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Kim Kardashian -- Fast Food Treachery!?

2/16/2010 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian totally fessed up to hitting a delicious fast food burger joint in Las Vegas over the weekend -- problem is, it wasn't the burger chain she's paid to endorse.

Kim Kardashian

Kim -- who found a way to turn a salad into a sexual innuendo for a Carl's Jr. commercial -- was in a car with her BF Reggie Bush and their bodyguard when it rolled up to a drive-thru window at In-N-Out Burger ... a direct competitor to the man who signs Kim's checks.

But moments after they were spotted, the car headed straight for the nearest Carl's Jr. where Kim ordered her salad ... and the bodyguard claimed he was the only one who got food from In-N-Out.

So was Kim really craving a salad ... or is this simply a case of fast food damage control???

The world may never know.


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44. Has Kim figured what she is going to do with Reggie when he is out of football? A RB is done by 30, that means Reggie has a few years left then he is out of the NFL. Does Kim seem like the kind of girl who would stay married to a washed up hasbeen? that's probably what Reggie will be in his 30's.

Posted at 6:42PM on Feb 16th 2010 by Father Time


Lets flip that.... Has Reggie figured what he is going to do with Kim when her 15 minutes is up? A porn star is done by 30, that means Kim has a few years left, then she will no longer be relevant. Does Reggie seem like the kind of guy who would stay married to a washed up porn star? That's probably what Kim will be in her 30's.

1708 days ago


yea im sure they went to get the bodyguards food first. Gimme a break!

1712 days ago

dr cyclops    

this is about the guy thrown off of southwest airlines that i am posting about

listen you boneheads ..i am a husky person with slow metabolism and by southwest standards i am too fat..well thats just wrong..i do not eat alot..i have maybe 2 hamburgers, a large fry and maybe a large coke or shake,,for lunch,,thats not too much ..maybe 2 hot dogs and potato chips and a candy bar for dinner,,oh and breakfast i usually eat 2 eggs,2 toast and some bacon and a bowl frosted flakes,,now noone can say that is too much food,,i might have a few snacks during the day like some peanut butter crackers,a few cupcakes and i always limtit myself to 4 bottles of pepsi a day(24oz bottles).so noone can say that is too much this is soo wrong of southwest airlaines

Read more:

1712 days ago


Ughhh WHO CARES, if she want's to eat a damn burger let a sista eat a burger! It's not like the world is gonna end if Kim eat's a burger, she still gonna look good.

1712 days ago


Lets be serious... Carls Junior does not even COMPARE to IN N OUT!!!

1712 days ago


Go ahead Kim, eat that burger. Why put off the inevitable 40 pounds that you are going to gain as soon as you get a ring on your finger. Maybe Reggie will wake up and not be the fool to do it. Isn't your 15 minutes just about up? You have really milked that sex tape. What a talent you are.

1712 days ago


That camera guy sounded sooo dumb! Really, couldn't he think of any good question's to ask her?!

1712 days ago


I don't blame her. In-N-Out burger is the BEST fast food ever. Carl's Jr is bland toxic waste. yuck

1712 days ago


I LOVE IN-AN-OUT BURGERS ! The best of all fast foods, for sure.

I dont blame her for wanting that over Carl's but she did make a commerical for them
Doesn't look good, but she redeemed herself !! So all is well

1712 days ago


when Kim & Reggie eat it ain't at a fast food , down home CROTCH POT cookin!!

1712 days ago


Fatty is getting her burger on!

1712 days ago


Who is that beautiful brunette staff member with the short hair, bangs and serene look? She's always in the background.

1712 days ago

bsb fan    

I like Kim, she seems like a nice person..
But how the hell can you endorse a fast food chain and then endorse a weight loss pill thing...

How oxymoronic is that??

1712 days ago


Only on TMZ can a chick go out for a salad and be called a fat ass Arminian WHORE!

God I love the bitches on this site.Good thing I'M f@ck everyone but me..LOL!!!

1712 days ago


I sent post after post I hope the hell this gets in so i know your posting format .Kim & Reggie eat CROTCH POT W/ LUV GRAVEY for her complection

1712 days ago
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