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Danica Patrick

Crash and Burn

2/13/2010 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Race car hottie Danica Patrick made her NASCAR Nationwide Series debut today, but she didn't make it to the checkered flag -- a wreck on lap 68 knocked her out of the race.

Danica Patrick
Patrick's green #7 got caught in a pileup coming out of turn four at Daytona International Speedway, and she couldn't avoid the wreckage in front of her. 

At least she got her first Daytona wreck out of the way.

And at least she's still hot.

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OK can we all please stop with the Danica show? Seriously, there was another girl in that race Chrissy Wallace. So what that Danica was in the race? She doesn't deserve all this attention.

1679 days ago


i think its funny these ppl here bashing her and nascar are the same ones that would never have the balles to strap themselves into a car and go 200 mph for 500 miles so untill you get the balls to do so STFU and get over yourselves

1679 days ago


Sara the reason why is this Chrissy is no where Danica's league and never will be it might take Danica a few years to get it but shes gonna be unstoppable

1679 days ago


Danica is so overrated it's not even funny.
She is NOT TALENTED, but very marketable. That's it.
I'm glad she left the great sport of F1, now you NASCAR hillbillys have to deal with her. Good riddance.

1679 days ago


She's also a very vindictive, bitchy person.

1679 days ago


Danica, Danica, Danica

I think they should get a 275 pound Tennessean woman with a boyfriend named Ricky to drive one of them there stock cars and put that on the news 24 hours a day. yeah!

1679 days ago


Hot? I guess if your into midgets...

1679 days ago


I'm rather BAFFLED to say the least here TMZ?!?!?!! We have an article from your fine celebrity gossip web site r/e T.Adkins tour bus 'crash'. We have an article from your fine celebrity gossip web site r/e the D.Patrick/NASCAR bang up....Yet not word ONE r/e the Georgian olympian who lost his life in the luge accident.....????????

Okay I 'get' that it's a 'celebrity gossip' site and yes, we all know T.Adkins is a 'celebrity'(even that is on the verge of being seriously 'debatible'-IMO he's a C/W music artist rather than a 'celebrity' but I suppose according to your 'criteria' this article would qualify). However, last time I checked, D.Patrick would be considered a 'sportsman' rather than a 'celebrity' so your criteria(IMO) is on seriously shaky ground with this one.

'Sportsman' as in 'athlete' of sorts I would think? So... if you can consider the D.Patrick 'celebrity gossip web site'-WORTHY, why would you NOT consider an article r/e N.Kumaritashvili WORTHY of an acknowledgement in the form of an article as well???

The Olympic games take place only every 4 years I understand & although yes, can be exceedingly BORING, this 21 y/o young man lost his life pursuing his passion. His parents no doubt spent every nickle, er rather, 'Rouble' they had to their name. Last time I checked you could say that MOST PEOPLE in Georgia are probably 'dirt poor'(this might qualify as the biggest of understatements)?? The country was ravaged by a civil war/conflict during the last winter olympics yet, STILL, THE GEORGIANS SENT AN EVER SO TINY LITTLE GROUP OF ATHLETES WILLING TO COME & COMPETE DESPITE THE METAPHORICAL 'BULL'S EYE' THEY NO DOUBT HAD ON THEIR BACKS. Now here in 2010, they lose one of their BEST, if not THE BEST, athlete in their group on the very morn of the game's opening ceremonies. Despite this, they make the gut-wrenching decision to go ahead & carry their flag & march in as usual as heartbroken as the surely MUST have been. Yet, somehow you don't believe that rates an 'honorable mention' of ANY KIND AT ALL??

I'm also sending this as a question per your 'contact us' link at the bottom of the page & instead of the usual :


response I have always gotten from you guys on the very few times I have bothered to 'CONTACT US'/YOU...I DEFINITELY WOULD LIKE AN ANSWER ON 'THIS QUESTION'...PRETTY PLEASE??

You all do some(IMO) quite strange things sometimes but the logic of THIS ONE is totally escaping me fellas??!! Pleeeeeaaaassseee guys, you all do a terrific job & I(and obviously many others) LOVE coming here & reading your fun, witty articles but it seems you've really dropped the ball here unless I don't understand your 'celebrity' criteria.

1679 days ago

die a painful death already Hollywood    

danica is cute

and because she drives race cars shes now hot ?

thats an easy sell to red necks .,.

too bad she cant drive like the big boys .,.,

1679 days ago

jen jen    

Dear NASCAR haters, NASCAR is (and has been for years) the #1 watched spectaror sport in the United States. My husband and I are fans, as are many of our fiends, none of whom are hillbillies or hicks. In fact we are all city dwelling, hardworking, good people who dont judge. Some people need to be less judgmental, and start focusing on their own shortcomings. Such as steriotyping

1679 days ago


AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Not TMZ too! NO MORE DANICA! I'm a race fan and I am so already done with the Danica hype. I was done with the Danica hype a month ago. I'm already over her. I can't wait until the "newness" of Danica is done. She doesn't even know what the brake blowers do! Racing in the N'wide race proves she is in over her head a bit.
However, props to her to making it passed half way. I didn't think she would get that far.

1679 days ago

jen jen    

I bet you dont have the balls to get into one of those cars and do what those guys do. If you hate NASCAR so much why are you wasting your time reading this story and commenting? Is it bacause your life is so dimal, that you feel the need to bag on a sport (yes it is a sport). It is an endurnance race. And it is interesting if you pay attention. Why dont you focus on something that actually makes you happy? It might make you a more positive, happy individual.

1679 days ago

jen jen    

I must say, I am tired of hearing about Danica Patrick as well. I do hope she wins a NASCAR race. She would be the first woman driver to win one. She is the first woman to win an Indy race, so to win a NASCAR race as well would be cool not to mention newsworthy. The fact that she is giving NASCAR a try isnt really a very big deal. Alot of racers try different syles of racing.

1679 days ago


Danica needs to get pregnant and stay in the kitchen.

1679 days ago


I just want to see Danica in a fire suit IN the car, not in a bikini ON the car.

People who bash NASCAR usually haven't taken the time to learn the sport. Anyone can minimize a sport (i.e. just running with a ball in your hand from one end of a field to the other). Are they going 200 miles an hour in an oval for 500 miles? Yes. But there is also strategy involved from race to race, track to track. Once you figure out what loose and tight are and all that goes into fixing the car to go around the track without blowing up or spinning around... NASCAR doesn't become so trite.

If it is just a bunch of hillbillies and rednecks... explain the millions of dollars it takes to run a race team. Or the $200,000 RV's that you see in the campgrounds week after week at the track. Based on most people's definitions of redneck and hillbilly, they can't afford those RV's. NASCAR has come a long way in the last 10 years... I encourage people to give it a try. There is a reason why 165,000 people show up to one event for a reason.

1679 days ago
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