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Jersey Shore's Ronnie -- The Homophobic Tirade

2/15/2010 6:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

WARNING: Video contains explicit language.

Ronnie Magro from "Jersey Shore" didn't just fight in front of the cameras -- he also spewed some disgusting homophobic slurs during a violent altercation on the boardwalk ... and the footage has finally come to light.

It all went down minutes before Ronnie's first brawl on the show -- in which he and another bar patron could be seen talking trash to each other and then exchanging blows on the shore in front of their girlfriends.

But in the new never-before-seen footage -- Ronnie can also be seen and heard calling the guy a "f**king f**got" and a "f**king queer."

The footage was never aired on MTV.

A source from the production company behind the show who hasn't seen the clip tells us, "There were several gay staff members that worked on the show and Ronnie always respected them and everyone else."


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Oscar in Miami Beach    

It is easy to call somebody the f word but I wonder who if these homophobics have the balls to go to Iraq and Afghanistan and be in the front lines and I know gays that are there.Also I have friends that were in Korea in the front lines also.So when I hear one of those douchbags to spew those words all I see are cowards afraid of exactly what they are complaining about.Probably you'll find them later sucking a guy in the back of the bar but quietly,of course.As**ole.

1674 days ago


That's just how we talk in the Bronx. Look at any fight in the BX and you will hear the exact same thing.

1674 days ago


Homophobic a**hole. He's disgusting.

1674 days ago


Yes he is homophobic. For those just saying its trash talk think about your reaction if he ranted like that using the n word for a black person.

1674 days ago


Much like Mickey Rourke's use of the "F" word and "Q" word... he's not spewing hate at homosexuals. From a straight persons point of view, especially a males, its annoying when STRAIGHT guys act like... by always using a cellphone or going around in flip flops and jeans and so on. Straight guys doing homosexual stuff pisses off other more manly men.

Now, this does not mean its hate towards homosexuals, which is okay, if you are gay then... you ARE gay, great! Thats your business, straight good men dont have an issue with that, BUT straight dudes doing homosexual like stuff or just being lame and gossip-y, but you its known you're not, then, if the bra fits...

So, no, this dude's NOT homophobic.

1674 days ago


Homophobia = fear

He doesnt seem to be afraid to me. More like he has no respect for homosexuals because they screw people in the arse and do things like call you a homophobe and otherwise waste oxygen. my guess though I could be wrong..

1674 days ago


Why label a person "Homophobic" because their views are not accepting of gays? Just because i don't believe in men sleeping with men, it shouldn't label me such a nasty word! Yes, many gays work in society and do good things for people. I don't argue that one bit...but it's the sexual displays in public i find offensive, and them asking for equal rights like they have struggled like *BLACKS* did back in the slave days, that makes me angry towards them! Sexuality isn't a civil right you fools! What you all do in the bedroom we all don't wanna know about or care! I don't care who blasts me over this post, but no matter how much you all deny this...most people today are not gay. They are doing it to be trendy and different for attention. I have nothing against a person who was born this way, because they have no control over it. My issue is against the type who sleep with anything....spreading AIDS and every STD under the sun and having a sex change just because they suddenly wanna know what it feels like....GROSS!Stop putting your **Homophobic** labels on others who dislike your calling doesn't fix anything. Fact is it just makes us not like you that much more!

1674 days ago


Whats the difference between a "bigot" who mocks homosexuality, and a "bigot" who hate people who mock homosexuality?

Nothing at all. Not an ounce of difference. The funny thing is the most rotten things youll ever here will come from the latter

1674 days ago


Dear enden024,
While you are definitely entitled to pick your friends and your opinions, when you start specifying groups that you don't like simply because of a certain belief or orientation, you then become a "hater". Haters are worse than bigots, because they find a way to "hate" almost everybody and anybody for one reason only - they simply just find a way to hate.
Certainly, I would hope, that you are smarter than that. Think about it.
Have a great day.

1674 days ago


tmz is bombing him for saying fighting words? are you guys insane? or is it a slow news day?

1674 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

I hate to break it to you gay mafia wannabe bullies, but not everything is about you. Guys have been using these words as insults on each other for hundreds of years. Just because you finally got a little hair on your peaches all of a sudden, and have your own propaganda website doesn't mean you can play hypocritical PC police and dictate what is ok to say from what isn't. I'm sure what your boy John Mayer said was 100 times worse, but since he's a Democrat you give him the benefit of the doubt. Grow up

1674 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

4. The biggest homophobes are just repressed homosexuals that need to come out of the closet. Harvey Levin, for example?

Posted at 5:56PM on Feb 15th 2010 by kdmhome


Pretty sure he's been out for a while. He's had the same hairy-assed boyfriend that he's lived with for years. He's just not flamboyant like the majority are.

1674 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

Gays don't have a foot to stand on anymore. Their movement is falling on deaf ears. You demand everyone else be tolerant of your lifestyle, while you attack, slander and insult those that simply do not believe you are entitled to marriage. All the while supporting a President who also agrees with this argument. Intolerant, hypocritical bullies are not to be taken seriously.

1674 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    


Simple. Because when you have no logical argument, or are constantly contradicting yourself, all that is left is to guilt one into accepting them. The next step would be forcing you to accept. Somewhere Hitler is applauding.

1674 days ago

I selpt with John Edwards, too!!!!!    

If someone doesn't like eating at a certain restaurant, are they a bigot towards that restaurant? Just curious.....

1674 days ago
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