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Dennis Hopper Prenup -- He Gets Everything

2/11/2010 7:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Hopper Prenup -- He Gets EverythingThe judge in the Dennis Hopper divorce case just unsealed a copy of the prenuptial agreement Dennis had with estranged wife Victoria, and unless she gets the prenup invalidated ... she's screwed.

Prenup Highlights:

-- Dennis keeps all his property -- which includes a house and a condo in Venice, a building in New Mexico on 320 acres, land in Arizona and a number of other properties.

-- Dennis keeps his "separate property pension and retirement benefits."

-- Dennis keeps his huge collection of fine arts worth over $2.5 million, including a $350,000 painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

-- Victoria has to move out of his house within 30 days of either party filing for divorce ... but it's bumped up to 60 days if they have a child together, which they do.

And here's the kicker: Victoria was guaranteed a $250,000 life insurance policy and 25% of everything in his will ... but only if they're married and living together at the time of his death.

So, here's the deal -- they no longer live together, so it would appear even if Dennis were to die before the divorce is final, she gets zilch.

But there's something in the prenup for Victoria, too. She gets to keep her separate property -- including two computers, two bookcases full of books, a 1973 VW Karmann Ghia, and her grandma's furniture.

UPDATE: We now know Victoria would have pocketed a total of $6.25 million -- which includes Dennis' L.A. home -- if things would have worked out between them ... this according to The Dennis Hopper Trust.


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"Let's face it,.. Hardly does a woman come into the relationship with the wealth, but get a divorce, and they walk WITH EVERYTHING!!!"

*So you think (enough) money (to barely survive) is "everything" and the fact that this woman got pregnant, carried his child in her body for 9 months, gave birth and is the mother of this child (as we all all damned well know is very different than being the father of a child)is nothing... the biggest blessing a man will ever have in his life- his child(ren)- is nothing?

"It's because of our old-fashioned court system that sticks to old beliefs that a mother is better at raising a child." ?

*"Old beliefs"? Wrong. There is a huge difference between a mother and father and everyone knows it.


*Well said... so honest! You didn't come into it with any kids so perhaps you should walk out of it without any kids?


*Typical male bull. It is a fact that men's income goes UP and a single mother's/their children's income goes DOWN after divorce. Yet there is still this myth that all divorced women are living the high life on some poor shmuck's money while he is living in squalor. What nonsense! The vast majority of divorced women and their children suffer terrible financial strain while the man recovers quickly and makes even more money.

"Notice the only people disagreeing with this on this board are women???"

*Honey, you've just proved my point!

Keep trying to make yourself into the victim at the hands of women... the more you try and more pathetic you sound. Be a man! Be a good husband so your wife isn't forced to divorce you. Take care of your children no matter what! Stop blaming women and be a man!!

1712 days ago


What stupid woman would sign that kind of pre-nup? She could have demanded a stipulation of a one time lump payout instead of being thrown out into the streets. A legal binding contract is almost impossible to break. Doesn't she know that once a man is done with a woman, their goal is to drain the life out of us and make us as miserable as possible?

1712 days ago


Good to see a Gold Digger not getting the gold for once! I do think there should be laws against younger women and men marrying older people and then taking all their $$$.

1712 days ago


Did Victoria even have a lawyer? This agreement sounds like it was coerced..Victoria, call Gloria Allred up STAT and have this agreement reviewed--VICTORIA YOU MAY STILL HAVE RIGHTS..Dennis Hopper REMAINS a go to hell Dennis--LITTERALLY..WHAT AN AZZZZZZHOOOOOOOLE

1712 days ago


He's been married 5 times already. That's the pattern of an impossible a*shole jerk!! She should pack up her young daughter and get as far away from him as possible. He's toxic!!

She should write Dennis a check for $1.00, that equates to 25 cents for each time he satisfied her in bed during the last 14 years. Thank you sir and good bye!!!

1712 days ago

Howard Star Hughes    

TURKEY BUZZARD Meat TMZ is feeding like the turkey buzzard`SS they are.TMZ knows he has tp2 pay for the kid BUT they make up BS to sell some more road kilz weak man weak

1712 days ago


why treat the mother of one of your children like this at the end of your life? who cares if she gets 25% and your grown kids get the remainder? why be greedy and fight over money during your last days - it's so not worth it.

1712 days ago


An attractive 28 year old woman marries an old, ugly, unpleasant, womanizer becoming wife number 5 and is not a gold digger? That scenario only plays out if the dude is RICH. Ergo, since this is only possible when the man is rich then the woman in question is a GOLD DIGGER. Just because she lolled around in the lap of luxury, and put up with him for 14 years does not mitigate the fact that the woman was, is and forever will be a gold digger.

1712 days ago


I'm reminded of the comment by Dorothy Parker: If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he give it to.

1712 days ago


Women think they can sit on their fat asses and get half of something they did nothing to deserve..what a joke! Don't give me the "she stood behind him and helped him crap"....A lot of women do nothing but bring grief to the table and still get half.

1712 days ago


I'm wondering who the bad guy was here. Was she married to him all these years, take care of him and he was a real prick. Does he want to screw her right till the very end because he seems like a real bastard. It's not always the woman who are money hungry even if the guy is the wealthy one, you have to know the cirsumstances. Sometimes these high powered guys are so full of themselves they are abusers, he just might really hate her, she may have wanted to make the union work and it's his fault. After putting in years of marriage I think it's unfair. You have to know the whole story though, if's its the typical young girl marry old man for their money thing, then Oh well!

1711 days ago


More power to you Dennis Hopper. I hope everyman take note. When we were leaving high school this was a discussion we had with one of our teachers. He basically told all the guys to beware of women they want everything they can get from you.

Alot of women use the "stay at home mom" as an excuse to suck men dry. Men need to stop spoiling their asses and make them work. And for God sake get a pre-nup.

Nothing wrong with buying p.u.ssy if that will keep the hoes from taking half of what you have. Besides they are all hoes anyway.

Atleast in my homeland men get alot of respect in the court system.

1711 days ago


She was cheating on him with some democrat speech writer. She even took his child to spend Christmas with her f*$C buddy, probably the last Christmas he could have ever shared with his child since he is dying.

1711 days ago


That is EXACTLY the way it should be...Broke women or men shouldn't be allowed to marry rich and then take the spouse to the cleaners when the marriage goes belly up...

1710 days ago

Former Hopper Fan    

It's amusing that everyone thinks Victoria is such a bitch. She has never spoken publicly or given interviews about her relationship with Hopper, so the general public knows very little about her. They have a young child together; doesn't he care about providing for little Galen? Even in the best scenario Galen would be young at Hoppers death. I hope Victoria gets a good attorney like Gloria Allred & gets a better settlement. He should be ashamed of himself for doing his beautiful wife this way, but apparently, he has no shame - just a bunch of greedy children (Marin!) Victoria: write a book and tell all! In the long run, you'll get the last laugh here!

1710 days ago
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