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Danica Patrick

Crash and Burn

2/13/2010 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Race car hottie Danica Patrick made her NASCAR Nationwide Series debut today, but she didn't make it to the checkered flag -- a wreck on lap 68 knocked her out of the race.

Danica Patrick
Patrick's green #7 got caught in a pileup coming out of turn four at Daytona International Speedway, and she couldn't avoid the wreckage in front of her. 

At least she got her first Daytona wreck out of the way.

And at least she's still hot.

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Gee, the only driver named was Danica. Was anybody else involved, or maybe they don't matter?

1621 days ago

ray ray    

After further thought, I realize NASCAR is boring and I will stop watching it. I decided to do something a little more fun like watching paint dry.

1621 days ago


Since when did Nascar become a beauty contest? It's a serious sport and Danica is like a cheerleader on the football field trying to tackle a 275 pound linebacker.

1621 days ago


the typical nascar fan is the toothless dirtbag standing behind you, trying to probe your poopshoot.
they should be happy that someone other than a 5 foot 3 inch wannabe man is learning the sport.
she has more balls than all your jimmie's put together.
boogity boogity boys....

1621 days ago


4. Why does TMZ do this...I came on here 20 minutes ago and this wasnt here...yet it says it was posted hours ago and it isn't on the top of the page. Everything that's new is being put under Dr. Murray. That's annoying because you can miss articles. They do this all the time.

Posted at 4:59PM on Feb 13th 2010 by Lisa


I agree. I stopped coming here for a long time because it looked like they never updated. They bury their new stories under a cr@p story that they think is top news. It's usually a story I'm not even interested in.

Go to Radaronline. They are usually hours ahead of TMZ on reporting new stories. It's a much better site. I have seen many times TMZ claim to have an exclusive on something when it's really a rip off of something Radar had reported hours ahead of them.

1621 days ago


I agree xyz. Plus that place doesn't subject their viewers to Harvey's pro-Jew, pro-gay 'politically correct' agenda.
Not to mention his pathetic 16yr-old-girl-like crush on the Jersey Shore dudes.

1621 days ago


Hard to say what is more of a joke, NASCAR or a made up Olympic "sport" like short track speed skating. Go Apolo Ohno! you can do it, especially since no one else does.

1621 days ago


that sucks, somtimes when other people screw up you cant help but get caught up, happen to me tooo many times, but she is so cute, wish her best from japan!


1621 days ago


Danica Patrick is an embarassment to women athletes. Girl, you're a talented race car driver and you can run with the big boys; keep your damn clothes on..

1621 days ago

Tiga woods    

She is so hot and drives race cars!! now ,thats a perfect woman not like most on TMz, useless.....

1621 days ago

jen jen    

#39, LOL you are funny. If you can honestly say you have watched a race, paid attention and didnt like it thats fine. not everything is for everyone. But if NASCAR is so boring, why do 100,000 - 175,000 people pack the stands at every race?

**Here is what Julie (#36) had to say:
People who bash NASCAR usually haven't taken the time to learn the sport. Anyone can minimize a sport (i.e. just running with a ball in your hand from one end of a field to the other). Are they going 200 miles an hour in an oval for 500 miles? Yes. But there is also strategy involved from race to race, track to track. Once you figure out what loose and tight are and all that goes into fixing the car to go around the track without blowing up or spinning around... NASCAR doesn't become so trite.

If it is just a bunch of hillbillies and rednecks... explain the millions of dollars it takes to run a race team. Or the $200,000 RV's that you see in the campgrounds week after week at the track. Based on most people's definitions of redneck and hillbilly, they can't afford those RV's. NASCAR has come a long way in the last 10 years... I encourage people to give it a try. There is a reason why 165,000 people show up to one event for a reason.

Thank you Julie, well put.

1621 days ago


Danica is like Anna Kournikova. Good looking, but a total LOSER.

1620 days ago


Danica can't keep her clothes on. Her main sponsor is GOdaddy.com. If you notice also, half the Olympic women can't keep their clothes on either. How the hell are we supposed to be taken seriously? We aren't and it is OUR fault.

Danica has to win races and be consistent to be a serious contender, or she is nothing more than some girl driving a car who appears in bikinis and sleazy commercials online. Its kind of sad, really.
2 obstacles to overcome, but one of them she put herself into in the first place.

1620 days ago


When you say hot I hope you mean race car chick hot. she is just OK

1620 days ago


Did anyone notice that she took no evasive action to avoid that collision. I have watched it a couple of times and it looked like she just froze and did nothing to avoid that collision. She just drove straight into that pile. I know she's new to NASCAR racing but this just seems like it should be second nature to an experienced race car driver to avoid an avoidable accident like that.

1620 days ago
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