.

1713 days ago




1713 days ago

laura davis    

I've had her in the ghoul pool for years. Looks like I may win this year.

1713 days ago


#7 Raejean, the cobain family has been fighting with the courts on and off for the longest time (since day one of kurt's death and courtney's rehab), but like #3 mentioned the courts usually favors the biological parent.

1713 days ago


NOW will people look more closely at Kurt's death?!?!? This woman has been arrested for stalking, has been zonked out on pills, etc. for years and years, has exploited her husband's work with inflated d-side releases, blown through Kurt's fortune (remember on Cribs where her effing bed was $400,000?), has acted like the trash that she is in complete indifference to all that Kurt Cobain stood for, and has now committed such wrongs that she cannot have contact with Frances. Terrible. Take a lap.

Oh yeah, and without Kurt's writing, I'm pretty sure you would have seen only one release by Hole...and they would have been dropped after that.

Courtney Love, go away. Far away. You may not have pulled the trigger, but God knows you drove him to it.

1713 days ago


Well she was good enough to raise her til now and as soon as she gets taken away she is all over myspace making songs and recording. Sounds like Kurts mom just wanted a cash cow. Poor Courtney. Nothing will break the bond of a mother and daughter.

1713 days ago


COURTNEY should go to rehab and stay in rehab and PROVE YOURSELF that you are a fit mother. 5 years at least.

I think the child should stay with gram for a while.

1713 days ago


#14...Wow!...You said it perfectly!!

1713 days ago
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